Friday, November 13, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Fabio Mancini

Thrilled to present my exclusive interview with leading model Fabio Mancini, male face of many advertising campaigns of the Italian label Armani. The Italian model shares his story with us and the highlights of his successful modeling career.

– Hello Fabio I’m really flattered you accepted to be interviewed for my website, just to start this interview off please give me some background information.
First off, thanks for this interview Eddie, really happy meeting you! So I was born in Germany, in a small town near Frankfurt called Bad Homburg, from Italian father and Indian mother. I lived in Germany the first 5 years of my life then I moved to Italy. Now since I do this work I’m based in Milan, the city where I still live though constantly traveling between New York, Paris, London and all the other capitals of the world.
-What do you remember about your school days, did you have many friends and what was your favorite subject?
I have beautiful memories of school, nice times. I’t is hard to choose my favorite subject but I think I was enjoying most of all Physical education. I have also attended the University of Physical Education, my dream was to become a Professor of Physical Education with expertise with children. But unfortunately after few years I had to interrupt my studies because of my current job that takes me away a long time. I have many acquaintances but few friends, a few that I bring to my side in my current life. There are only few people I can trust now.
– How and when did you start your modeling career?
I started my career as a model not so much time ago about 3 years and half ago, I was scouted by an agent while I was walking the streets of Milan he noticed me and immediately sent me to the offices of Giorgio Armani, starting then this beautiful path that I am doing.
What was your first impression of the modeling world and was there anything that surprised you or that you didn’t expect?
I had heard many things of this world of fashion over the years, about different negative experiences of my colleagues and at the beginning of my career my biggest fear was that these things could happen to me. But I’ve always had the good fortune to be handled by true professionists, people who belived in me, invested their time to promote, to protect and to understand if needed.
What is your Opinion on Homosexuality?
I come from a very rigid and traditionalist family, my dad couldn’t understand and accept so much the homosexual world. This world, unlike many others, gave me an additional value to my life, making me appreciate tremendously the homosexual world unlike what my father thought. I think there are no differences if a person is homosexual or not, the important thing is to learn to respect people without judging. Freedom and respect are the two most important principles in life.
– Do you remember your first assignment as a model?
I met Armani exactly 3 years ago for the first contract signing, giving me the opportunity to walk on his catwalks for Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani. I’ll never forget his incredible energy and his incredible calm, teaching me many things over the years. It was my first ever experience with regard to fashion. Unforgettable.
-What has been the funniest job that you have done as a model so far?
I don’t have one in particular. I’m always positive and have a lots o fun on set anyway, trying to enjoy the moment. I love my job and love meeting new people. I hope to continue like this for many years!
How would you put these factors in order of importance for becoming a successful model: the right look, hard work, luck?
Hard work in the first place, followed by much luck and the rest. You need understand and know your limits, where you can push and where not, guaranteeing to be handled by a big management behind and to have a manager who really believes in you, the rest is all alone with time if YOU really believe in yourself! I HAVE to say thanks to that angel who sees me from the sky, Massimo Curella, the first person who believed in me. And of course now to my current manager, the lovely MASSIMO FESTARI and all the d’management group, Marta, Simon and Luca!
Which modeling jobs, campaign or editorial, marked the beginning of “a new level” in your career and made you one of the most successful male models?
I consider myself a very lucky guy…I’ve practically started my carrier with Armani, the BIG of the worldwide fashion industry. I did shows for Armani, 4-5 Armani’s campaigns taken during these years, thanks to these numerous advertising campaigns I was able to enter the famous rankings of, an achievement never achieved before by an Italian model. Of course there are other brands I worked for, but I have to be grateful to Armani for my success.
Which Fashion capital is your favorite: Paris, Milan, London or NYC? Are the markets in Europe and in US very different?
I would say Milan, it’s my hometown now and I like working here. I don’t think every Italian model will agree with me though; sometimes there is a feeling that Italian clients prefer working with foreign models, and it’s sad cause I think there is big potential in our country and we need to give more opportunities to native people. Anyway, I also love States, where with the help of SOUL ARTIST MANAGEMENT (my American Agency) managed by the great owner JASON KANNER and his group, gave me the opportunity to get to be known overseas.
-What do you like to do in your free time, do you have any particular hobby that some might find odd?
I guess I’m an atypical pattern model. I do not like the worldly celebrations, parties and everything about partying, drugs and alcohol. Healthy way of life is important to me. I love the privacy, being with my closest friends and cook for them. I love the sport and everything that makes me move, run with headphones and have my independence. I love my place, my uncle Alfonsina, her husband Gianni (they took an important part of my life.. when I lost my parents) and ACERNO, this incredible place in the middle of the mountains in the south of Italy, MY SECRET PARADISE!
-Thanks Fabio for sharing your story with me!
It was a great pleasure to me to learn more about you, and thank you for giving me this opportunity to get to know above all thanks to this interview! Thanks Christopher!!

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