Sunday, October 3, 2010

Too Funky

This song have always been my inspiration when I first heard and saw the video back in the early 90' those SuperModels and the Thierry Mulger Design...Now 20 years later, I use Thierry Mulger as my inspiration and style! I always get excited when I hear the song, close my eyes, and see my supermodels in my designs...0f course, this always been one of the all time best fashion music next to Madonna's Vogue....

Behind the scenes: THIERRY MUGLER "Too Funky" video

Love the Behind the Scenes of George Michael's #1 Fashion Music of all time...
simply TOO FUNKY!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Christopher Uvenio Design: Wicked Bachelors Collection

Adam Gates, Bob Haglage & Robert Sepulveda in my Wicked Bachelors Collection!
To see more of my Wicked Bachelors Collection, check it out on my website Christopher Uvenio Design!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot in Harlem!

The photoshoot took place in the beautiful home of the photographer's friend in Harlem, its theme was the day in the life of the Bachelors. Carlo the photographer was amazing at brought energy and style into the camera and I brought JulianneScalley, the makeup artist and hairstylist along. LOVE working with Julianne who has such incredible background making beautiful men and women in makeup in numerous prints, and fashion shows. Along I brought three gorgeous men and one of them came from Atlanta to be in the shoot! 
The black & white photoshoot of a young man with crosses on his bare chest and a fedora hat, came to New York for  the day from Atlanta to be in my designs Adam Gates. Below is Robert Sepulveda jr., he is amazing male model who have graced in many magazines and worked with many photographer including the fame NY photographer, Rick Day. And the next male model is a dancer/actor from Brooklyn, Bob Haglage with such incredible personality. The photoshoot was amazingly great with long hours, texting messages, becoming fast friends and yes, the day of the shoot was a raining day with lightning and thunder! But the three male models have brought glamour and style into my designs. Behind the Scenes of the photoshoots!
Adam taking some quick tips of poses in front of the camera man, Carlo at the Harlem apartment.
The beautiful, fabulous and yes so talented, Julianne added some touches of colors to Bob's striking features and yes, his eyes are so sparkly blue. 0ne of the most beautiful eyes on a male model!
Sizzling Southern male model, Adam Gates have graced many magazines and on the runways brought his sizzling charm and masculine touches into my collection. Adam Gates sure will be back soon for more of my designs in the near future!  And he fitted in my collection very powerful!
Robert Sepulveda texting messages and he is one of the most beautiful male model I ever worked with!
Adam striking a pose in my designs! 
the shirtless Bob showed off his fabulous physique while Julianne texting while on break!
    The very maculine stud of Adam Gates showed off his bods and tattoos while taking a cigarette break from the shoot on the balcony of the beautiful apartment in Harlem!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Madonna Vogue in HD

I always have love Madonna and yes, Vogue has always been the number one fashion song in the world and yes, it was the biggest song of the early 90's...Love how the glamour and the glitz of 0ld Hollywood Glamour and mentioned Jean Harlow, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe,Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Bette Davies... we Love you...salute to those Movie Stars! This song I always remembered in college, everyone was voguing while I was studying the Performing Art/Theatre

and everyone was looking like Madonna in Vogue! Blonde Bob hairdo (salute to Jean Harlow's hair) and Bette Davies'  dark brown eyebrows with sultry red Marilyn Monroe lipsticks! Love Vogue, Love Madonna always thinking of my collecting while listening to Vogue and thinking of my designs walking down the runway!

Madonna - Vogue / Truth or Dare Edition

I love Madonna's Truth or Dare film! The world's biggest fashion icon always in a Gaultier and a Versace.
With #1 song in Vogue, a film of Truth or Dare and another film that won her an Academy Award for the Warren Beatty's film Dick Tracy! I always have this video special to my heart since I was designing and entering the fashion world and this has always been my inspiration...Love Life as Madonna enjoys Voguing around theWorld..A few male dancers were in FIT when I was graduating! yes, the two guys quit Menswear and entered the world of Truth or Dare and Voguing around the world.
Vogue was found in the undergroun world club of New York during the late 80's and Madonna brought it in to the world of glamour! And yes, this song have always been an icon in the Fashion Media!

Madonna - Vogue Live【HQ】

And in 2004, Madonna returned to a world premiere concert and sang one of the most iconic song, Vogue and WOW! I have been in several Madonna's concert in MSG, for Like A Virgin tour (1984), that was Madonna first concert believe it or not...Blonde Ambition (biggest selling concert in the world) (1991) and
the Girlie Tour (very over the top!) (1996)  Bringing a song that made her the world's biggest star back on stage, she brought Vogue a very Work of Art! Check this out! A very elegant and very classic! The bustier is a Lacroix!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Amour Gloire et Beauté Générique 1987

Christopher Uvenio Designs appears in BeautifulMag: British Magazine!

BeautifulMag Cover Story:

Dark Angels - The Christopher Uvenio Collection

When photographer Joseph Sinclair shared his Uvenio Collection with us, we were immediately drawn back into that mysterious parallel universe Anne Rice created with her Vampire Chronicles. The boldness and bravery of the Vampire Lestat, the softness and timidity of his companion Louis, the eternal youth and Botticelli angelic Armand… you find it all back in this unique cooperation of Joseph Sinclair and acclaimed fashion designer Christopher Uvenio.
Self-taught London based photographer Joseph Sinclair and Christopher Uvenio had been in contact for some time already before it finally came to a joined venture. Joseph always had a passion for Christopher’s glamour and chic designs, and wanted to juxtapose the eccentricity of th clothing with very masculine guys. The whole shooting resulted in this homoerotic collection of high fashion couture images with a Gothic undertone.
The Christopher Uvenio Collection exists out of three series. The first one are high contrasted sharp studio shot, the second, shot on a rooftop, have a more filmic character, and the third are much more softer and intimate. Christopher Uvenio is a men’s and women’s fashion designer, who has worked in several well-established fashion houses, and who’s creations have been used several times for the worlds number 1 drama series The Bold And The Beautiful. About his collection shown here, he says: "My collection is Wicked Glamour and inspire the glamour rock, of baroque and mixed of Classic Medival looks. The designs are very metro with jewels, kilts, chain shirts with embroidery crosses, fur..Its Classic Rock and its very wicked..." A follow up on this sensational cooperation between two unique talents is planned for later this year. –
Josh Costa, Ryan Enriquez, Josh Owens, Ryan Sharp, Doni Giovanni and Max Rhyser modeled in these sizzling Dark Angel collections that appeared in not just one magazine but several including a coffee table book by the Fashion iconic Linda Tain!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Christopher Uvenio Design: Florial Design Collection: photography by B. Calvin Colima

As a Designer for various markets from Dressy Sportswear to Design Studio to Intimate Apprel to Menswear, I always loved doing my eveningwear collection. I always think of glamour and glitz, flowing fabrics. As a former Florial designer, I thought of using many different colours and designs and draped the luxery fittings from the bust to the waitline, and have the layers of fabrics flow around the air. 2 gorgeous female supermodels from Milan, they came to New York during Fashion Week and I asked if they be interested. Yes they were and you can see that Maura and Kimmie brought femmine and simply glamour to the shoot by B. Calvin Colima. The shoot was successfully done at the location of downtown Manhattan. I always love decorating with florial as a designer and that was my inspiring for my Design Studio collection.

Fancy Dress: photography by Frank Louis with Christopher Uvenio Design!

A very glamorous shoot was photographed in a car garage in Queens! That's right, only ten minutes from Manhattan. Tp fashion photographer, Frank Louis and I worked extremely amazing together with glamour, goth,  avant garde with a twist with using 3 beautiful male models, Billy Steeves a ballet dancer who appeared in several productions including Swans Lake also have been seen in several  menswear magazines. Nicholas Bagetta, a very smoldering aspiring actor while modeling on the runway. And Frantz Hall, a professional dancer from the theatre and modeled in several designers' collection. The shoot happened on a long rainy day, but the photoshoot was incredible and yes it was certainly Fancy Dress! as the Fantastic Magazine had called it since I'm known to designs kilts for men!

Christopher Uvenio Design created a new: Intimate Lust Collection

Not only do I do just Menswear, I known for doing womenswear as well. I created my very own Intimate Apparel line known as Intimate Lust Collection with great female models with Leslie, Nora and Kim with a male model, Keith. Photography by Sven Borris. The shoot was taken at his studio in Brooklyn. And i was so pleased with the turn out that I worked with Sven with another collection and another and another. I was proud of the girls giving the looks of sultry, sex appeal and glamour into the camera. Love my Intimate Lust Collection and there will be more sequals to that amazing line that I truly enjoy creating.........................

International Male Jonathan Jesensky in Christopher Uvenio Avant Garde Collection

You have seen him in zillions of magazines and on the runway in Paris and Milan and New York Fashion Week. He had appeared all over and yes, his name is Jonathan Jesensky.  The Look was to appear very urban, funky, edgy and yes, sizzling as well. The very incredible topFashion Photographer James Weber took many amazing pictures of Jonathan. And I was lucky to have him appear in my latest designs. Jonathan was photographed in New York City. This guy will never change, always super hot ...

Christopher Uvenio Funk Denim Collection

the always fantastic Fashion Photographer, James Weber worked with me on the latest new collection of Christopher Uvenio Funk Denim Collection. With 4 incredible Male Models from the industry of Q and Empire; Beau Martin, Rob Pacicca, Jonathan Hoyos and David Bailey. Inspirting different looks from European ads. Four beautiful male models shows off their masculine physique and showing off one of a kind Christopher Uvenio Funk Denim Collection which have been very successful selling and promoting oversea magazines including reFresh, Zink, Pref, and Fantastic. The four incredible guys were a blast and with long hours of the photoshoot, we all went out to dinner and celebrate new friendships and work. More of Christopher Uvenio Design of Funk Denim Collection can be seen in premiere website.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

International Male Model: Rafael Yapur in Christopher Uvenio latest Design

Rafael Yapur came to New York for 3 days to come and rock into my designs with fashion photographer James Weber. here are a few of the fabulous work of Rafael in my designs with the photographer Weber and Makeup Artist Julianne Scalley. The rest of the looks of Rafael in my design will be seen in the premiere
of Christopher Uvenio Design website.

Behind the Scenes with International Male Model: Rafael Yapur

Did an amazing photoshoot with international supermale model Rafael Yapur who have been seen in over a hundred different magazines from Spain to Italy. And he appeared in my collection that rocked with top fashion photographer James Weber and top makeup artist, Julianne Scalley. The shoot was done at the James Weber Studio and the them of very masculine sex appeal of elegant of gold, silver, pinstripes, fur, gemstones and couture suits I created to fit his massive body. The shoot was laid back, long hours, and most of all, we had amazing time with stories and jokes about the industry and models. And yes Rafael Yapur in   my Christopher Uvenio Design was certainly incredible fantastic and Raphael rocked Uvenio!