Sunday, October 18, 2015

World Premiere Interview: Adam Huber: Not Your Average Male Model

Seated across from model Adam Huber your nerves could get the best of you. That is, until he starts doodling and tapping his fingers like a playful child, eager to share his story. Reassured that the young man in front of you is your peer, suddenly his bellowing voice is not scary, but engaging.

Adam Huber may have a chiseled jaw and washboard abs, but as a rising model he is eager to show the world an unknown side of him. An unlikely modeling candidate at 5’10 ½ (that ½ is crucial), Huber differentiates himself from fellow ADAM NYC models with his energetic personality and moxie.

Four years ago, with shaggy hair and minor muscle mass, Adam Huber met agent Kevin Holloman at B1 Management. While Huber’s exterior did not initially meet “model criteria”, his determination to succeed in a fashion feeding frenzy (AKA modeling) drove him to improve his outward appearance. Years later, after Holloman’s move to ADAM NYC, Kevin gave Huber a second chance at his dream; this time, a dream that is quickly becoming a reality.

Years of elective acting classes at Penn State prepared Adam Huber for both his blossoming modeling and acting careers. Don’t mistake his looks for a CW star or an Abercrombie model though; this fresh face has the business sense (Penn State Business Management major) to delve deeper into the industry. Transitioning from college plays to mainstream acting, Huber has come a long way since his first foray into modeling at a local Pennsylvania convention.

His outer appearance is not the only characteristic that Adam Huber has transformed; his lifestyle has also been altered dramatically. A once small town Pennsylvania boy now living big city dreams with the support of Kevin Holloman, his mother, father, and two sisters. With two years of New York under his belt, Adam Huber has seen his fair share of abnormalities and hardships, from inappropriate subway behavior to even more inappropriate photographer antics. Unlike many “new” New Yorkers, Huber does not let his pretty boy exterior fool anyone; inside he is a true New Yorker — one that is constantly moving…towards his acting dreams.

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