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Who is KEN WROY?!

who is ken wroy?

The New Underwear Trendsetter on the block!
The name is Ken Wroy, and it isn't a man's name! There is no gentleman name Ken Wroy and he isn't a designer. The real Ken Wroy is really a woman! Yes A Woman name Vasumathi Soundararajan !

 Vasumathi Soundararajan  a womenswear designer just created her Menswear collection and that is amazingly sexy, fun, and most of all the fabrication is a work of art!  Vasumathi Soundararajan the fabulous designer is taking the Menswear Fashion to the hilt making the Men's underwears A Work of Art!
Vasumathi ! I adore the designer and I had her as my student in FIT! She was my talented student in the Fashion Art & Design 4: Portfolio Presentation!   
.KEN WROY is a trendy men's underwear line. "Underwear is the first thing you wear and the last thing you take off...Give it the attention it deserves!" See more on 
But when the clothes come off? Hmmm, they fail to impress.

... We are here to eradicate bedroom faux pas.

Why not be stylish ALL the way?! You don't have another bad-underwear-day with KEN WROY.
We are here to shake up the monotony of men's underwear.

The underwears are created with comfort being the top priority and patterned to fit you like a glove.
But we believe that a product is best experienced when it's well made and also a whole lot fun.
 That's why KEN WROY dauntlessly unleashes prints and colors to bring you this trendy line of men's underwear.

 Vasumathi Soundararajan  had her premiere fashion show of her extravagant mens' underwear show at The Sparkling Griffen Night Club in Manhattan and yes, all the men dressed in her masterpieces underwears with sneakers...was quite a huge success and selling thru onlines and several small boutiques.
 Vasumathi Soundararajan have given me a gift of her work of art and proud to own a Ken Wroy. You will see her in the next issue of ANOLIE Magazine in the Summer Issue in June!  I am so proud to have her as my dearest friend who with a big smile, great personality and a true divine will make a big splash on my interview with her in a few weeks....Go ONLINE and order the Ken Wroy underwears!
This is what  Vasumathi Soundararajan have said on her fabulous website! And check them out!
HEARD TOO MANY STORIES  OF men in expensive  suits And cool clothes,  TOTALLY CHARMING, 



OBSSESS OVER:   fun!  sex!  beer!!  love ! & power!

Exclusive Interview with Uta Bekaia for ANOLIE!

Avant-Garde Fashion Designer

By Christopher Uvenio

A fusion of glamour, daring and flamboyance. His work displays the theatrical touch of a Galliano, a Yamamoto, Viktor & Rolf and a McQueen. This is in a nutshell is Uta Bekaia.
Who are the top five designers you draw inspiration from, and why?

Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Viktor & Rolf,

W & LT (Walter Van Beirendonck). These guys play with forms and it is always more artistic than regular wear. 

What celebrity would you like to dress and why?

Grace Jones as she was in the 80s, because she was perfect; from right now, Merrill Beth Nisker from Peaches; I love her.
What top five models would you like to wear your clothes?

Honestly, I don’t care about models so much, but the more interesting and unusual they look, the happier it makes me. 

Do you consider yourself an avant-garde designer?

I’m totally avant-garde; my work is very much like art you can put on your body. I create more statues than clothing; they are “art wear”.
How do you see yourself fitting in the fashion industry?

The fashion industry has been changing and fashion has become more open and experimental, so I do think the future of wear is more theatrical and eccentric, and I also think people have come to the point where they want to show more originality, even if it’s through the superficial visual aspect of what they wear.

What types of women do you design for?
Women like Anna Piaggi and Isabella Blow (both dead): super-eccentric, androgynous, crazy and artistic bitches, with lots of money and endless imagination.

Are there any misconceptions about your designs you’d like to clear up?

Yes, the question, “Where can I wear this?” “On very special occasions.”…

Italy's Film Star Andrei Claude in Uvenio Collezioni!

The Italian Movie Star who flew into New York to work on a film production was off for the day and I was lucky to keep in touch with himhim to appear in my collection of the Dark Shadows Collection, Andrei Claude. James Weber as usual the fantastic photographer done the amazing shoot outside when New York was getting dark and the storm was arriving in the late afternoon in Chelsea. Makeup/Hair artist Janice Mitchum done an amazing job giving Andrei Claude a quiet gothic look with his long flowy black hair.
0n the rooftop of the studio at James Weber's place, Andrei fitted into my designs perfect with my simply classic black rayon silk shirt with black fitted vinyl pants with natural real clack/white cow skin corset. I was inspired my a Pirate of the Carribean look, a Pirate feeling into a modern day and Andrei looked perfect!  
After the outdoor shoot, it was pouring rain in Chelsea, so the next shoot was done inside. Andrei went to the next look in my Lounge collection of Dark Shadows inspiring the Pirate looks of skulls and cross briefs.
 In fleece robe, with matching briefs and blue cotton rayon robe , with his looks and body of Adonis to match, he was the perfect Actor/Model to be seen in my Dark Shadows Lounge Collection. The designs sold quickly to the independence film of Prime Suspects in New York. The Costume designer of the film emailed me a few days later and the Dark Shadows collection was used in the film. Andrei Claude continued to shine in his acting career in New York, Canada
, London and Italy! Waiting for him to come back since he would be fabulous for more new designs.  

Becoming Bold & Beautiful

Becoming Bold & Beautiful

25 Years of Making the World's Most Watched  Drama!
It's a MUST HAVE Book!
I gotten the book as a gift from my mother who knew that the show itself is important since I became a big fan of the show since it premiered in 1987. I freelanced with the show in 2000, and the show itself is the most watches show in the world, glamour, fashion and very old hollywood, Joan Crawford would kill to be on that show! Bette Davies too! Jean Harlow! Its the most beautiful setting with heavy weight drama!
The CBS soap The Bold & the Beautiful is celebrating its 25th year on the air, an especially impressive achievement given the tenuous standing of even the most beloved soap operas in the daytime lineup. Vanity Fair Italia ran a big feature on the show and commissioned Art Streiber to shoot the cast, images that were used both in print and in an online slideshow. Here’s a look…

  The Bold and the Beautiful is the world's most watched daily dramatic serial, seen by a daily viewing audience of over 35 million people in more than 100 countries worldwide. Take a rare and revealing look at what happens outside the camera frame as the cast and crew work to create episodes of the series, in studio in Los Angeles; stage 31 of CBS Television City, its home for 25 years; and in such beautiful locations as Paradise Cove in Malibu, California; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico' and Aspen, Colorado.

See how Stage 31 is transformed from an empty dark stage into a stunning family Christmas dinner at the Forrester's sumptuous residence in Beverly Hills. Or how the crew shot on the hottest day of the year in downtown Los Angeles on Skid Row. From special fall holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Halloween, to episodes that shock the senses, such as Hope's graduation party, a modern-day take on a masquerade ball. See images of CGI used to create Brooke and Thomas's berry-induced hallucination on the desert island in the South Pacific.
  Travel back in time to the inception of the series in 1987 and the early years, including the original press kit and early black and white photos. See how the series creators, the Bell family, mirror the fictional Forrester family. With a special section celebrating Darlene Conley (as knock-off queen "Sally Spectra") and never-before-published photos of how it all began, fans of the series will live through the early days of the series again.

For 25 years, The Bold and the Beautiful has delighted and fascinated audiences all over the world. Now the spirit of the series, past and present, has been captured in more than 200 photographs of the cast and crew by some of Hollywood's best photographers and complied into one work.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Italy's Movie Star Andrei Claude to appear in Uvenio Collezioni!

International Italian film star, Andrei Claude have appeared in several productions over seas in Italy, London and Canada. He was(Featured) in Adormidera, Crimson Ribbon, the Switch, His Promise, Fever, Suspect and Venus. 
 Andrei also have appeared in over a hundred Romance cover novels, he was considered as the Fabio of the new generation. With his beautiful physique, Italian looks and dark mane, he came to New York to appear in action films. I was certainly lucky to asked him to model in my lounge wear design.    
Andrei Claude, born in 1979, on an island which is just off the coast of Italy in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is an Italian model and actor who began modeling professionally in 2001 and was primarily based in California and returned to Italy.     In 2005, Claude's manager introduced him to the fascinating world of romance novels and in his first attempt was crowned "Mr. Romance" that same year. He was the youngest and only European to ever take the title.
Claude's versatility while shooting book covers was brought to the attention of film makers and within less than a year in the industry Andrei was already being cast in various independent films and shorts, mostly centered in New York.
Still active in the romance novel industry Andrei launched a page dedicated to just that and has also recently began his very own personal blog where hundreds of romance novel readers, authors and other people log on each week to read his new post. And appearing in movies after movies in New York, Canada, Italy and England! 
 I was very fortunate to have Andrei Claude in my design in Uvenio Lounge Collezioni. His "Tarzan" looks of Italian Stallion was perfect with the collection. A very classic gentleman with a body to match, I had himfor an all day shoot at James Weber's studio in Chelsea. Some outdoors shot on a dark cloudy afternoon and some indoor shoots after the pouring rain came to town.   

Who is Uta Bekaia?

I interviewed this designer from Russia for Anaolie Magazine!

Who is Uta Bekaia?

By Christopher Uvenio

I am sure everyone never heard of him name just yet. But you will soon hear his name on the New York Fashion Week very shortly…..An Avant-garde designer.

A Twist of Glamour. Daring. Flamboyant. Theatrical Twist of Galliano, Yamamoto, Viktor & Rolf and a McQueen, there is UTA BEKAIA.

The designer was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. After graduating from Small Academy of Arts, he presented his very first collection at AMA known as Tbilisi Avant-Garde Fashion Festival near St. Petersburg in Russia. 

Uta Tbilisi Collections were showed in the same year in Moscow and Kiev Fashion week. In 1998, Uta moved to New York, the Fashion Capitol of the World, where he had worked on numerous film and theater projects as costume designer and art director.

In 2009, the designer showed his very first solo fashion show/installation at Ideal Glass New York.

In 2010, Tbilisi started a collection of an Art Wear Line known as “Saint Hollywood” for Ideal Glass. The talented Tbilisi also presented his very own brand at Tbilisi Fashion Week in his home state of Georgia along with FAT – (Toronto fashion and arts festival in Canada) and the Ideal Glass in New York.

In 2011 Multimedia performance of “Pheromone” at the premiere Laguanacazul Art Gallery, in Buenos Aires, Argentina . The very same year he created Art Duo “Uta Levan” together with Levan Mindiashvili involving the synthesis of the Art and Fashion, presented its first collection at the annual Tbilisi Fashion Week.

In 2012 Tbilisi joined the production of creating “Days of A Dandy” – (multimedia fashion project for Ideal Glass, New York) multimedia installation TRANSpolation at FAT - Toronto fashion and arts festival;

Currently at the moment, Uta is working on multimedia show “Maria & the Oceans”, with Tusia Beridze and it will be presented worldwide. Uta’s visions are creative and always looking to find fresh ways to express himself; he wants to create a world by art wear installation, the visual connection, a link between most artificial and most natural; to absorb and express relationship of human being and nature, to explore and visualize most intimate parts of our existence.

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ANOLIE Magazine: Premiere magazine!

 I was asked to join my dear best friend fashion photographer that I have worked in the past, to join his creative team as the Fashion Director of the new fashion/art/culture/music/hip hop magazine known as ANOLIE! the premiere magazine sold 900 copies in one day. I also have done lot of redesigning my office, my home and designing a new collection! I interviewed Russian Designer Uta Bekaia, a designer who is like a McQueen with a touch of a gothic Westwood and a darker side of Galliano and a campy LaCroix all in one. I also asked my dear friend Abdiel to design a salute to Gianni Versace's 10th Anniversary in Heaven.
Check out the magazine! Its all glossy and fabulous!