Saturday, May 2, 2015

‘World’s Sexiest Maths Teacher, Pietro Boselli gets into Charlie by MZ briefs

World’s Sexiest Maths Teacher

Pietro Boselli gets into Charlie by MZ briefs

Model Pietro Boselli – known in recent weeks as the ‘World’s sexiest maths teacher‘ – is the latest muse for Charlie by Matthew Zink. He’s stripped down to his Charlie tighty-whities and donned some specs and sock garters for the swim and underwear brand. Pietro, who is a maths lecturer when not modelling, was catapulted into internet fame when a photo taken by one of his students in class went viral.

Charlie by Matthew Zink has named him their “Charlie Headmaster,”  as he epitomizes brains and brawn. Model Ryan Bertroche picks up where Pietro left off and models the rest of the style on 

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