Thursday, November 5, 2015

DOOL's Robert Scott Wilson

Birth Name:
Robert Scott Wilson
Date of Birth:
November 9, 1987
Birth Place:
Grafton, Massachusetts
Astrological Sign:

Ben Rogers (2014 to present)

Acting Roles:
Derek, Surviving Jack (2014)
Dash, I Didn't Do It (2014)
Pete, All My Children (2013)
Ben,  The Middle (2012
Guy #2, The  The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2012)
Colon, Supah Ninjas (2011)
Rob, Bride Wars (2009)


Mom, Cheryl; Dad, David. Wilson has no siblings.
  • An only child, Wilson's mother has always reminded him of that fact. "I actually got tattooed on my back, in my mother's handwriting, the words, 'The only son,'" shares the actor.
  • He once played professional paint ball with guns. "I used to travel and play everywhere," says Wilson. "It's still one of my favorite hobbies."
  • Wilson cites Mark Wahlberg as one of his favorite actors. "What he's done with his career is absolutely amazing," notes Wilson. "And he's a Boston guy. To hear the way he speaks about his life, his family and sports hits home for me."
    • Madden football on Xbox is one of his favorite video games.
    • He was the first male model on The Price Is Right.
    Growing up in Grafton, Massachusetts, Robert Scott Wilson never dreamed about being an actor. "When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a football player or a pro wrestler," he admits. "Acting is just something that fell into my lap."
    Upon graduating from Grafton Memorial High School in 2006, Wilson moved to New York City before eventually heading home.
  • "When I got back to Boston, there was a lot of filming going on around town," recounts Wilson. "I met with agents about modeling, and they told me about this open call for a couple of films. I ended up booking a part in each of them."
    The most memorable? A part in Bride Wars. "I ended up having a scene with Anne Hathaway," notes Wilson. "It was my first scene ever and it was on a boat. I ended up falling in love, not just with Anne Hathaway, but with the whole dynamic of acting -- just being in the moment and experiencing that was so fun. From that point on, I started to learn the process and going to acting classes."
  • In 2010, Wilson relocated to Los Angeles. He ended up modeling for Ford and was featured in numerous print advertising campaigns and music videos.
    In 2012, Wilson found himself thrust into the competition for the first-ever male model search for The Price Is Right and won. He ended up being part of the game show's Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes, before being asked to stay on. "The female models were so good to me," he recounts. "They welcomed me with open arms and taught me the ropes."
  • Wilson broke into the daytime world in 2013, when he joined the online reboot of All My Children. He was cast as tech wiz Pete Cortlandt, the youngest son of Opal and Palmer Cortlandt. Unfortunately, the show quickly folded.
    The soap opera world came calling again, when Wilson was summoned to audition for Days of Our Lives, after the show decided to recast the role of Ben Rogers in December 2013. Wilson, who was booked on a flight home for the holidays that he'd already changed once, had a dilemma.
  • "Without a doubt I wanted to audition, because I wanted to be a part of the show," he says. "I felt like my experience at All My Children got cut short, and I really wanted to finish my education in soaps. It turned out, [the producers] said I could make an audition tape while I was back home in Boston with my family. I was all set to do that, when they called and offered me the role. I jumped up and down and thanked God."
  • Wilson's been enjoying portraying that troubled man, Abigail Deveraux's hot headed boyfriend, ever since. "I really like the character," he shares. "I'm really excited to show the audience where he's going."
    The single actor lives in Los Angeles. In his spare time he enjoys playing paintball and "listening to all types of music -- it's what drives me," notes Wilson.

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