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World Premiere Interview: Tyson Ballou: Runway King

"My early work and castings was with J.C. Penny's and Foley's campaigns which is now called Macy's. I was very nervous..."

"I like when I work with a photographer who will let you explore and take chances. Someone who will let you just try strange and unique looks in your photos..."

 "Modeling really did help me talk more and be more comfortable since I was shy growing up..."

I was a real shy kid growing up in school I barely talked and mainly kept to myself a lot. I graduated from high school in 1995 and enrolled in Richland College . While I was attending college I honestly had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life. Some people just know and others figure it out through time but for me I had no clue.

- Do you still remember your first casting? What was it like?My early work and castings was with J.C. Penny's and Foley's campaigns which is now called Macy's. I was very nervous because I was a shy guy and my shyness sort of got mistaken for at times of being a snob which isn't true. I am very down to earth normal type guy.

- Let's give some tips to new models, tell me What is the most important thing that a girl/boy should do to present herself/himself well in castings?I would say just be yourself, don't try to hard or take yourself to seriously come with confidence but not arrogance.                        

- What do you most like when you work with a photographer and do you have any special preparation before a photoshoot?                                                                  I like when I work with a photographer who will let you explore and take chances. Someone who will let you just try strange and unique looks in your photos. I always like to try and get a good night sleep before a early shoot the next day .

- Do you have an interesting anecdote from a photo shoot, a casting or a show?I do actually it was when I was told the same day of the shoot I was to work with Madonna on D&G campaign for glasses. It was a very interesting shoot, I didn't know I would enjoy myself or like it as much as I did she was fun to work with.

- My most memorable... there is so many, but when I first started IMG wanted to give me a more edgy look so they shaved my head and made me look military or army like. I did campaigns and billboards and got a lot of attention overseas from, Milan and Paris especially .

Your career is unique, what do you think made you stand out among other guys?
My distinct features, from my check bone structure to my eyes and even my personality. Modeling really did help me talk more and be more comfortable since I was shy growing up.

Which Fashion capital is your favorite: Paris, Milan, London or NYC? Are the markets in Europe and in US very different?
They are all really nice places for fashion week I would say I really like New York a lot its my home where I live but, I love the city vibe and the relaxed environments with the collections. They are similar in my experience the only difference is fashion week in Europe tends to be more hectic.

Turning to some personal questions, how would you describe your way to have fun, the places you usually go, and your way to enjoy life?

I love basketball its my favorite sport and I enjoy catching a game when I have time or playing with friends or my brother.

 - Thanks Tyson for taking the time to reply to my questions, it was a gift to me and my Readers.

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California Law in Prison: Install Condoms in Vending Machine!

A controversial new California law will require all prisons in the state to install condom vending machines before 2020.

The new legislation hopes to lower the rate of sexually transmitted infections and diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C, which is higher inside US prison than the general population.

Previously, condoms were considered contraband in California because sex between prisoners is illegal.

The Independent reports:

Two previous incarnations of the bill were rejected by Governor Schwarzenegger and Governor Brown before it was finally passed on the third attempt.
Condoms are already available to prisoners in Vermont, while married prisoners are allowed to use them during visits from spouses.

San Francisco started dispensing condoms to inmates in the Eighties in a bid to combat the Aids epidemic at the time. Now there are more than a dozen dispensers in the city’s jails, which distribute around 2,000 condoms each month.

In cities like New York and Washington DC condoms have been available to prisoners since the early Nineties.

San Francisco’s Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, who is a supporter of the new law said, “Frankly, it’s unconscionable that for decades in prisons and jails men and women, who have been exposed to and contracted HIV and Aids, essentially have been neglected when in fact it could have been prevented.”

Sherriff Mirkarimi believes that the legislation should be rolled out across America.

However not everyone is happy with the new bill because it goes against the law about sex behind bars. Critics are also concerned that the condoms could be used to smuggle drugs in and out of the prisons as well.......

Mister Triple X's 2015 Collection

mister triple x by erik rosete art hearts fashion mercedes benx fashion week aid healthcare10Mister Triple X opened the show with Fall / Winter 2015 Collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presented by Art Hearts Fashion benefiting AIDS Healthcare Foundation.mister triple x by erik rosete art hearts fashion mercedes benx fashion week aid healthcare12

The fashion designer behind Mister Triple X Collection is the founder of Art Hearts Fashion, talented Erik Rosete who waited a year and a half before he made his debut.  
mister triple x by erik rosete art hearts fashion mercedes benx fashion week aid healthcare11

As for the name of the collection, Mister Triple X it’s actually Rosete’s nickname. His inspiration comes from the sunny Malibu coast line. It  was all about street wear sophistication with a mix of beach wear. The color palette was perfect for fall, with burgundy, plum and navy giving way to olive and camel. Bold print skirts and dresses were seen on the runway.
mister triple x by erik rosete art hearts fashion mercedes benx fashion week aid healthcare8
The finale walk completely stole the show and elicited cheers from the audience as the models wore the Mister Triple X bunny masks. “Rabbits are my symbol” explained Erik Rosete.
The line offers apparels for both, men and women.mister triple x by erik rosete art hearts fashion mercedes benx fashion week aid healthcare7

Interview with Designer Erik Rosete

 Astound Magazine had a chance to chat with Erik Rosete, designer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Art Hearts Fashion, one of the most highly anticipated shows of this season’s LA Fashion week. On how he got into fashion:
Erik Rosete: About six years ago I was living in LA, and I had a model, an actress actually who wanted to get into the acting world, and I just thought she was so gorgeous, that she should be modeling. So I just kind of just forced her to move to New York. We packed our bags, I invested all of my time and money there, and I kind of went out there and gambled.
And so the first agency that we walked into was IMG because I figured we might as well go to the top. Went in there and fought for her, and said “This girl’s going to be huge.” And they liked my pitch so much, that they not only gave her a contract, but they ended up giving me a contract.I started working with female models, and scouting them and whatnot.
I came back to L.A., and within six months of being back in L.A., I had already decided to do fashion. I had a friend approach me that I hadn’t seen in about 10 years. He asked me to come to his fashion show in L.A. So I went to his fashion show in L.A., and after the fashion show he asked me to be a manager.

So I became his manager, and the first thing I did was I decided to redo his entire fashion line. So I reshot it, redid the campaigns, and I basically created an image that I thought was more appropriate for his fashion lines, I made it really cool and fun. And within six months of working with him, I took him to New York and got him doing New York Fashion Week with Style 360.
And we ended up just growing from there. I got him Kendall Jenner…and so I was producing these big shows now in New York City.
And so we came back to L.A. and we started getting approached by a lot of other designers to work with them as well. They wanted me to manage them. And so I decided to create an event that showcased artistic designers and artists, and a lot of fashion photographers.

 Basically all the other people that had been helping me out, and basically just built the things that I wanted to do, and I was having fun. So I wanted to do something to showcase them.
On his own line, “Mr. Triple X”:

ER: In that process [of producing other fashion shows] I decided to do something for myself because I figured, it’s time for me to tell my own story. That’s where my fashion line, Mister Triple X came about, and it kind of just started growing from there.
So a lot of the original fashion sets that I was doing were like the launch of Mister Triple X, and kind of a fun story that I created about it….it plays out like a comic book.
How he’s put together some of the biggest shows at NY Fashion Week:
ER: Last year, I started working with a group of Italian designers, and was going to do a big show with them at Style 360, but what ended up happening was that the Super Bowl came to town, and a lot of sponsors and whatnot pulled out of the fashion stuff, and they decided to do Super Bowl instead. I needed a venue.
I had all these Italian designers and all the fine artistic designers that were flying to New York City, and I had nowhere to go. So I had really not thought that I was in the position or the place to show at IMG because…because they usually work with top designers with million dollar budgets.

And so I had no anticipation that they would even approve us. So I went in there, I gave them a call, I did my thing, and once again just a repeat of what had happened before is that I did such a great pitch, that they ended up giving me the closing show, at the biggest venue that they have, and it just so happened that in a blizzard where all of the public transportation was shut down, and a lot of shows were getting cancelled, and no one could get around New York City, somehow I had close to 1,500 people show up and it was the biggest show in Fashion Week my first time there. And I was able to show my line and whatnot as well. It just kind of started growing from there.

On the motivation for founding the Art Hearts Fashion show:
ER: I just wasn’t really happy with the platforms that were here in Los Angeles because I was doing my event as part of other platforms, and I just figured it’s time for us to pull out of that and create our own where I can have complete control, and I can actually feature the artists and the designers that I want, as opposed to making it about money or other restrictions that they had as far as showing [at other shows].

For me, it’s about the art and about the talent, and about if I want to sponsor a designer or I want somebody to show with me that I know is talented. I don’t care if they can’t come up with the money, I’ll make it work. And so I had to basically evolve into my own platform.

Now here we are, months later in L.A., and I’m basically putting together a Fashion Week based off of my idea and my concept by showcasing artistic designers because again, we’re in Hollywood, and Hollywood is all about the show and about the art, and these are actual designers that take fashion to the next level, and are actually taking it as an art form versus just regular plain clothes like you see down the street, and you’re going “That’s boring.” I didn’t want to do something boring. I wanted to do something great and exciting.

Showcase designers that I thought were creating something unique and artistic, and taking the art form of fashion to the next level, and it’s really, really great.
We went from having a show in a night club that I created years ago, just displaying artwork, to then being the closing show for the number one fashion platform in the world, to now being an entire Fashion Week here in Los Angeles. We’re doing a 3-day event here, and just basically getting the most attention out of any of the other fashion platforms that are here, and it’s just an amazing, great dream come true.

On the philanthropic side of Art Hearts Fashion:

ER: Everything that we do in this world should have some type of a meaning…I wanted it to also be able to give back and create a platform that benefitted multiple charities. All charities based on things that have affected people in either my life or in the fashion community…And so I chose charities and causes that people can relate with, and people want to rally for and support. This year we’ve been blessed by having a great partnership with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and they support us in every way they can, and we create these platforms and these events that build awareness for who they are and what they’re doing.
Here in Los Angeles, it’s not only an event, but we have a way that people can support by donating. If they’re donating a couple hundred dollars, then they get passes to the shows, they get to meet the designers, they get more, they get to be involved. But these are people that normally wouldn’t have access to these events that are ‘invite only,’ to be able to come by showing the support for these charities.
On what he is most excited for this show:

ER: The LED video wall, backdrop, the music, the bass…everything. I want to make it a very entertaining experience for people, and I’m just excited about being able to do this.
Make sure to check out Erik’s ever-growing brainchild, Art Hearts Fashion. To find out more, visit, and keep an eye out for Astound Magazine’s coverage of the upcoming event.

Interviewed from: ASTOUND MAGAZINE

Cameron: SuperModel to Yoga

Cameron Alborzian was one of the "Face Boys"  of the early 90s. As a top male model, he worked with the likes of the late photographer Herb Ritts, modeled for Valentino and shot music videos with Madonna.
Yogi Cameron Alborzian (born 26 February 1967) is a British/Irianan yoga and  former Male SuperModel  . After a successful career as male model in the fashion industry as the face of labels such as Guess, Levis, and Versace as well as a starring role in  Madonna's Express Yourself video, he shifted his focus to work with people as an Ayurveda and yoga therapist. The Guru in You, his first book published in America, was released by HarperCollins in January 2011.

Alborzian was born in Iran to an English mother and Iranian father. In late 1978, Alborzian’s parents sent him away to an English boarding school in response to the ever-increasing anti-Shah protests dominating the country.
He attended various boarding schools in England as well as one year of university before dropping out and moving to London. Soon after his arrival, a modeling scout on the street spotted him. Several weeks later he appeared in a  Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris to start off his career.

Alborzian began work as a fashion model on the runways of Paris in 1986. Along with Gaultier, he worked for other designers such as  Valentino, Dior & YSL.

He did not achieve wider fame for his work until he landed a three-season campaign for Guess jeans in 1988. This work earned him a great deal of attention, including that of Madonna who handpicked him to be her love interest in the music video for her song "Express Yourself."

He appeared in the 1997 music video for Elton John's Something About the Way  You Look Tonight,  also starring  Kate Moss. In 1998, he ended his career in fashion after he joined fellow models Naomi, Christy and Kate in visiting Nelson Mandela  in South Africa for a charity event to benefit the Mandela Fund.

Alborzian is the author of two books, the first published in Spanish and entitled Ahora es el Momento.
 The second, The Guru in You, is his first book to be published in English. It was published by HarperOne in December 2010

Jason Lewis: Most Beautiful Male Model ever Live

Male model, Jason Lewis, possesses it all with god-like good looks, charisma, wealth, and a full time modeling and acting career. Vogue magazine stated in their article, which ranked the top 25 models to ever live,
“If Lewis sticks with modeling, he becomes bigger than Vanderloo. Lewis is just too much of a force as he lights up the   big screen. We believe Jason Lewis is only beginning. Age will become him making him fly higher than any model listed as his real talent will begin to emerge and he forgets his image/looks.

Truly, Jason Lewis prevails as one of the highest profiled male models to ever live and according to his colossal fan club of adoring young girls, he prevails as the best-looking as well. Landing a major GUESS campaign towards the end of 1993 skyrocketed his career immensely and transcended Mr. Lewis from being an unknown model to a celebrity fashion name across the country.

Signing more contracts to launch his name into the fashion industry, forever, became inevitable as he landed many campaigns with elite design corporations such as Tommy Hilfiger, Boss, Byblos, and Ray Ban. These campaigns not only interpolated his name into the aristocratic fashion world but they also inscribed his name into fashion history forever.

However, reaching such a high acme in one’s career always proves to be difficult, and it was no different for Jason Lewis. It would take a great amount of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to reach his ultimate goals of becoming a world-known male model and actor.

Born in Newport Beach, California to the son of a nurse and a judge, Lewis grew up with three siblings. He attended Los Alamitos High School in Los Angeles, California. He attended college at San Diego State University in San Diego, California, where he became a member of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity. Fellow fraternity brothers included Marc Iadanza (son of Tony Danza) and Jack Gilardi Jr. (son of Annette Funicello and Jack Gilardi). 

Determined to get out and explore the world, he worked as a plumber and up to 55 hours a week as a waiter in a restaurant to earn enough money to travel the globe. With the advice of a modeling scout who believed he would excel in the modeling industry, Jason Lewis voyaged to Paris in June of 1943. He did a little modeling there and then made his way to Milan, Italy where he quickly became adored by the fashion industry there.
Towards the end of 1993, he landed a GUESS, boosting his career increasingly. He then began landing campaigns with Tommy Hilfiger, Ray Ban, Byblos, and Boss. He continued to work many fashion shows in New York, Paris, and Milan. In 1996, VH1 Fashion Music Awards nominated him for model of the year. GQ also featured him in an 11 page editorial in their February edition. Jason Lewis further went on to land a campaigns with GAP in 2002. Currently, he is signed to Wilhelmina Models, Inc.
Mr. Lewis’s current interest in acting limits his modeling career, however, to just fashion editorials and ad campaigns. He starred as one of the major characters in the short-lived NBC series, “High Sierra Search and Rescue.”

  (Scene from ABC's Brother & Sisters)
 He has also been featured in “Sex and the City” as Jerry Smith and also starred in its movie, portrayed a closeted gay soap opera actor on the series “Brothers & Sisters”, and has been featured in multiple television episodes of different TV shows such as “CSI,” “House,” and “How I Met Your Mother”.
(Sex & the City)
Jason Lewis also illustrates a support side as he is an avid supporter of the LGBT community. On May 10, 2008, he attended the GLAAD 19th Annual Media Awards, a ceremony that celebrates gay-friendly actors and actresses as well as media outlets. He also attended the 20th ceremony as well on April 17, 2010.
  • He stands at 6’2″ (1.88 meters)
  • In 2004, he sued the Absolut Spirits Co. for using a fictitious ad (which featured him wearing only a vodka bottle) from Sex and the City as an actual advertisement without his permission.
  •  Some of his best friends are also major male models: Alex Lundqvist (who was also Jason’s roommate), and Mark Vanderloo.