Sunday, December 22, 2013

Philip Fusco in latest Uvenio by Ted Sun

Long Island native and Freddie Prinze look-a-like Philip Fusco. We first saw Fusco in the fall in some Andrew Christian photos. Youtube fitness trainer and underwear model Philip Fusco, rocked with photographer Ted Sun at his beautiful studio. I met Phillip Fusco and very familiar with his work, one of the nicest male model who sure managed to be able to squeezed his very busy schedule to be in my shoot at 6pm! Yes, Phillip in my menswear designs, sorry no underwear even though he is known as the underwear model. He sure looks great in my designs!     
And yes there will be more Phillip Fusco in my designs, and perhaps in my newest underwear collections very soon! And with L.A. photographer, Ted Sun and I look forward to collaborating more work together with the Underwear Model!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Uvenio Rocks with D Glenn!

I met with DGlenn who is amazingly talented and officially known as the Hip Hop Photographer! He and I worked together and brainstormed with several ideas that will have the fashion insiders talking!
Along with the photoshoot of the European very handsomely striking looks with a body of a Spartcus, Dmitriy Antyassiv was not afraid to have fun like a hot Rock Star in my designs.
With a Body to match, Dmitriy posed and brought of lot of hot, sexual energy of a rock star and showing off his talents with his guitar and muscles. Dmitriy brought so much to the shoot that DGlenn and I are looking forward to working with him again soon! Dressing Dmitry certainly no problem, my collection fitted his body like it was custom made for him!
DGlenn and I were so impressed that even Dmitriy brought GlamRock collection to life with my Embroidery Harlequin blazer and black sequin tank top. The shoot was taking at DGlenn's photography studio in Manhattan on 48th street, filled with male models including Stephen, female models, makeup artists and a very creative hairstylist who did all the hair styling for the shoot.
   Another handsome striking male model, Stephen modeled in my collection briefly since he had another shoot after mine collection was continuing. DGlenn and i are working on a webseries that will be a combo of the classic iconic: 90's series of Style with Elsa Klench/Entertainment Tonight/Fashion Television with Jeanne Baker...all 3 shows into one: and this time DGlenn and I are cohosting the new series base in fashion that has been missing in the news since nearly 20 years ago!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Woman behind Ken Wroy!

The Women Behind Ken Wroy
by Christopher Uvenio
VasumathiSoundararajan worked as a journalist for Times Now news channel in Mumbai after graduating with a degree in communications. She was a featured magazine writer covering film, fashion, and music. Vasumathi was also very drawn to arts, crafts, and design and that led her to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where she assisted Catherine Malandrino and Oscar de la Renta. Later on, Vasumathi began printing with a Brooklyn-based designer, which ultimately steered her into a brand of men’s designer underwear, Ken Wroy.
Vasumathi won the 2013 Emerging Designer award, given by Bloomberg’s design entrepreneur program (NYCEDC). Her brand, Ken Wroy, was chosen for its creativity and its business potential. The eminent jury appreciated the freshness of the concept and agreed that men could use more style and variety in their underwear choices*. Our fashion editor, Christopher Uvenio, recently interviewed the promising designer for anolie.

Hello VasumathiSoundararajan!! It’s been such an amazing ride for you! People actually think there is a designer named Ken Wroy, a man creating underwear. What inspired you to start Ken Wroy?
I was simply bored with my husband’s underwear. LOL. It seemed that men wore cool clothes and classy suits, but when that came off…oh horror! As a designer, I was always into prints and colors and underwear was a perfect product with which to unleash my creativity.

How did you come up with the name of Ken Wroy?
I am inspired by this dynamic city and the name comes from that feeling. Ken Wroy is an anagram of New York. And just like the city, the brand is electric and sexy.

When did your underwear brand, Ken Wroy, launch?
Early 2012. 

To be continued: Read the rest of Ken Wroy designer Vasumathi Soundararajan  in Anolie Magazine Online or buy the latest edition of the issue of Anolie in stores or online!

I had the male models all lines up for the fashion photographer Christopher Arena for the Fall issue of Anolie Magazine! The photoshoot was taken in the gym near the studio and the work of Christopher Arena became one of the most talked photographer for Ken Wroy shoot in the magazine!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Nick Moncada: Rising Star in Couture

I interviewed a fabulous, inspiring fashion designer in the world of Couture and Beading. Dressed in Black, as always. Handsome and debonair. He is also a twin. An FIT graduate. Create his collections that compete with Mulger, Galliano and the Lacroix. And he is also one of my best friend who was also my student over 5 years ago!  He is simply known as Nick Moncada! WORLD PREMIERE!! 

The incredible and extremely talented designer who have done such beading work and great couture craft, seen on the runway during New York Fashion Week as he worked with several top designers including Jovani, Mayda Cisneros and Roland Nivelais. Dressed in black as always and handsome with great masculine flair, I have witnessed his work for years and he is one of the rising stars! 

So tell me about yourself Nicholas Moncada! And you happen to be a twin! Are you and your brother Dominick alike or not? What are the different between you too?!    
 Now that I have finished college and have had great success along with the tribulations of industry; I find that I am an "Old Soul".  I defiantly can let go to party and relax but find that these days that the tranquility of Baroque/Classical music surrounded with beautiful treasures and visuals accomenied with a big glass of wine allow me to reach my inner self. 

     Yes, it is true that I am an identical twin; my brother, Dominic, lives in the infamous French Quarters of New Orleans, Louisiana.  We are very similar in regards that we are true to ourselves in the pursuit to success.  Everyone always thought that I would be the crazy one as I always wore black and went by my rules but have found that I am quite conservative in personal matters, whereas Dominic was at one point "Playgirl's" sexiest man of the year and a Frat kid.  

Where are you originally from and where did you study to become a designer and working in the high end fashion couture?!
    I was technically born in Denver, Colorado but was really raised my entire youth in El Paso, Texas in a Hispanic Catholic household.  Because my parents are educators, it was important to pick a career goal and nurture the skills necessary to succeed.  My mother is a dance teacher; so, about the age of 14 I was hired to be a costumer for her dance team as well as be the head costumer for my high school theatre.  Then, in my junior year of high school I enrolled myself at the local community college continuing education sewing classes.  This early start made the transition into the grueling and necessary curriculum of FIT much easier.  Starting my career in theatre and performing arts made the choice to work in the glamour of high end fashion a clear decision.  

 You are your inspirations and why? Who are the Designers you look up to and why?      
It is very hard to say as I really have several designers that inspire me but forgive the long list:

~The Craft: Charles Fredrick Worth/ Paul Poiret/ Mariano Fortuny/ Louis XIV of France/ Madame Gres 
These creators where instrumental in the creation and craftmanship that encompasses the mastery of TRUE haute couture and were true geniuses of high fashion.  I am proud to say that once, Steven Stipelman once remarked that a designer should be great at all aspect of the industry and cannot excel only in one skill.  It was the beginning of my career in my teens to have a firm understanding of the technicalities of  the creation of a work of art and still to this day believe that the true aspect of the luxury market is in the value and experience, thus the purest form of Haute Couture should never be negotiated.

~Style: Marchesa Casati, Erte, Rene Gruau, Dior ( Dior+Galliono), McQueen (Pre-Mortem), Edith Head, Theirry Mugler,  Adrian Adolph Greenberg, Lacroix 
     With a bit of darkness, chaos and more importantly- extreme glamour, these are the people that I would say truly inspire my essence of being a desinger. 

 What designers and who have you worked for? I have seen your incredible work of beading and beautiful handmade work... It must take forever to do beadings!
My first job as afforded me the opportunity to design and work with all the contempory big names of the high end industry. Each was a unique experience but help me to grow as a designer from designer for Vera, J.Mendel, C.Herrera, Marc Bouwer, Lazaro, Roland Nivelais, Alvina Valenta, Elie Tahari, Hermes, Jovani, P.Gurung and Luca Luca and M. Cisneros to name a few.  Yes, my first job was to lead a couture beading house where everything was handmade- even by myself.  I was able to meet with these design teams to help trend and create - the skills that I learned from these other designers and their processes allowed me to take from the best to use in my own offices and careers.

What do you think are the hottest Designers today and why would you name them?
    To this day I love the style of Andrew Gn, his artistry in beading, color, craftsmanship and wonderfly sell-able silhouettes are something to always watch.  As far as demographics, the Middle East will reign the most influential and produce the best glamour designers of our age such as my favorites: Elie Saab and Naeem Khan.

 What do you think would happen in the Fashion World, five years from now?
     I believe the lack of attention and discipline of the consumer will only place more stress and shorter time limits on already hectic production process and we will probably all need to learn Mandarin, soon...

 What do future designers need to know about this business instead of watching to many realty shows like Project Runway or Fashion Star?
     Like in life, we must learn to crawl before we even walk; so, to see the so called "Fashionistas" try- is tragically entertaining.  You must learn to sew and draw in a formal learning environment to convey your ideas in a clear, efficient and productive manner to a very cold, impatient and jaded work force.  Obstacles and criticism will be a daily routine, but if you are great at your craft then those trials are nothing more than just haters hating- those who are in the career for the shear vanity of saying they are a designer will be chewed up and spit out their first semester of fashion school.  Of course, if you marry rich or begin with oodles of money, then simply hire talented people and take the claim for your own....
  What would your motto or advice about the Fashion World!
    Like I quoted Professor Stipleman before, you must not be only be good with sewing or pattern making or illustrating (creative or tech) - you must be great in as many aspects of the industry as possible.  The sad reality is that the domestic work force is being outsourced more and more every day and the more you can offer - the more value you will be to your employer or even more - your design team.

Monday, December 2, 2013

ANOLIE: World Premiere Event!

Premiere Event at the Rush Art Gallery in Manhattan. Special guest appearances Hex Hector    the Grammy Award winning  DJ/Remixer/Producer. Several well known faces in the Scenes. Vasumathi Soundararajan. The Media. Industry insiders. Designers. Photographers. Agencies. Models. Men and Women. Sandy Baker. Frank Louis. Brondo Cavallo. Lorie V. Brooks. Lots of Paparazzis and yes, I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces and friends from the industry. It was a great evening of the premiere of the Fall edition of Anolie. 
The Ceo/Photogragher/Publisher, Rick Louis have done an amazing job with the 3rd edition of Anolie and it was a sold-out event and the magazines itself selling out quickly! The Ken Wroy Designer Vasumathi Soundararajan had her men in tattoos walking down the catwalk in the latest Ken Wroy underwears! Kevin Shahroozi showed off his latest designs with beautiful Men and Women wearing his latest sportswear designs.
The glamorous. The Bold and the beautiful. Sparkling personality, full of life, I just love her. I haven't seen her in years, Lorie V. Brooks and I finally matched up after being busy, busy, busy!
It was great to see one of my former male model, Kenny Arias in Kevin Shahroozi menswear collection. And yes, I want Ricky back in my newest collection to premiere in March 2014!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

ANOLIE: Fall 2013 is Out!

I interviewed with Ken Wroy designer Vasumathi Soundararajan in this Fall edition of Anolie!
The Magazines is selling fast and yes, you can order the magazine in Soho or Online!

John Frederickson in Uvenio for Model Way by Ted Sun!

LA photographer Ted Sun shot exclusive images of Uvenio's latest designs of Uvenio Classique Collection a few weeks ago and now appeared in the magazine of Model Way with using sizzling male model John Frederickson. Tall, handsome and classic, John brought a classic touch to the Classique collection. 
John also brought his sex appeal to the Uvenio Loungewear and with a custom of chain vest to match his sex appeal in the shower!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tyson Beckford Sparks Gay Rumours with Transgender Model Ines Rau Nude Pose !!

Tyson Beckford Sparks Gay Rumours with Transgender Model Ines Rau Nude Pose!!

Tyson Beckford has ignited debate over his sexuality after posing nude with transgender model Ines Rau.

The 42-year-old male model sent the internet into a frenzy by stripping down to his birthday suit for the X-rated editorial for OOB Magazine's 'Tropical Surrealism' spread.
In the black-and-white pictures by Rodolfo Martinez, the duo pose with nothing but skin between them. 

One snap shows Rau with one hand on Beckford's shoulder while the other is resting on his backside. Beckford is turned away from the camera, revealing his bare back as she wraps her legs around his waist.

In response to the photos Beckford simply posted a tweet:
A number of other photographs depict the couple kissing and caressing each other.

"This is distasteful - it's not even art. Everybody isn't going to be down with the gay community. I feel that they are trying to make people feel guilty or bad for what they believe in," one unimpressed viewer said.

"I am sorry but I don't understand. Is this Tyson's coming out? They must be trying to make some sort of statement by using him, he is a well-known model."

According to Ines, her Instagram account almost got shut down after she shared the image with fans online.

"I'm not posting anything about it any more. You know where to see it," she said. "And I am taking a pause with Instagram for a little bit as they disabled it two times because of those pictures."

Although Beckford has not commented on the speculation surrounding his sexuality, he previously revealed that his notions of beauty had matured over the years.

"We spend so much time saying what beauty is, but no one really knows," he told Perth Now. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - always has been and always should be."

Tyson Beckford gets naked with transgender model Ines Rau for sexy photoshoot !

Tyson Beckford gets naked with transgender model Ines Rau!!

Tyson Beckford gets naked with transgender model Ines Rau for sexy photoshoot! 

Super Male Model of the 90's ,  Tyson Beckford, cozying up with 24-year-old transgender model, Ines Rau. The beauty recently opened up about changing sexes when she was 16. The photos appear in the latest issue of France's OOB Magazine.

Supermodel Tyson Beckford stripped down alongside transgender model Ines Rau for a steamy new photoshoot published in OOB, a French fashion magazine.

Beckford, who is straight, opened up about how it feels to be one of People Magazine’s “sexiest men in the world,” his modeling career, and his ideal woman — who happens to be his girlfriend.
“She has dark hair, olive skin and green eyes," he said. “As soon as I saw her, I was seduced.”

Tyson Beckford Reacts to Nude Photo Shoot with Transgender Model: "It's Just a Shoot"
But Beckford, 42, appeared to have plenty of affection for Rau, the 24-year-old French model who recently confided to about changing sexes when she was only 16 years old.
“I just woke up one day realizing that it’s enough, I need to embrace who I am and be loved for what I am and what I have been through — without the fear of being rejected,” she told the website.
Rau called herself “the happiest girl in the world, just being what I wanted to be.”

Beckford, best known as the sexy face of Ralph Lauren Polo, said working with Rau was a breeze.
“She is a sexual being so I could feed off that,” he told the magazine. “There was no hesitation for her, she didn’t hold back. You know, some girls just don’t want to get in trouble with their boyfriends. When you’re at work and you can create and just let go, that’s great, you don’t always get that unfortunately.”

The photoshoot quickly went viral online as fans applauded the models and photographer Rodolfo Martinez for such a display of sexual equality.
Photographer Rodolfo Martinez creates a stunning set of images for France’s OOB Magazine with Tyson Beckford and model Ines Rau. What makes these images all the more powerful is the fact that Ines Rau is an absolutely gorgeous transgender model.

It is wonderful to see celebrities such as Tyson Beckford and progressive photographers such as Rodolfo Martinez breaking down social barriers by collaborating in professional and artistic ways with talent in the LGBT community. Ines Rau is the beautiful transgender co-star in this photo shoot and truly exudes some raw female emotion. I for one think the work is beautiful and a step in the right direction. I applaud everyone involved for their amazing effort.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jean-Paul Gaultier: LeMale

I Love the  Cologne of Jean-Paul Gaultier: LeMale! I been using the LeMale since it debut! Check the Commercials!