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Its not DYNASTY without Joan Collins!

dominique deveraux dynasty
Dynasty, the exemplar of '80s excess and Reagan-era reading, is getting rebooted because why not? The CW is creating a new take on the classic primetime soap, with producers from Gossip Girl, Revenge, and the original show all wrestling into the reboot pool  together.
For those of you too young to know what Dynasty is...gurl: it was the Shadelympics. Gold medalists Alexis Carrington (the immortal Joan Collins) and later Dominique Deveraux (the incomparable Diahann Carroll) pretty much defined "bad bitch" for an entire generation—
 Running from 1981-89, Dynasty proved a massive hit and cultural touchstone as it told the story of the wealthy Carringtons and Colbys amid their struggle for power and the most cunty one-liners.
The show didn't take off, however, until the second season when Joan Collins joined the cast as the scheming ex-wife to oil tycoon Blake Carrington, Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan.  Alexis and her never-ending feud with Blake's new wife Krystle (shoulder pad aficionado Linda Evans) provided fodder for drag queens and memes for decades to come.
Dynasty also featured one of the first regular openly gay characters on TV, Steven Carrington, albeit in a very sanitized and not completely positive light. Confused over his sexuality, Steven attempted several times to "go straight" before settling into what sociology professor Suzanna Danuta Walters called a vague approximation of gay and proud."
But it's 30 years later and LGBT characters are all over our television screens in myriad complex roles. And with primetime soaps like Empire (aka, the "the black Dynasty")—as well as the primetime catfight—popular with viewers again, the time is ripe for a Dynasty reboot.
Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, Revenge writer-producer Sallie Patrick, and the original Dynasty’s creators, husband-and-wife duo Esther and Richard Shapiro, are overseeing the reboot.
According to Deadline News, this new Dynasty will be more diverse, with a Latina Krystle, named (appropriately) Cristal, facing off with Fallon Carrington, Blake's daughter. It's not clear if a new Alexis will disrupt the proceedings, but anyone who's waltzed into a room in a say-something gown with a glass of champagne ready to throw in a rival's face knows there is no Dynasty without Alexis.

CW's 'Dynasty' Reboot Gets New Artwork!

                    the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299
Grant Show is front and center with his on-screen daughter, Elizabeth Gillies and on-screen fiancee, Nathalie Kelly for the new Dynasty poster.
                          the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299

The classic series is getting a reboot on The CW this fall and another poster was released featuring cast members Sam Adegoke, James Mackay and Rafael de la Fuente.
The tagline, “Vicious. Ambitious. Delicious,” is on both of the posters. 
                          the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299 Dynasty is set to premiere on October 11 at 9/8c. Here is a synopsis: “Fallon Carrington is charismatic, cunning, and poised to become the new COO of her father’s global energy empire – or so she thinks.                         the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299When her father, Blake Carrington, summons Fallon and her brother, Steven, home in Atlanta, Fallon is horrified to learn that the reunion isn’t to announce her promotion – but rather to make the acquaintance of their stepmother-to-be, Cristal. Family dynasties flow through blood, and Fallon would sooner draw blood than call Cristal ‘Mom.’”                         the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299                                      the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299                                      the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299                                      the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299                                      the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299the cws dynasty reboot gets new artwork 023945299

'Dynasty' returns Modernized Reboot,
The hit soap opera “Dynasty” will return after almost 30 years off the air and it will take things even further than its 1980s predecessor.
The new "Dynasty," which will air on the CW, aims to "kick it up a notch," according Elizabeth Gillies, who plays Fallon Carrington, daughter of wealthy industrialist Blake Carrington, on the show. 
Gillies spoke to press on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour to promote the show. 
She was accompanied by producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, known for their work on shows like“The O.C.” and “Gossip Girl.”
Schwartz and Savage said they coordinated with original “Dynasty” producers Esther and Richard Shapiro while working on the reboot.
 Grant Show, from left, Nathalie Kelley, Elizabeth Gillies and Sam Adegoke participate in the "Dynasty" panel during The CW portion of the 2017 Summer TCA's at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)
“They talked a lot about family and the idea of whatever villainous things the characters in the show do that they never stop loving each other," Savage told reporters.
He explained the Shapiros pressed that the characters’ sense of family was "the central thing that held the show together for all those years…”
Savage said the show will also address modern issues such as “politics, culture and climate change.”
He explained, “There's so much going on and we think the show can really be a part of the conversation.”
Gillies told TV critics that her character is "as feisty as ever" and that she loves Fallon's strength.
"Fallon doesn't want to be a rock star. She wants to be CEO,” Gillies said, emphasizing Savage’s point that the show will have a modern spin.
The reboot, like the original, follows the Carringtons and the Colbys— two wealthy American families — as they fight over fortune and control of their children. The show mainly focuses on Fallon and her soon-to-be stepmother, Cristal, played by Nathalie Kelley.
Kelley’s character was originally portrayed by Linda Evans. For the reboot, producers changed the original spelling of Krystle to Cristal.
“This is the thing that is very true to the original,” she said of the character. “Cristal loves [her fiancé] Blake; she is not in it for the money. Fallon may see her as a gold digger but she really isn’t.”
Gillies played a strong woman on FX's "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll." But on that show, her character was rough around the edges, while Fallon is refined. Emma Samms and Pamela Sue Martin played Fallon while the series ran on ABC.
“I didn’t want to imitate either of the actresses who played Fallon [in the past] I wanted to bring my own thing to her,” she insisted.
Schwartz said the competition between Fallon and Cristal is complex.
"They're not just vying for Blake's love as the father or the husband but they want to run this business.”
“Dynasty” premieres October 11th on the CW. The original show ran on ABC from 1981-1989.

Will the new DYNASTY Succeed?!!
“They have money. They have power. They have everything. And they want more.” That’s one of the promo slogans for the Dynasty reboot set to debut this fall.

We have a sneak peek for you of the reboot, which is coming to the CW. And you won’t believe your eyes or ears. It takes the soap motif and runs with it. But with a lot of tantalizing twists. See a long, luscious trailer below.
This is it’s a very racially diverse take on the Drama in Denver. 
There are several African-American and Latino central players. That includes Krystal, who is Latina in this version of the classic 1980s drama. She’s played by Nathalie Kelly.
Dynasty 1.0 did a pretty good job given the cultural milieu it came up in. It had African-American and gay characters. But 2.0 is a whole different ballgame.

The Carrington Mansion in Dynasty 2.0   which we hear is Tyler Perry’s in Atlanta!
You’ll see Steven (James MacKay) having sex with Sammy-Jo. But Sammy-Jo is a male character!
In another genius casting move, Brianna Brown is set to play Claudia Blaisdel. We are big fans of Brown’s, and she’s truly perfect for the role.

Putting It All Together–and One Original Star Who Won’t Be Joining the Reboot!


Stepahnie Savage and Josh Schwartz, who created Gossip Girl, along original Dynasty creators Richard and Esther Shapiro, are the creative muscle behind this reimagining of the Dynasty story. How inspired is that pairing of these two pairs?

“I think that Dynasty is not unlike what we had with Riverdale last year in that we have a built-in audience of people who knew the Archie characters and our job was to bring them in as well as a new audience,” CW marketing president Rick Haskins told Hollywood Life. “We focused in on bringing in the new audience, because we knew the old audience would follow.”
He also said the show is in talks to get original series stars to guest star, but everyone’s busy schedules would have to sync up.

  A new show, a new logo.
John James, the original Jeff Colby at first lobbied for the original stars to be recast, which seems reasonable. But since they weren’t, he expressed his displeasure at the whole operation.
Well, everyone has a right to have an opinion and express it.
He’s not the only annoyed member of Team Original Dynasty. Michael K., the blogger and cultural critic behind offered a hilarious (as usual) take on the caviar and catfights redux.

“It’s really not a true Dynasty catfight until it’s obvious that Joan Collins and Linda Evans were switched out for stunt doubles in bad wigs,” said Michael K. See one of Collins and Evans’ original knock-down, drag-out spats below. He also said the reboot is the “CW-ified” version of the original. When you’re right, you’re right.

Why a Dynasty Remake?!
A remake of classic '80s TV soap Dynasty has been given the green light in the US. And while there's no news of a return for Joan Collins's Alexis yet (we live in hope), here's what we do know about the reboot.

Rich and Glitzy Reboot

The action has been moved from Denver to Atlanta, a city Schwartz thinks is a “more believable” location to place Blake’s business. And Blake’s son Steven (James Mackay) is gay, as he was in the original series, but here, he’s “confidently gay. He’s not toying with his sexuality… and Blake accepts him,” Schwartz says. That’s a huge change from the original, where Blake was violently opposed to Steven’s homosexuality. Plus, Steven’s main love interest, Sammi Jo — originally played by Heather Locklear — is a man this time around (now “Sammy Jo”), played by Empire‘s Rafael de La Fuente.
 We don’t see the iconic Alexis Carrington, played by Joan Collins in the original, in the reboot’s pilot, but she’s definitely mentioned… and fans can expect to see her soon enough. “We’re taking our delicious time… it will happen sometime this season,” EP Sallie Patrick promises. (The new Alexis hasn’t been cast yet, though.)
And speaking of big shoes to fill: Melrose Place vet Grant Show stars as patriarch Blake Carrington, playing the role originated by John Forsythe. Show says he jumped at the chance to play “one of the most complicated villains ever, maybe, in soap-opera history… This Blake will be very dark, but at the same time, he fiercely loves his family… He truly believes that what he’s doing is best for his family.”
The original Dynasty was produced by the legendary Aaron Spelling, who also produced Show’s Melrose Place. So what does Show think Spelling would think of this new Dynasty? “I think he would love it… his stories were always about characters, and about people, and that’s what this is about.”

1. Girl power

Two of America's wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, are still at war - but this time, the story will be told from the perspective of two women in the thick of it all - Fallon Carrington (played by Elizabeth Gillies), daughter of billionaire Blake, and her soon-to-be stepmother, Cristal.
But how many of the famous Dynasty catfights will we witness?

2. It's all about diversity

Linda Evans famously played Krystle in the original - this time around, Cristal (spot the spelling change), is a Hispanic woman marrying into a wealthy family. She will be played by The Vampire Diaries' Nathalie Kelley.

The more  Dynasty changes, the more it stays the same.
The CW’s reboot of the ’80s primetime soap keeps the glitz and glamour of the original, touting the ridiculously wealthy Carrington family as the “1 percent of the 1 percent” and promising a hair-pulling, bitch-slapping catfight in the very first episode. And right now might actually be the perfect time for a Dynasty revival.
“We are definitely living in the age of dynasties… whether we’re talking about Trumps or Clintons or Kardashians or Murdochs,” executive producer Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, The O.C.) told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday. But the new Dynasty — premiering Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 9/8c — does offer some updates to the original formula.
This time around, Blake Carrington’s much younger fiancée is named Cristal (not Krystle), reflecting her Venezuelan heritage. She’s played by Vampire Diaries alum Nathalie Kelley, who says that her character “represents a more current version of what’s happening in America.” She’s also not just a secretary this time, but a powerful marketing executive in Blake’s corporate empire — and she has a dark past, too. “Part of the fun was taking a character like Krystle and dirtying her up a little bit,” Schwartz teased.
And billionaire charmer Jeff Colby, played by John James in the '80s series, will be played by Nigerian-born actor Sam Adegoke this time around.
Blake's chauffeur, Michael Culhane, will be played by African-American Hit the Floor star Robert Christopher Riley, while Empire's Rafael de la Fuente, who hails from Venezuela, will also have a regular role.

3. It's made by the team behind Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are bringing the series to US channel to CW. The pair have hooked up with Revenge writer/producer Sallie Patrick and the original Dynasty creators, husband and wife team Esther and Richard Shapiro.
 4. Everybody loves good Neighbours
Yes, he might be known as The OC and Ugly Betty's Alan Dale in the US these days... but us Brits still prefer to remember him as Jim Robinson from Neighbours.
Alan will be starring as the Carrington's butler, Joseph Anders, played by the late Lee Bergere in the original. Fans will remember it was Alexis who hired him when she was married to Blake.
Anders was fiercely loyal to Alexis when Blake remarried - maybe they're still in touch?!

5. The actors are VERY excited

Several of them have taken to social media with their reactions.
 The cast have clearly bonded during while filming the pilot episode, with Rafael posting a video of himself and some of his fellow Dynasty actors singing along to Tracy Chapman's Fast Car. 
 Alan Dale was also in a celebratory mood as he hit the big 70.

6. When we'll get to see it

There's no exact transmission date yet and it's not yet known if it'll be broadcast in the UK. But it's slated for the 2017/18 season in the US, which means it should be with us by the autumn. We say, the sooner the better!

TV's penchant for mining former hits for new shows will continue next season when CW reboots Aaron Spelling's Dynasty.
The quintessential go-go 1980s soap about a family's oil business, which aired on ABC from 1981 to 1989, starred Joan Collins, Linda Evans and John Forsythe, who reunited for a 1991 miniseries to wrap up loose ends. It will get an update on the younger-skewing network, which has cast Grant Show (of Spelling's Melrose Place) and Elizabeth Gillies, who starred in Denis Leary's FX comedy Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll and Nickelodeon's Victorious in lead roles. Nathalie Kelley (The Vampire Diaries) and James Mackay (The Leftovers) are also in the cast.
The remake is being produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who spawned teens hits The O.C. (for Fox) and Gossip Girl, along with Richard and Esther Shapiro, co-creators of the original series.
CBS, which owns half of CW and is producing the new series, controls Spelling's TV library, and was behind a 2009 remake of Fox's Melrose Place, also for CW, but the show only lasted one season. CW also rebooted the producer's teen soap 90210, which aired from 2008 to 2013.

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Steven Klein - Games & Restrictions

Memory of Charles DeVoe

It will be 7 years that the Modeling World lost its one of the best Male Model on the Runway. A stunningly handsome male model who spent a month in a coma after a surfing accident in the Rockaways has died, sources said Monday.
Charles DeVoe 28, had been hospitalized since incident. He died Friday.
FDNY divers had to cut DeVoe free after his ankle tether became snagged on a wooden pole. He was in the water for several minutes before he could be rescued.
DeVoe's agent, Jason Kanner, called DeVoe "a lovely kid who was respected and loved by many."
"This is a stunning and tragic loss for all those who loved and cared for him," Kanner said.

DeVoe came to New York in 2004 to pursue modeling and immediately made a splash.
He signed to Major Model Management and posed for fashion photography heavyweights like Bruce Weber, Steven Klein and Mario Testino.