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World Premiere Interview:SuperModel Name ROCKY!

World Exclusive Interview with another Super Male Model that has been seen global from commercials to the runway. He  has been with Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, NIKE, Reebok and Fred Meyer, to name a few. At first I met Rocky Coates at the photoshoot for the Anolie Magazine summer issue and I enjoyed working with him alot! 
Than I approached his agency about Rocky and now, I have been working with him on the upcoming TV Web series debuting very soon: Fashion Insiders with Daimon Glenn & Uvenio. As the co-host of the TV Webseries, Rocky Coates have been a delight to work with. 
Thrilled  and honor to interview him and to know him more.   
Very Tall, handsome and striking features, Rocky has it all to be the Male Super Model!
 Tell me about yourself and where are you from and how it brought you to New York, the Fashion Capital of the World?

--I was born and raised in Everett Washington. It's about 15 minutes north of Seattle. After high school I attended a community college for preparation to be a fire fighter. While attending I was asked to try out for the soccer team there at Everett community College. I made the team and 2 years later graduated with an associates in Fire Science. I then was recruited to a couple private Christian schools in Portland Oregon. After the first tryout I was offered a nice size scholarship and signed to play with them. I then graduated from Warner Pacific college with a bachelor in business administration. It was around this time I had been dating a girl who thought I should model. I had no thought of ever modeling at this point however she had been one. I ended up moving to Australia and trying out for a pro team there. I would go on to make the team and play a season there then moved back to Portland for an invitational try out for the pro team in Portland. I ended up getting hurt in the tryout and could play for around 6 months. It was then I was dating a different girl who also said I should model. She then sent some pics of me she took in my house and submitted them. Before I knew it they picked me from an open call and I had 3-4 agencies world wide in no time. 

Where did you get the name of Rocky? Does it have anything to do with the Icon film of the famous boxer Rocky Balboa?

--My brothers name is Joseph Lewis and mine being Rocky that it's kind of a guess that my father was into boxing. Me being his first was possibly name after Rocky Marciano since my father was also Italian. 
     When was it that you got started becoming a Male Model and how did it come about?

--I started about 7 years ago after an old girlfriend's brother needed a model for an online t-shirt business he had started. That was my first shoot.
 Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in this career?  
--I never really wanted to work as a model to be honest. I kind of fell into it and have made a lot of good friends from the industry which had made it for the most part lucrative and a fun "job".

When you get offered a shoot from a photo shoot, what kind of preparation do you need to do for modeling?

--depending on what kind of shoot it is I can go from getting in a good workout or two emphasizing on that part of my body if it's underwear or shirtless. And sometimes it's just as little as being clean shaven.
What was it like doing your first photo shoot - scary, interesting, exciting, sexy
-- since my first photo shoot was with friends/girlfriend  at the time I hadn't thought much about it prior. Like for example if it was a test shoot with a major photographer or client. It was just a shoot in different t-shirts really for the website he had started. So it was easy/laid back.

What's the funniest or weirdest thing that's ever happened to you during a photo shoot?
--possibly the weirdest thing that has happened to me during a photo shoot was when I was doing a shoot for this comedian to be his body double (they were going to use his head/upper torso and my lower body and legs. His campaign slogan was sexynurd, so before shooting they had me strip down to underwear and this girl starts spraying me with Pam cooking spray. I was wondering to myself "why isn't she using baby oil".

What companies have you modeled for?
-- I have modeled for Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, NIKE, Billionaire Boys Club, Reebok, Fred Meyer, déjenos jugar calle to name a few. 

Who are your favorite Designers?
--I'm not sure if I have favorite designers or least favorite designers because I'm pretty picky and either find things I do and don't like with a specific designer. I don't like when things become trendy and that's what a designer is known for. I like to wear what I'm feeling and not what other people are making/wearing.

What would you not wear in Public?
--I wouldn't wear Uggs (the big frumpy boots) although I do have a brown pair that I wear at home when the heat hasn't come on here in these cold NY winters. 

How do you keep up to date with Fashion?
--I don't necessarily keep up with fashion. I am living in a world where it's around me constantly but, I don't go out of my way to keep up with it really. It's kind of like "leaving my work at the office so to speak. 
Are you a Brief or a Boxer guy?
--Briefs for sure. Boxer feel like I'm wear a pair of soccer shorts under my jeans. Plus I don't like how they bunch up once you sit down. Boxers remind me of an old school mailman without any fashion sense. 

Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?
-- Yes, I eat nutritiously. I enjoy knowing what I'm eating is "working" somehow to aid different parts of my body. Plus, it makes me feel better than not doing so. However I'm not saying I don't get craving for candy or mochi ice cream or even Mcdonalds. Because, I do. And I get them each time. 

How do you stay in such great shape? Share your fitness routine?
--I run a few days a week with my dog as well as at the gym when I go. I go to the gym also a few days a week. I think once you've got to a point of where you want to be psychically it's easier maintaining it than reaching a goal. So it's more so maintaining what I've had since college soccer.

Do you have any limitations? 
Would you model any kind of clothing at all?
--I think I would model just about anything. I don't have too many limitations. 

What do you do in leisure/spare time?
--In my spare/leisure time I like to write stories/scripts. I have recently just finished my first script and will be sending it out to Hollywood soon. I also enjoy being a homebody and listening to music of all different kinds while I watch movies/shows with my dog. I also really enjoy playing sports of any kind. My favorites to play are basketball and soccer. I grew up playing soccer, basketball and baseball. 

What advice would you give a newbie who's just starting in the industry - any suggestions on what to do or what to avoid?
--as far as advice to a newbie, I'd say have fun and don't be nervous it shows be you. 
It's fabulous to interview Rocky Coates, and yes, he will be seen in more of the Webseries of Fashion Insiders and seen in Anolie and in my collection! Plus part 2 of the interview with Rocky will be even more amazing!

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Dynasty's Villianess Kate 0'Mara dead at 74!

LONDON (AP) - Actress Kate O'Mara, best known for her role in the 1980s soap opera "Dynasty," has died at the age of 74.

Kate O'Mara was an incredible Star on the Superhit 80's Campy drama, "Dynasty", I loved watching her every Wednesday evening at 9pm to see her compete with her sister Alexis Colby played by the iconic Joan Collins.

Co-star Joan Collins tweeted, "Tragic news about Kate O'Mara , we had great fun on Dynasty when she played my sister Caress... RIP."

Her agent Phil Belfield said O'Mara died Sunday in a nursing home in southern England after a short illness.

The actress, who began her television career in the 1960s, became a household name for playing Alexis Colby's scheming Superbitch sister Cassandra "Caress" Morrell in "Dynasty." She also appeared in the original run of British series "Doctor Who" and BBC drama "Howards' Way."

In Britain she is often remembered for her role in “Triangle” — a soap opera set aboard a North Sea ferry that is often cited as the worst piece of British television.

She also appeared in the original run of British series “Doctor Who” and BBC drama “Howards’ Way.” She also appeared as Marlene Dietrich in the British play.. 
 In the 1990s she starred in the comedy show “Absolutely Fabulous” with Joanna Lumley.
More recently she appeared in a 2012 stage adaptation of Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile.” 

Co-stars and fans of Kate O'Mara, who died today aged 74, have paid tribute to the prolific British actress - with former Dr Who actor Tom Baker saying 'we are the poorer' following her death. 
The British actress died this morning in a Sussex nursing home after a short illness.
She was best known for her role as Cassandra 'Caress' Morrell - the sister of Joan Collins' Alexis Colby - in the US soap. She also held major roles in Doctor Who, Howards' Way and Triangle.
Her agent Phil Belfield said today: 'She was extraordinary, she had so much energy and vitality with a love for theatre and acting.'
Former Dr Who Tom Baker wrote: 'Oh my goodness. Kate O'Mara is no longer with us. Sad sad news. A delightful, committed and talented lady and actress. We are the poorer'
Kate's former co-star Tweeted Bonnie Langford: 'So sad to hear that the wonderful Kate O'Mara has gone. Treasured memories xxx' 
Presenter and chat show host Graham Norton wrote: 'Kate O'Mara is no more. Only 74! I loved every encounter I had with her. Today doesn't seem so sunny.'
The official account for BAFTA tweeted: 'We're saddened to learn that Kate O'Mara, who starred in Dynasty, has passed away.'
Kate was born Frances M Carroll in Leicester on August 10, 1939. She was born to actress Hazel Bainbridge and flying instructor John F Carroll.
 She made her debut on stage in a production of The Merchant of Venice in 1963. She then went on to appear in The Saint and The Avengers - among many other shows.
In the 70s, she appeared in The Brothers - a BBC drama - alongside Tom Baker.
She appeared in Triangle in the early 80s and, in one particularly memorable scene she sunbathed topless on a North Sea ferry.
It was her recurring role of Caress Morrell in Dynasty from 1986 onwards that saw the actress achieve international recognition.
She also appeared in the original run of Doctor Who opposite both Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy as renegade Time Lord The Rani.

The Rani first appeared 1985 - and appeared twice more in the cult television series.
In October 2013, the 50th anniversary of the show, Kate spoke to Digital Spy about returning to Doctor Who.
She said: 'I'll still be wearing the tight leather trousers and high-heel boots, regardless of what age!
'I have white hair now, but a lot of it, and I'm still very glamorous, so I won't disappoint!'

 She also told the Huffington Post: 'I'd love to come back as The Rani another time around.'To have a much older woman as your adversary, there's something interesting about that.'
In the late 80s, Kate starred as a ruthless businesswoman in BBC drama Howards' Way, which was dubbed the 'Dallas of the Seas'.
In the 1990s she starred in the comedy show Absolutely Fabulous as Jackie, the sister of Joanna Lumley's character Patsy.
More recently she had appeared in ITV soap Benidorm and a 2012 stage adaptation of Agatha Christie's Death On The Nile.
Kate had been married and divorced three times and had one son.

 Tragically in January 2013, Dickon O'Mara was found dead in a garage at his mother's home.
It is thought he had been dead for up to three weeks when his body was discovered.
An inquest in to his death heard how he had spiralled into a life of drink and drug abuse after suffering brain damage when he was run over three years earlier.
The theatre technician had been hit by a car in January 2010 and suffered brain injuries which affected his balance and left him unable to work. 

The inquest heard he appeared to have been sleeping in the garage of his mother’s home after she asked him to leave her cottage two months earlier because she could no longer cope with his behaviour.
By then, the actress had been hospitalised with pneumonia. She was still too ill to attend the inquest.
Kate is survived by her sister, the actress Belinda Carroll.
Mr Belfield said there would be a private funeral and a memorial service on a date to be confirmed. 

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Fashion, Italian Style

Valentino: Helping Superstars Look the Part Valentino Garavani is one of Italy's finest fashion designers. Known for his classic designs, he's been dressing the world’s rich and famous for almost the last five decades. Valentino has built his once small fashion house into a fashion empire, with a little help from his partner in business, Giancarlo Giammetti. Valentino dresses are a legend today. 

With his trademark "V", Valentino has designed haute couture fashion, and made it the passion of beautiful people all over the world. He has dressed such stars as Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo,Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry. Jacqueline Onassis and Princess Diana have worn his clothes. People will rarely see a red-carpet event without seeing one of Valentino's characteristically elaborate yet elegant designs.

Gwyneth Paltrow,Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford Valentino Garavani's life began in Italy in 1932 in a small town north of Milan. Even as a child, Valentino had an eye for fashion and often dressed in only the finest of clothing. Valentino also had a desire to become a fashion designer, an extraordinary designer, a dream that he took with him to Paris to study fashion design. He was barely seventeen years old. While in Paris, Valentino studied under some of the world's best in fashion. Starting with Jean D
esses as an apprentice and continuing on under Guy Laroche, Valentino quickly learned what it takes to be one of the best. It wasn't long before Valentino decided to try and build his own fashion house. Valentino left Paris and opened his own fashion studio in Rome in the late 1950's. Naming the fashion house Valentino, after himself, he began to design for his first fashion show. In 1962, Valentino completed his first runway fashion show. It was with the tremendous success of this show that the fashion world first began to take notice of Valentino and his designs. His house was on its way to becoming an empire. His black and white gowns became ultra-fashionable, and remain so to this day.
Valentino also created the Valentino Rosso, the patented crimson color. The Valentino crimson gowns are now the brand's hallmark. 

His greatest success came in 1967 when Valentino launched his White Collection. This show and his designs drew critical acclaim. When bold and funky colors were all the rage, Valentino took a risk and used shades of whites to design his entire collection.
The show was a wild success. This collection gave him the Nieman Marcus award in design. Valentino's house saw unprecedented success in the aftermath.One of his most famous clients, Jacqueline Kennedy, requested that Valentino design the dress for her wedding to Aristotle Onassis. The year was 1968, the dress a white lace mini. Valentino's design was seen all over the world, on magazine covers everywhere. 

His house had now reached iconic status.In the 1970's Valentino began designing his ready-to-wear collection for both men and women. He opened boutiques with his ready-to-wear collection in both Milan and Rome. Valentino continued to design, not just dresses, but also ties, accessories, shirts and jeans. The success story grew in strength with a perfume and interior de'cor line. Valentino had truly become fashion's "It" man.

It was in 1989 that Valentino expanded his empire with boutique chain openings in the United States and Japan. Since then, dressing the bold, the beautiful, and the uber-rich in luxurious clothing all over the world has become the brand’s main preoccupation.

Valentino's designs through the years have remained romantic, just like he prefers. Throughout the years, Valentino has continued to make romantic, lovely and fashionable designs that speak to women of all ages. Valentino believes that details should be minimal and that the cut of the dress is the most important. His dresses are flawlessly designed, and have remained so for over forty years. 

Valentino has since broadened his empire throughout the world, including the Middle East, Europe and Asia. In 1998 Valentino and Giammetti sold the company to HdP, which in turn sold it to Marzotto Apparel, a Milan-based textile conglomerate in 2002.In 2005, Valentino was awarded the Superstar award at the Fashion Group International Night of the Stars, by one of his favorite red carpet clients: Meryl Streep. In 2006, Valentino did a small cameo role as himself in the hit movie The Devil Wears Prada, for which he also designed some of the costumes. -

Valentino: A Scene from Devil Wears Prada. In 2006 Valentino was awarded the Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. The year after, he celebrated 45 years in the business, and announced his retirement for 2008. His last Haute Couture presentation was held Paris at the Musée Rodin in January 2008, and he will be followed by designer Alessandra Facchinetti, who was the former designer at the House of Gucci. Valentino remains a firm believer of a celebrity always dressing the role of a celebrity, regardless of the day.
"Today, every famous woman is called a diva. But here is a true one, in the best sense of the word. Sophia comes from a time when actresses behaved like movie stars from the moment they got up till they turned off the light at night. You would never see them looking less than perfect-no pictures of Sophia going to the supermarket! Like the day we christened my boat. We asked Sophia to come; you always want a woman to do it, for luck. It was 10 A.M., and she showed up like she was going to a world premiere of her latest film. It may be a little unreal.
But I love it." -

Valentino at His Last Haute Couture Collection Though he was not an innovator, Valentino has taken fashion to new heights by designing glorious, opulent, and timeless clothing for some of the most glamorous women of the 20th and 21st centuries. His contribution to the world of fashion would continue to be acclaimed in the years to come. - 
 Italian Fashion: Dolce Gabbana
Elegance is in the Italian blood, and most Italians would unhesitatingly give up comfort in order to achieve it. Italy is a nation that cherishes outward appearances. Yes, it is great if you have a good heart, but Italians would expect you to have well-groomed hair, an impeccable sense of dressing and a really neat pair of shoes besides. So it is no wonder that some of the world's best sartorial artists are from Italy.

Starting from one of the pioneers of modern fashion, Elsa Schiaparelli, to the modern czar of extravagant opulence, Roberto Cavalli Italian fashion has had it all. Italian men and women have had some of the best fashion visionaries watching over what they wear; be it clothes, perfume, shoes, jewelry or hair, for almost all of the last century.

The privileged Italians have had names like Brioni and Zegna look after their work wear, and the house of Valentino to call upon when they needed clothes for that real special occasion. Armani has been at hand, letting Italians know that they can be subdued yet elegant, as has the house of Versace which has given a new meaning to glamor. Diesel is a world conqueror in a category all its own, and the likes of Prada, Missioni, Ferragamo, Ferre, Bottega Veneta, Damiani and Bvlgari are discussed in hushed tones of awe in fashion circles across the world.

 Gianni Versace and Roberto Cavalli, who have taken Italian style in an entirely different, over-the-top direction. Italian style today is an amalgam of various streams of fashion, of the Italian love for quality and durabilty, the desire to look alla moda, and a continuous search for newness and fresh images. Life in Italy examines Italian style, charisma, and chutzpah, and how it has affected the world of Italian fashion. -  

The designs of Dolce & Gabbana draw inspiration primarily from Mediterranean colors and culture. The clothes are not rigid or unyielding, but instead cheerful and sensual, bringing into fashion mainstream silhouettes and fashions like satin corset bodies, black hold-up stockings and fishnets, which were so far only part of cabarets and exotic clubs.
The post-feministic women who are confident in their own abilities and not afraid to appear sexy have lapped up the Dolce and Gabbana creations in lace, silk and wool. Both men put everything into the work they undertake, imbuing it with a sort of passion and dedication that has helped them create a multi-million dollar fashion empire.
They make their own paper models, prototypes and accessories; they follow their sales and shows very closely, as well as their public relations and advertising campaigns. Theirs is a "hands on" business in the truest sense of the word. - 

The Dolce and Gabanna Brand, Italy Over time as the business grew in size, the designers found it necessary to move their operations to a larger showroom, which they did in 1987. Another major success came for Dolce & Gabbana in 1988 when they signed an agreement with the Onward Kashiyama Group and began distributing their designs in Japan. This allowed them to break into a relatively untapped fashion market, up to that point.
Their first knitwear designs were launched the previous year and in 1989 they came out with their very first lingerie and beachwear outfits, closely followed by a menswear collection in 1990. To say they were on a roll was an understatement. Further agreements were signed to design the Complice line for the Genny group. But it didn't stop there- following on the heels of their agreements was the boutiques they established, first in Milan, then in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul.

Diesel Jeans: Italian Fashion at Its Edgiest
And for the everyday lives of stylish Italians, there has been the eponymous Zara, and countless other names strewn across Italian cities that continue to take pride in making men and women beautiful. Hollywood has paid homage to Italians and their sense of dressing: for the past few decades most of the glitterati on the red carpets are clad and bedecked in clothes and jewelry made in Italy.

Fashion is almost a national passion, and to see the latest trends one need only glance around the various piazzas, restaurants and streets. Interestingly, these are trends worn to show off the best of the wearer, and imperceptibly conceal any flaws: individual Italians for the most part follow trends that suit them. Besides, few fashion conscious Italians would go for something trendy that is not also durable, classic and genuine.

A svelte Italian woman striding down the cobbled streets in the latest ultra-high wedges without missing a step, hair flying in the breeze, epitomizes an attitude almost all Italians have: of dressing with care and confidence, but seeming artless. And this attitude can only be achieved through a tradition of seduction and refinement handed down through generations.
Italians love to show off, but mostly in an individualistic, understated way: while their clothes fit, they still allow room for sensual movement.
For Italians, it is not about clothes at all. Italian fashion is actually all about an attitude; an attitude of custom-made, fluid, sophistication.