Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Colour Me Red Collection by Christopher Uvenio Design!

Love that poor male model Keith got to give a sad look of getting lipstick on his lips by the dearest makeup artist, Kayla Dorman an old friend I have known since I worked with her at Bob Mackie several years ago.

My Colour Me Red Collection with photography by John Gress done an amazing job at a rented studio in Brooklyn near Pratt Institute. Here is 0livia in my red design and what a prop,John's partner, Erik of 4 years came up with a vision with my red dress and I added more red fabric to make the long train Flag! flowing around the scene.!
The delicious diva, Mindy posed in a very classic look inspiring the old Hollywood glamour in my Colour Me Red Collection, and yes the shoot was incredible and amazing and truthfully the long hours of 8 was worth it! 
And one of my favorite supermodel turned actress in theatre, Leslie Stuart was in New York visiting relatives from Chicago, came to see me for lunch during my lunch break from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and mentioned to her about the shoot project the following day....Leslie wanted to be in my designs and yes, she came to the studio like a Diva and brought class and glamour to my design.....
The Photographs arte being used for the upcoming French magazines to be announced soon...
when John Gress will confirm that the project made it to the upcoming magazine....I can't wait!