Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Young & the Restless' 40th Anniversary!

Happy 40th Anniversary to Young and the Restless, the #1 daytime drama, I have been a viewer since 1983!! The drama that I have watched and admire the storylines about the rich families that own the Cosmetics and Fashion! And since I have worked on the Y& R's sister show, Bold and the Beautiful, this was the show, I watched with my mother,my Nana, and my Aunts. 

the Emmy Award winning, The Young and the Restless (often abbreviated as Y& R) is an American television soap opera created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS. The show is set in a fictional Wisconsin town called Genoa City, which is unlike and unrelated to the real life village of the same name, Genoa City, Wisconsin. First broadcast on March 26, 1973, The Young and the Restless was originally broadcast as half-hour episodes, five times a week.  It expanded to one hour episodes on February 4, 1980.
 William William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell created The Young and the Restless in 1972 for the network under the working title, The Innocent Years! "We were confronted with the very disturbing reality that young America had lost much of its innocence," Bell said. "Innocence as we had known and lived it all our lives had, in so many respects, ceased to exist."   
They changed the title of the series to The Young and the Restless because they felt it "reflected the youth and mood of the early seventies."The Bells named the fictional setting for the show after the real Genoa City, Wisconsin, which was located on their way from their then-home in Chicago to their annual summer vacation spot in Lake Geneva.

             Before Alexis Carrington, there was Jill Foster Abbott!
Television Viewers who doesn't watch Daytime Drama of Y&R, or Viewers of Y&R  knows the name of television's most glamorous and longest running supercouple: Victor &  Nikki! Jill &  Katherine the longest rivalries on any American soap opera. Jack &  Victor the 30 years of rivalries. Genoa City. Nina and Phillip.  Eve .Ashley Abbott and Victor.The L's Triangle: Laurie Lance &  Leslie & Lucas!      
The Jabot Cosmetics. Lauren & Sheila. Katherine & Phillip Chancellor. Nick &  Sharon. Phyliss. And the most glamorous drama about people with money, fashion, love, power and catfights!
The Young and the Restless originally focused on two core families: the wealthy Brooks family and the working class Foster family. After a series of recasts and departures, in the early 1980s all the original characters except Jill Foster Abbott were written out. Bell replaced them with the new core families, the Abbotts and the Williamses.Over the years, other families such as the Newmans, Winters and the Baldwin-Fishers were introduced. 
Despite these changes, one storyline that has endured through almost the show's entire run is the feud between Jill Foster Abbott and Katherine Chancellor, the longest rivalries on any American soap opera. 

And everyone from around the world knows who is Eric Braedon, Melody Thomas Scott, Peter Bergman, Jeanne Cooper, and the names continues, since they all have been on the show for over 20 years....And each of the characters are memorable and veruy diffrenet from every daytime dramas from the past and present. And that is what makes Young and the Restless with all of their best actors and actresses winning the Emmys than any other dramas on the air!  
Since its debut, The Young and the Restless has won seven Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series. It is also currently the highest-rated daytime drama on American television. As of 2008, it has appeared at the top of the weekly Nielsen ratings in that category for more than 1,000 weeks since 1988!!

As of 2010, The Young and the Restless has managed over 1,000 consecutive weeks in the #1 spot for daytime dramas. On the week ending April 6, 2012, The Young and the Restless was watched by a new low of an average of 3,960,000 viewers for the week, beating its previous low of 4.209 million in October 2011, as well as being the only week to date below 4 million viewers..   
Currently, the show is still the most-watched daytime drama; and for the season 2011–12, has a household rating of 3.5, and 1.5 for the Women 18–49 demographic. As of 2013, the Tuesday episode of The Young and the Restless on average is the most-watched daytime drama showing.
The date is March 26, 1973. Richard M. Nixon is two months into his second term as President of the United States. The Number One song on the pop charts is Roberta Flack's Killing Me Softly and the novel The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth tops The New York Times best seller list. William J. Bell, head writer of the popular serial Days of our Lives, has just launched what is to become television's most successful and groundbreaking daytime drama ever - The Young and the Restless - on the CBS Television Network.

The continuing drama takes place in the Midwestern town of Genoa City and revolves around the loves, enmities, hopes and fears of its residents. When The Young and the Restless premiered on March 26, 1973, it revolutionized the daytime drama genre with its emphasis on storylines geared to younger audiences, its frank sensuality, sleek production values and use of rock and popular music. The show has also been acclaimed for its socially conscious stories dealing with issues including alcoholism, smoking, breast cancer awareness, sexual harassment, date rape, illiteracy, HIV drug testing, domestic violence, drug addiction, Internet predators and foster care. 
The Young and the Restless was co-created by the late William J. Bell and his wife, Lee Phillip Bell. They also co-created the CBS daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful, and Lee was a long-term story consultant on both serials. Their daughter, Lauralee, starred as Christine Blair Williams on The Young and the Restless for many years, while son William J. Bell is President of Bell Dramatic Serial Company and Bell-Phillip TV Productions, Inc. Bradley P. Bell, the Bell's second son, is executive producer and head writer of The Bold and the Beautiful.   
Truly a legend in the television industry, William Bell enjoyed a 25-year tenure as head writer and senior executive producer of The Young and the Restless - the longest in the history of daytime drama. He wrote more than 15,000 episodes of daytime drama that aired continuously and without interruption since 1956. He created two of the eight serial dramas that currently constitute the daytime drama lineup and was a writer or head writer for three others. 
0ne of many Television's most Momerable catfights!
In fact, Bell once worked as head writer on two daytime dramas simultaneously: from 1966-1977 on NBC's Days of our Lives and from 1973-1977 on The Young and the Restless. Bell's writing trademarks have become the standards for the industry - fascinating and complex characters, intricate relationships, heartfelt romance and sensitive, timely treatments of both serious and controversial social issues and topics. 
Bell received 10 Emmy Awards, four as a writer for The Young and the Restless, five as the show's producer and one Governor's Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS). Bell received the Editor's Award twice from Soap Opera Digest and was one of the inaugural inductees into Soap Opera Weekly's Hall of Fame. Bell and Lee Bell previously received the Nova Award from the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In 2007, Lee Phillip Bell was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.
More recently, Bell's two current daytime dramas have popularized the soap opera format to audiences in more than 100 countries, introducing a vast and appreciative new audience to the phenomenon of the American daytime drama. In fact, The Young and the Restless has a daily worldwide audience of more than 10 million viewers. In the United States, the broadcast reaches a daily audience of 5.6 million viewers. The show has been the Number One daytime drama, according to the Neilsen rankings, for the past 19 years. It also continues as the Number One rated daytime drama with African-American viewers in the United States since 1991, with an average daily audience of 1.6 million viewers. 
The Young and the Restless is a hit in international markets, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, the Middle East, New Zealand, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.
  The Young and the Restless has been the recipient of numerous awards for artistic merit, program excellence and social responsibility. The show has won 100 Emmy Awards to date, including seven Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Daytime Drama. Additional honors include The People's Choice Award for Favorite Daytime Drama and seven NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Daytime Drama, the first daytime drama ever to be honored by the organization.

In 1992, CBS dedicated Studio 43 at CBS Television City in Los Angeles to both William J. Bell and to The Young and the Restless. The dedication, in conjunction with the 5000th episode, marked the first time in the history of CBS that a studio has been dedicated to an individual and a series.

LOTS of history Young and the Restless have made in Televison!
SHEILA vs. LAUREN.....0ne of the Most Memorable Rivals in television history!

Bill Bell mentioned that, "I've been captivated by the character of Sheila almost from the beginning - not only the concept but the actress as well - Kimberlin Brown. As the story progressed, I became more infatuated with the character, which only bore out the sense of loss I felt when the story reached its peak with the fire in the farmhouse. I was faced with the reality of bringing her back to Genoa City — once someone saw her, she'd have been arrested... it seemed a dead end. I thought about it — I labored over it for weeks. I got to the point where Kimberlin's contract was up. I said that we wouldn't be renewing. It bothered the hell out of me... then out of nowhere I was hit with a thought that just boggled my mind. What if she goes to Los Angeles (B&B's locale). So I called Kimberlin and told we had nowhere to go (with Sheila's story on Y&R). She said, "My husband and I felt that way too." She's so talented. She was so sorry to leave the show. There's one alternative I said, What if you were to go to Los Angeles? Kimberlin was just in heaven. It was fun to see. She was as euphoric as I was."

They wrote the storyline about Katherine Chancellor getting a facelift after the actress who plays her, Jeanne Cooper, decided to get a facelift.

The World's Most well-know theme of The Young and The  Restless: Nadia's Theme...
Happy Anniversary to the Young and the Restless and for being Daytime#1 Drama!