Sunday, May 3, 2015

Brian Shimansky: Nude is Art

Consists of the creative team of Luigi Murenu and Daniele Iango famous Fashion photographers shot completely nude Top Model . If exist the definition of Porno-Models (the famous Pornodel) Brian Shimansky is the perfect example! Basically he’s naked, but naked naked! 
With this clear example we closed the ideas behind and we can say welcome because nudity is linked with art, culture and fashion, it is very important to have a clear and open mind to see a male frontal nudity. Brian is a professional model who has worked for many artists, he’s a muse, and his body is his instrument, and he has managed to do very well, so it is considered highly prized in the world of fashion. 
We won’t hold it against model Brian Shimansky that he was discovered by a scout as he was walking into a JOHN MAYER concert. 
Even though that should make him less-sexy, somehow his sexy forcefield is utterly impenetrable. The VERSACE model from NJ can be found modelling the world’s most expensive birthday suits after the NSFW jump! Check him out!
tumblr_n47xptOrBG1s8zrc2o2_1280.jpgBrian Shimansky by Luigi & IangoBrian Shimansky by Luigi & Iango

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