Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Uvenio's Night Breed Collection

The excellent photographer of Andy Haughton, the shoot was for the Fantastic Magazine and the shoot was taken in the East Village at his studio. The Fantastic editor, Randy Newman emailed me and asked me if he can use my Night Breed underwear collection. And of course, I said yes! Since my designs have been seen in several Fantastic Magazines. With the sizzling male models I have worked with appeared again in my designs, Joey Morgan, Keith Ambers and Frankie Settleson. And those guys really brought their sex appeal and masculine looks into the Night Breed Collection....! And with the help of my stylist Peter Levin, he done an incredible job getting the props and fabrics to complete the looks. Check it out in the upcoming issue
Fantastic Magazines! 

Christopher Uvenio Gothic Couture appears in 2 Magazine!

 British born top male model Danny Schwarz with the amazing British photographer Terry Gates. My designs were sent overseas since I had to stay in New York and explained to the photographer the theme of construction, details, accessories and theme of Gothic Couture. And yes Danny Schwarz is totally in an unusually eye-catching photo in my collection by Terry Gates for 2 Magazines, a menswear magazine based in London. 


FABULOUS NEWS! Marc Jacobs is not going to DIOR!