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World Premiere Interview: Lucas Queiroz

The promising LUCAS QUEIROZ who actually appeared in pages of many editorial magazines..I reunite with Lucas to talk the start of his modeling career as well as role models and photo shoots.

How did your model career start?
I started modeling in the end of 2014 when my agent Rodrigo Dutra discovered me on Facebook and he schedule my photoshoot for my book and 3 months later I was in Milan.

You’ve been modeling for a while, what is the best Modelling Advice you could give to guys just starting out? To be focused, to not drive my attention away from the goals that you set for yourself, which is important for a model’s career because in this business it is very easy to lose yourself.

 Do you have any role models?

My mom and my dad and in the fashion business I look up to Brazilian top models Marlon Teixeria and Francisco Lachowski as well as legends such as Jon Kortajarena and David Gandy.
Did becoming a model change your life in any way? Whose life does not change after become a model? Leaving your country, your family and friends to travel all over the world by yourself, makes you learn how to be independent while getting in touch with different cultures, it is definitely a huge change. It is scary but exciting at the same time if you know what I mean.

 What was your favourite shoot so far?

The MMSCENE editorial, of course. Who would thought that an editorial shot in my homewtown in Brazil would end up in the first ever printed edition of an international magazine which has a huge importance in the Male Model Scene!
Do you have any interests beside modeling? Yes, quite a few. I love music, I’m a drummer, I also love history and art.
Name three places you would love to travel to.
I would love to travel to Bali, California and The United Kingdom.

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Favourite movie. I would have to say it is The Dark Knight Trilogy
Any guilty pleasures? Something that no one knows about you?
Well, there are some things in the 50 Shades of Gray that are very interesting. I can only say that!

Five words that sum you up: Honest, nerd, focused, happy, friend.

Dynasty Reboot struggling and moves to Friday!

The Carringtons may be back, but it seems they’re not bigger than ever. The CW is moving its Dynasty TV show reboot from Wednesdays to Friday nights. It will take over the slot currently filled by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, after the comedy finishes its third season run. Look for season one of Dynasty on Fridays, beginning March 9, 2018 at 8:00pm.

 CW drama, Dynasty stars Grant Show, Alan Dale, Elizabeth Gillies, Nathalie Kelley, Nicollette Sheridan, James Mackay, Sam Adegoke, Robert Christopher Riley, Rafael de la Fuente, Brianna Brown, and Nick Wechsler. The primetime soap opera follows the wealthy Carrington family as they tangle with the Colbys and other business rivals. The series is a more diverse remake of the 1980s ABC sudser, starring John Forsythe, Linda Evans, and Joan Collins.
How fierce is the rivalry between the Carringtons and Colbys during the first season of the Dynasty TV show on The CW? As we all know, the Nielsen ratings typically play a big role in determining whether the TV show Dynasty is cancelled or renewed for season two.
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 The drama centers on the wealthy Carrington family and the energy empire they must defend against the Colbys, as well as other adversaries. Although Fallon (Gillies) is the heir apparent to father Blake’s (Show) company, she grows suspicious when she learns he is marrying the beautiful, much younger Cristal (Kelley). When Fallon sets out to expose the interloper as a fraud, her actions cost her father’s trust, so she forges an alliance with his rival, Jeff Colby (Adegoke). Blood is thicker than water, but whether it’s dearer than oil remains to be seen.

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Killing of Gianni Versace sees Andrew Cunanan Plotting to Kill!

Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story finally returned for a second season last night with the premiere of The Assassination of Gianni Versace, which chronicles the legendary designer's murder by Andrew Cunanan in Miami in 1997.
The first episode didn't waste any time; the opening scenes show Versace (Edgar Ramírez) starting his day just before Cunanan (Darren Criss) shoots and kills him on the steps of his mansion—and that's just in the first eight minutes.
As the episode continues, we're introduced to Gianni's protective sister, Donatella (Penelope Cruz), and his devoted partner, Antonio D'Amico (Ricky Martin). But we also get a glimpse into Cunanan's mysterious past.
Episode 2 dives into the days leading up to Versace's murder, following Cunanan as he arrives in Miami and stalks the fashion designer. The trailer for the new episode shows Cunanan presenting a fake passport with the name Kurt DeMarrs. "I'm a fashion student," he lies.
The following montage shows Cunanan loading a gun, his face on an FBI Most Wanted flyer, and him nearly naked, wielding a pair of scissors, and rushing toward a masked man lying on a bed. "Andrew Cunanan. Twenty-seven years old. He's killed four men," an officer says in the background.
Next we see Donatella speaking to her brother as he's lying in bed. "What is Versace without you?" she asks. "It will be you," Gianni answers, as scenes from a Versace fashion show flash onscreen.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

'Assassination of Gianni Versace' filming left Ricky Martin in tears

“The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” has yet to premiere, but much has already been said about the Ryan Murphy-led miniseries, with the family of Versace decrying the show as a “work of fiction.”

FX’s Versace series stars Darren Criss as murderer Andrew Cunanan, Edgar Ramirez as Gianni Versace and Ricky Martin as Versace’s love Antonio D’Amico. Penelope Cruz plays Donatella Versace.

Martin, 46, said he experienced intense emotions while filming the story about the murder of the Miami-based fashion icon in 1997. He spent his time after filming wrapped each day “reliving everything that I went through that day on set” while locked in a hotel room alone in Miami.
“And I went to bed with the tears, and I would wake up mourning while I was having breakfast,” he told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour. “It was very methodic what I did…”

His co-star Criss had a drastically different experience while taping.
“It didn’t come home with me… I can sort of disassociate,” the former “Glee” star said. “The most difficult part was just me thinking about the people who are still alive and affected and wanting to do right by them.”
Martin was concerned about those that were impacted by the murderer as well and spoke to D’Amico before filming.
“I just told him, ‘I just want to do justice, and your life is full of injustice. And I want to let people know what your love was about and what your love with Gianni was about… because there is a lot of misinterpretation,’” Martin revealed.
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 D’Amico was emotional during their conversation, Martin said.
“Of course it was very touching. After 20 years, all this is getting stirred up again, and emotionally it’s very draining and exhausting, and it was a lot for him, but he goes ‘It would be even more difficult if I see something that’s not true on television,’” Martin revealed.
The experience filming the second installment of “American Crime Story” left Martin itching to act again.
“The amount of feelings that I went through putting this show together was very addictive, and I really want to go back to that,” Martin said.

The first season of “American Crime Story,” titled “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” was nominated for 22 Emmys in 2016 and won the coveted award for Outstanding Limited Series.
Murphy said the second season of the anthology series is drastically different from its famed predecessor. The show focuses on the five murders committed Cunanan, not just on the slaying of Versace, he said.
“Every season of this show is so different,” the showrunner said. “I really love how we [got] into everyone who was affected.”
“The Assassination of Gianni Versace” premieres Jan. 17 on FX.

Ricky Martin plays Versace's Lover!

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
With The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, his first significant TV role since his stint on General Hospital in the 1990s, singer Ricky Martin is playing a role in the story of an infamous murder, but it goes deeper than that. As Antonio D'Amico, lover to Gianni Versace (Édgar Ramírez), Martin found renewed strength.
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The series brings the underlying homophobia that was (and still is) present in the United States at the time of Versace's murder and the manhunt for Andrew Cunanan.

"One of the reasons that I jumped into this character with the level of passion that I jumped into [it with] was because in 1997, something happened. Someone was killed…a criminal that went on a killing spree. He was on the list of the most wanted men of the FBI, he was living in Miami Beach, not hiding, and no one caught him," Martin told E! News.
"For me that is frustrating. For me that is injustice," Martin continued about Cunanan's murder spree ending with Versace. "For me, the most important thing was to be able to be a spokesperson for, maybe the LGBT community, and say open your eyes. We're still being attacked and a lot has to be done."
The blatant homophobia in the series gave Martin strength, he said and made him realize "how important it is for the world to accept their identity, their sexual identity, and to share it and normalize this."
"Because other than that you're just fitting in to ignorance," he said.
There's a specific scene that struck a chord with the singer-actor. Following the murder of Versace, police interrogate Martin's character and really tear into his relationship with Versace.
"They are invading everything that I am; they're talking about me, as Gianni's lover bringing escorts, and for me as an actor it was very beautiful to play," Martin said. "But they just went to some locked up places within that I needed to open up, read more about it, be open and be happy about the fact that I'm in front of the camera telling the story. Someway, somehow we are normalizing my life with this story."

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Adam Senn thinks his character is a Sociopath!

VH1′s pro basketball drama Hit the Floor had its second season finale on Monday  and there may be hope yet for true romance between star player Zero and his agent Jude.
The pair, who began an affair a few episodes back, have a heart-to-heart in the locker room with Jude (Brent Antonello) saying he wants a real relationship, not just a sexual one.
He’s no longer willing to settle for less and prepares to walk.
In the final moments, Zero (Adam Senn) drops his guard a bit and the season ends with the possibility that the two may make a go of it.

‘Zero is a bit of a sociopath,’ Senn tells The Backlot. ‘He’s unsure where he stands. But maybe it isn’t just about sex. It’s definitely about the camaraderie of having a friend, the one and only person that Zero felt like he could trust.’
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‘But there’s definitely a dynamic and that’s the beauty of those characters is playing with that dynamic and not making it just about being gay or being bi or anything. It’s a relationship and I think we’re just going to discover more as time goes on.’
While the Jude character has come to terms with the fact that he is in fact gay, Zero appears to be a bisexual who has so far only been willing to have relationships, publicly at least, with women.
Senn believes he has sociopathic tendencies’ because he’s always thinking about  how to get from point A to point B instead of thinking about people.
I think Jude’s got him figured out,’ he said. ‘Jude is at peace with himself and who he is, which is awesome, and Brent does such a good job of playing the groundedness of where Jude stands. Hopefully Zero can get to that point sometime next season, find himself and be confident with who he is instead of always trying to play it up for someone else.’
As far as having his character, who had previously been involved with a team cheerleader, becoming involved with a man, Senn had this to say: ‘In general, I’ve always been very open in my life. My cousin was gay and I love him to this day so that stuff doesn’t bother me and I don’t mind pushing people’s buttons.’
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Actor and model Adam Senn talks acting, restaurant and future

Sugar Land-grown Adam Senn appears as the piping hot, sexually-fluid basketball player Zero in VH1's Hit The Floor.
Model and actor Adam Senn chatted with Digital Journal about "Hit the Floor," as well as his modeling days with Dolce and Gabbana and his restaurant that he owns in New York.
VH1’s Hit The Floor, now in its third season, blends sex, drama, secrets and the excitement that follows the Devils basketball team and its fellow members. Houstonians who watch the show might see a familiar face: Sugar Land-grown Adam Senn in the role of Zero.

In the storyline, Zero was brought from another team to help the Devils win the championship, which they did, yet the character soon finds himself trapped in a scandal and facing life-changing decisions. His portrayal of Zero is only the latest in a flurry of stories leading up to Senn’s current success on the small screen.
His acting bug started when he was a 12-year old at a program in Sharpstown Mall. From there, He attended theatre school, which is when he got his first big break in the entrainment world working as a model.
“I’ve been asked to model a few times before, but I happened to be in a hotel in Houston, and some agents from across the world came up to me. I originally wasn’t interested, but the next week we were in New York,” Senn says.
Like RuPaul’s “Supermodel” anthem, once he was scouted, his modeling career took off.
“I used modeling as a way to pay for my college. All in all, it came together.”
Come together, it did. He rose through the ranks with several fashion brands to eventually land as the face of Dolce & Gabanna The One Sport fragrance. As successful as he was in modeling, he still had the itch for an acting career.
Like most aspiring actors, he appeared once or twice on some of the major cable network shows, but it wasn’t until he caught the eyes of VH1 that he landed his recurring role on Hit The Floor.
“I am honored to play a character that is so dynamic and has so many colors. I’m sure there will be many twists and turns as the story develops. It’s gives a whole blank set of pages to take off, and it’s fun,“ he says.
His character also currently dates a man, with steamy scenes often showing off more skin than a Buffalo Bill impersonators’ convention.
“At the end of the day, I’m trying to tell a story. There’s really no difference between a guy and a girl other that what everyone else is thinking. It’s two people who find a common ground. It starts off as a friendship just like any relationship.”
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As for his future plans and dream role, he says he love to play a comic book hero. Could there possible be a Captain Zero in the future? Keep those eyes peeled to find out.
Regarding his experience on Hit the Floor, he said, "I work with some the most talented, loving, and hardworking people in the biz. Getting to go to work everyday at Paramount and be surrounded by all around great people is the best experience I could ask for."

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Senn has a passion for cars. "My father and both grandfathers were gear heads. They loved classic muscle and rare classics. So I was raised the same, before I could drive my father was making me read the instruction manual to figure out how to take out and reinstall an alternator. Nowadays, I build my own classics. At the moment I'm really into Classic Broncos 66-77. Something so classic about them, also reminds me of home. Everyone I create is one of a kind with its own flare."
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Throughout his career in the industry, Senn has modeled for Dolce and Gabbana. "I guess I keep getting lucky cause again Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are two amazing talented human beings. They are like family to me. We created some amazing images together with the work of many others. And hope to create many more someday," he said.
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Aside from modeling and acting, Senn has a restaurant in New York called Il Bastardo. "I had a concept for a wine bar back in 2008 and with the help of my mentor and best friend Robert Malta of NYCRG we created Il Bastardo with a OZ wine bar that holds 50 bottles of wine by the glass at cellar temperature. I grew up with lots and lots of food from all walks of life. A restaurant is just another reason to eat with friends and family. Two of my favorite things," he said.

On his plans for the future, he said, "My focus now is writing and I have plans to direct my first film in 2018. I love to create and tell stories. 'm a sucker for a great story and you know how Texans always have to tell 'em bigger."

His New Year's resolutions for 2018 are to "stop eating too much sugar." "I have the biggest sweet tooth," he admitted.

Each day, Senn is motivated by a "good story." "If I can go live an experience, I more than likely have a great story to tell," he said.

When asked how he balances acting, modeling and owning a restaurant, he said, "I started acting long before modeling. It just happened to have taken off first. Acting is my main priority. Modeling days have taken a back seat for now. And the restaurant is self-efficient, we have a great staff."

For his fans, he concluded, "I appreciate everyone who has ever cared enough to follow me. I'm just trying to have fun and create compelling images and stories. Stay tuned for many more to come."
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