Friday, November 28, 2014

America's Most Wanted Male Model: Chad White!

Some guys are really pretty, and Chad White is certainly one of them. This delicious young hunk originally from Portland, Oregon, really found fame and global recognition after he appeared in an editorial shoot for L’Uomo Vogue, in which he was featured in over 40 pages!

But far from sticking to the studio, he’s also appeared on the runways for several major names in the fashion world, including Versace and D&G. I’m not surprised though, because he really is gorgeous, and his lean and slightly muscled body is simple amazing to watch in motion.

He’s known for being a really sweet and patient guy, I guess that’s needed if you’re gonna be sitting around in your underwear for hours on end in a studio. Okay, he’s probably not down to his briefs that often, but if I was the photographer he would be! lol

Something that really strikes me is how often I’m talking about a lost career in professional sports. Chad is another who had a promising career ahead of him in Baseball, but had to pass up the chance due to injury. So is this just a story agencies put out there for some reason, or is it really true that a lot of sporty guys injure themselves before becoming pro and head into modeling?

And, why are so many sporty guys so seriously hot? lol
Chad White is an American fashion model, known to his colleagues and friends as unswerving, patient and tireless in his work. Born in Portland, Oregon on July 11th, 1983. Most known for his editorial in the June 2006 issue of L'Uomo Vogue, where he is featured in over 40 pages shot by Steven Klein. Has been on the runways of the fashion capitals of the world, has walked for  Versace, Dolce and Gabbana and others Italian designers as well.chadwhitedo12

Andre Leon Tally: Oscar De La Renta

Read the article and what was special was Mr. Talley spoken special memories of the very last America Couture designer. Couture Designer Oscar de la Renta was a great man, and a great American designer. Over five decades he made fashion that was elegant, based on the tools of the trade that he learned in Spain at Balenciaga, and in Paris, at Lanvin under Antonio Castillo.

I also considered him one of my close, best friends. He truly cared about my well-being, regardless of whether or not it was my weight-loss battle, or was I lonely, and would I come dine with him and Annette at home in New York. I spent Thanksgiving with him, about eight or nine years ago, just the three of us and his son Moises in Kent, Connecticut.
Family was of the utmost importance to him. The wedding he and his wife created for stepdaughter Eliza Reed Bolen’s nuptials, was one of the most beautiful and original country weddings I ever attended. And the social world was there in full force.
Oscar was king of the historical social anecdote, no matter if it was about the Marquis de Cuevas’s famous costume ball, or Marie-Hélène de Rothschild’s dinners. He lived through his youth, following the great bullfighters of Spain, when he worked in Madrid, he honed his design DNA in Paris and with his great success in New York, he always gave back, philanthropically.
He personally supported an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. This was one of his passions—he provided housing, food, education, and hope for those beautiful children
I met Oscar de la Renta, in 1974, when I arrived in New York. He was then wed to his first wife, Françoise de Langlade, a former French Vogue editor-in-chief. Oscar and Françoise took me under their wings and mentored me socially.
Every single morning, Françoise would call me once I got to my desk at Women’s Wear Daily down on Twelfth Street. It was an open floor plan then, and my desk was no more than ten steps from John Fairchild’s desk with a low bookcase separating us. I was an accessories editor, and at night, a beat reporter. This is where I learned my craft as a social chronicler. Françoise would often call me up and ask me where I had been and what I had done the night before.

Oscar and his wife were the first to invite me to dinner in their home, with the likes of Dr. Henry Kissinger, or Tatiana and Alexander Liberman; they also invited me to dinner when they were in Paris, with their friends, like Cristiana Brandolini d’Adda and the late Andre Olivier.
One day, Françoise called me and said I had messed up socially, I had forgotten to come to lunch with just her and Annette Reed, now Mrs. de la Renta. In those days—the seventies—Oscar and Françoise were the Social Lions of New York.
They served the best food and made dinner at home a vast, rich experience of color and textures with wine and decor. In the new book, Valentino: At the Emperor’s Table, Valentino specifically wanted me to write in the introduction how Oscar and his wife were the best and most outstanding New York host and hostess.
His impeccable personal style with people, parties, and fashion fueled his work. Known for his appropriate elegance, he always designed with the ultimate motivation that women must look and feel beautiful. Having worked beside him on so many of his Balmain haute couture collections for nearly a decade as a stylist, I watch him return again and again to his roots, the highest standards of French couture, having first apprenticed with Cristóbal Balenciaga in Madrid, and then working as designer at Castillo-Lanvin. There was always a sense of the flourish of a great flamenco flounce in his dinner and evening dresses, the bias elegance of silk charmeuse in slim sheath dresses, and simple black or white cashmere coats, that his wife Annette loved. In the winter, she often wears one of his cashmere coats to dinner and never removes it, she loves them so.
In 2013, Oscar asked me to help him with an exhibit that Secretary of State  Hilary Clinton,  organized on First Lady style at the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. We all flew down to the presidential library and the show was full of exquisite, elegant de la Renta clothes worn by former First Ladies from Nancy Reagan to Laura Bush. 
As evidenced in his last great wedding dress, which he designed for the Mrs. George Clooney  Oscar was also a master of the grand wedding gown. My favorite, of course, was the dress and veil he designed for the beautiful Ms, Elizabeth Shaffer, who got married last summer. Oscar and Annette took a helicopter and flew down from Connecticut to Long Island so that he could make the final adjustments just before she walked down the aisle.
Some of my fondest memories of Oscar are in his native Dominican Republic, diving into a natural waterfall in the mountains, or having the ultimate pleasure of seeing him dance. He was the best dancer. It was a joy just to be in his presence, especially in his beautiful homes and gardens, where happiness reigned.

B&B Announced Location shoots in Paris!


Series  Celebrated 25 Years of Broadcasting in France on June 12
Monte Carlo,   Multi-Emmy  award-winning drama series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL will shoot episodes in the French capital of Paris next week, the series announced today during a press conference at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.
 “THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is long overdue for a rendezvous with the world-renowned romance of Paris, France. Forrester Creations has always had its international office in Paris, and now we’re going to take our cameras in for a closer look. We will show you Paris as you’ve never seen it before,” says series Executive Producer and Head Writer, Bradley Bell.
The series was first aired on French state broadcaster France 2 under the title “Amour, Gloire et Beauté” on June 12th, 1989, where it is still broadcast today.
Actors Kim Matula (“Hope”), Scott Clifton (“Liam”), Ashleigh Brewer (“Ivy”) and Darin Brooks (“Wyatt”) will begin the three-day multi-episode location shoot on June 11th, and the episodes will air in the U.S. on the CBS Television Network. Audiences in France will see the episodes in 2016.
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL filmed episodes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in March 2014 and  taped scenes in Monaco on June 9th and 10th, during the 54th Monte Carlo Television Festival.
Other shoots have included Lake Como (1997), Venice (1999), Portofino (2002), Sydney, Australia (2007), Aspen, Colorado (2011-12), Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (2011), Puglia, Italy (2012) and Monte Carlo (2013).
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL nominated for TV Audience Award Golden Nymph at the 54th Monte Carlo TV Festival in the Category of Telenovela/Soap for the 10th consecutive year, and was the recipient of that award for the last ten years in a row. This distinction has provided Guinness World Records® with the scientific data from people-meter systems around the globe to declare the series the most popular daytime Soap currently on television. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is broadcast in over 100 countries worldwide with an estimated daily audience of
35 million.
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL recently received 18 Daytime Emmy® Award nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series, a category it won consecutively in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

The Making of Male Models

If there's anyone who knows how to keep their bodies in impeccable shape, it's these guys:
They're paid to make clothes look good, grace the cover of magazines and even sell skivvies, so needless to say, male models   Josh Truesdell, Bryce Thompson ,and Chad White two about fitness.
Sure, it's their job to be super-buff, but the diet and exercise rules they swear by can guide us all in the right direction. The Soul Artist Management trio stopped by HuffPost Live to share some of the industry's top health secrets. Their 12 strongest tips are below -- and watch the video above to see them in action!

1. Make Fitness A Priority
man tying sneaker
"You have to keep at it," Thompson says. For a model, that can mean working out seven days a week. If your lifestyle's not quite there yet, White explains that it won't seem as daunting once you get moving. Exercise pumps you full of feel-good endorphins, so (believe it or not) your body actually begins to crave gym time.
All three agree you don't have to be as extreme as Tyson Beckford, who claims to do 600 situps and 1,000 push ups everyday in addition to cardio!  Just doing something active daily is key, advises Truesdell.
2. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

There's no such thing as taking a break from feeling the burn; models must rock prime physiques all year round. The guys can't get complacent when it gets cold out -- and neither should you. They stay fit even during the winter months by balancing consistent exercise and conscious eating, so there's no playing catch up!
                                            3. Get Tough

When you're simply not up for getting off the couch, the models suggest doing it anyway. Truesdell had a jiu-jitsu trainer who once told him to "shut up and train." And you know what? He felt better after he did. You will, too.
                     4. You Don't Need Fancy Equipment

It's not about machinery or money, so forget about those excuses. Thompson insists running is the best thing you can do to stay in shape. Just pick up your own two feet and get those miles in!
5. Don't Cheat
man lunge gym
If you're going to do something, do it right. Proper form counts. When working on your arms, don't use your back to help you lift. White says to pay attention to your body's position when doing squats and lunges. Keep your shoulders straight, don't bend your knees past your toes and remember to squeeze for a couple seconds to make each rep worth it!
6. Train For Strength
Building a house requires a solid foundation. That means you shouldn't only exercise to look sculpted. Truesdell combines push-ups, rows and planks with weights to teach his muscles to work together.
A general rule to guide you to your desired results is that high reps at a faster pace will help you slim down, while lower reps at a slower pace will help add size if you're trying to bulk up.
7. Don't Let Dinner Ruin Your Workout
After breaking a sweat, Thompson says the last thing you want to do is throw it all away with a burger. Unhealthy food shouldn't be a reward. Focus on refueling the body with nutrients it needs. Eat lean meats, veggies and whole grains, and stay away from starch, sugar and pre-packaged items.
8. Be Prepared

It can be easy to fall victim to temptation when the wrong foods are in front of you and you're rushing for a quick fix. Go grocery shopping, learn to cook and do as much as you can to plan and prep your meals the night before so you're not caught scrambling for something convenient.
9. Don't Eat Right Before Bed
man pajama refrigerator
While White confesses he loves to eat cookies late at night, he knows better on both accounts. There shouldn't be any crumbs in your sheets, because the guys say it's best not to eat before bedtime. They limit snacking to three hours before catching Zzs and jump start the day (and their metabolisms) with breakfast instead.
10. Forget Fad Diets

The models may have tried everything from the Blood Type diet to the Cayenne Pepper diet, but they don't recommend them for your health or well-being. Hungry people are grouchy people! There's no sense in starving, since the winning recipe is simply a balanced diet and regular exercise.
11. Live A Little
hands toast drinks bar
Whether it's giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want once a week or pigging out with friends when there's a party, you have to let yourself have some freedom here and there. Truesdell suggests limiting splurges to special occasions, so you're not straying from your routine too much. Cheers to that!
12. Don't Do It Alone
Getting fit is much more fun when you have others to share it with. There's nothing like having buds by your side to mix up your workouts and keep you in check.