Saturday, August 23, 2014

World Premiere Interview: Christopher Uvenio by FIT student!

Caylee Peters a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology asked me to be interviewed since she always wanted to get to know me and is one of the 801,000 readers of my blog!
I was first not crazy about being interviewed, Caylee said, "Professor Uvenio, you're so well-known at FIT and everyone wants to know more about you! You're looking fabulous losing so much weight! You have a hot gorgeous trainer! You're look amazing! I was like okay I 'll sit with my former student and she started to asked me questions about everything! 

Tell me about you Professor! You're not just a Professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology, but you're also have a blog with a huge followings, a Fashion Editor of Anolie Magazine, Co-host of the web series: "Fashion Insiders" and you are working on the Coffee Table book as well! How do you find the time? Do you go out since everyone knows you're very outgoing Professor!

I have been in the Fashion Industry for over 20 years now, I have worked with several fashion houses including Bob Mackie, Anna Sui, Mizrahi and I have also done a lot of freelanced work as well.  I have done costumes and won for my work of the CBS daytime drama "The Bold and the Beautiful". Caylee, I always make sure that I have time for myself and do what I love.
 I am very lucky to be able to manage my work as a Full-time Fashion Design Professor at FIT, and do other fashion related outside the university. Yes, I do go out at night, how can I not? I get inspirations every time I step my foot outside. It could nature, people, anything that caught my attention. Yes, New York is the Fashion Capitol of the World, and yes, there's always something going on to capture my attention. I'm very outgoing.
  I love to go out with my friends that are my family, some were my classmates from day one when I was an FIT students to friends from the industry. I always keep in  touch with my friends since they meant the world to me.
I even went with one of my closet friend Rafaele Rivera to the Katey Perry Concert at Madison Square Garden. I had dinner with several of my close collegues from FIT last night. Thursday night, I went out with Rafaele again to see the Broadway musical, Chicago. Rafaele and I had a blast sitting in front row center of the theater. 
 I been working out every other day for 2 hours with another close friend of mine who is also a male supermodel in my coffee table book and trainer, Bill McLarnon. He's like a little brother. And he really kicked my ass and I sweat a lot from his workout and eating the right diet. He changed my life completely, I never knew do working out in the job is so much fun! lol! And he is also my inspiration and idol.
A few days ago, I had a Smoothie with Lauren Schumann and she is absolutely lovable! I love her! A a few days ago, I had a meeting with Vaughn Stewart and we spoken a lot about the book and life and ideas. I always have to have time for myself!

So I have time to be with friends who are very special to me. And I find time to do other projects that I am working on... 
What was it like working for Bob Mackie? He known for designing Cher, Madonna, Pink, Carol Burnett? Professor, what was it like working for the Iconic Designer?

Working for Bob Mackie have been so incredible that I have learned so much of how to do some beading, draping, designing a collection, worked closely with him doing premiere fashion shows. I would love to go back and start all over again. He was a true mentor, and someone that would treat his design teams like family.
Bob Mackie will always be the highlight of my career in Fashion.
Who are your inspirations or favorite designers to this day?

Everyone who knows me personally knows I live for Gianni Versace. I was lucky to have interned in Milan when I studied abroad at FIT's Polimoda. He was so tremendously talented that I even got to meet Donatella. She is a very smart woman and she never really got the credit she deserved. She created the Supermodels of Linda, Christy, Niaomi, Cindy, all those glamorous 90's supermodels. There will never be on like them. Gianni Versace was known for such glamour of Rock Stars inspiration and was the first to bring leather and denim ball gowns into Couture World!
I love Thierry Mulger, Balenciaga, Lacroix, Givenchy, Dior and yes,  Dolce and Gabbana!  

Who are your mentors, idols and somebody that you looks up to?

A lot of people of wonderful people in my life that are here with me and some who aren't no longer here, and they are in heaven with God. First of all, its my mother and father who brought me to where I am today. And my father who I greatly missed for five years now, he made me the man I am in believing myself and don't give up. My mother have always been my best friend, along with my brother and sister-in-law. My niece and nephew, Alyssa and Ryan as well.....

When I got into FIT, I has the best times of my life as a student, hard work, sleepless nights, great professors, many friends who I am so close with over 20 years. Lily Achatz, Joanne Cunningham, Newheart, Brondo Cavallo, Mia, and the list goes on..
Some of my professors I have had are my mentors and close family like Steven Stipelman, Linda Tain, Linda Sands, Wally Sloves, and some of who are no longer in FIT, but greatly missed, Spiderlari and Bodea, those two amazing over the top old school professors changed my life as well. I learned to drape, sew, patternmaking and art in the highest level because of all the best professor in my life.  Unforgettable chapter in my life. FIT is family to me, Stipelman who is an iconic in the world of fashion and illustrations, always like a father figure to me guided me through learning a lot how the department works.   

Professor, tell me about working on your coffee table book! How did that come about? When will we get to see the coffee table book, what will the title of your first book? What will be in the book? All Couture designs and Avant-Garde are what you are known for...  
Caylee, I have always wanted to create a coffee table book for years since I have a collection of my own books of Gianni Versace, McQueen, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and so many to name. I love coffee table books and along with illustrations. And one day one of my good friend, Vaughn Eric Stuart came to me and said, "Why not? Let's do it now..what are we waiting for?"

I got so excited and we teamed together brainstormed so any ideas.   The title of the book has not been decided yet.
The book will be out in 2 years since it takes a good long hard work to make it perfect and special. Yes of course, the glossy coffee table book will have very high-end Couture, Illustrations, drawings, womens wear/menswear, tasteful nude with some of my designs and haute couture jewels like Versace books and alot of amazing locations. And there will be different themes too, Gothic, Wicked Glamour, Rock Stars and so many to name since there will be a lot of chapters too!
How was your Summer?! You had quite a busy summer with the shoot and witnessed your office with lots of headshots and garments on the rack! Your office is like a party with alot of going on! And you sure have good taste in choosing the best people modeling for your book!

Foremost, I have to say that everyone involved were amazing from Shirley and Brondo Cavallo to the stars of my book. I always love having Rafaele Rivera in my collection, very special gentleman, I have known for over 7 years! But a big thanks to Vaughn who have helped me with what I was looking for with the looks of Bill McLarnon who is amazing and thrilled to have him as my trainer!
Kim Davies, love that long red flaming hair, she got that Avant Garde looks and my god, I can't stop seeing what she would do next!

Anthony Parker, what a good looking young guy, and the body is a work of art of a 21! He drove 8 hours to be in my book! Now that is something.

Lauren Schumann, love that couture face! and Darius Goodworth got some talents, that male model could sing opera, play the piano and the body is like a statue of David!
I love his singing voice, while he would be working and changing clothes to clothes during the shoot! He is so talented!
And a very talented makeup artist, Stevan Adams whose one of the best from Dior, Veronica Apsen, my intern is like a daughter who is so beautiful...and, Vaughn is a big brother to me and we are very close on the project. It was a great summer with glamour, glitz, sex appeal, wine, Italian food, drama, and I think it should have been a reality show on Bravo!  
  And your web series is coming soon in November and your interview with the great stylist Newheart, and your fall semester classes will be soon coming in few weeks. Professor, you have a full plate on schedule along with the book, and your trainer! That is a Wonderful life! Thank you Professor! I will be back with  more new questions for you soon!