Sunday, October 3, 2010

Too Funky

This song have always been my inspiration when I first heard and saw the video back in the early 90' those SuperModels and the Thierry Mulger Design...Now 20 years later, I use Thierry Mulger as my inspiration and style! I always get excited when I hear the song, close my eyes, and see my supermodels in my designs...0f course, this always been one of the all time best fashion music next to Madonna's Vogue....

Behind the scenes: THIERRY MUGLER "Too Funky" video

Love the Behind the Scenes of George Michael's #1 Fashion Music of all time...
simply TOO FUNKY!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Christopher Uvenio Design: Wicked Bachelors Collection

Adam Gates, Bob Haglage & Robert Sepulveda in my Wicked Bachelors Collection!
To see more of my Wicked Bachelors Collection, check it out on my website Christopher Uvenio Design!