Wednesday, November 11, 2015

World Premiere Interview: Gordon Winarick

Gordon Winarick:

Making a Splash!

One of the joys of this job is getting to know some great people. One of the coolest guys I’ve gotten the privilege of becoming friends with is Gordon Winarick. Gordon is a gracious young man with his head on straight. He is grounded in life by an outstanding support system and he has his priorities in the right place. Here is our initial interview.

What are your long term aspirations?
: After modeling, I am going to start my own business combining music and fashion.

If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?
GW: If I was not modeling, I would probably be traveling around the world. I haven’t gotten to travel much, but I know that there is so much to see, and so many different cultures to experience. Seeing all of that is very important to me.

 You’re in incredible shape. What does your workout routine look like?
: I like to be in the water, so swimming is my favorite form of exercise. When I am not swimming I’ll cruise around on a bike or go for a run.

 That makes sense. My favorite Photoshoot of yours is “The Splash Series” by Fritz Yap. A perfect day for Gordon is…
: Wake up really early and cook a huge breakfast. Always have to have some good coffee too. Go for a hike to a waterfall and go for a little swim, ideally in some place like Hawaii or the Maldives. Then go to a party where all of my family and friends are. That sounds pretty perfect to me.

Sounds great to me too! What is your favorite cheat food?
: Waffles and ice cream. You just can’t beat it!

 Wow! I’ve never tried that. It’s now on my list! What do you do in your spare time?
: I spend a lot of my spare time learning about nutrition and how the body works. That is part of the reason why I like cooking so much, its all pretty interesting to me.

Favorites Run Down…

  • TV Show: Entourage
  • Movie: Pursuit of Happiness
  • Music: a$ap Rocky, The Weekend, Leon Bridges, Louis Armstrong
  • Sports Teams: New York Yankees and New York Giants

Being a die hard Patriots fan I’ll give you a pass on the Giants. If I asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?
: Most of my friends would make up something just to bust my chops, that’s what my friend group is like, we are always all picking on each other, but it is all out of love. If you were to ask them to describe me I would think that they would say that I am always up for anything, they would most definitely say that I am always hungry, and probably say that I am a true loyal friend.

 In one word describe yourself, tell me why.
: Grateful. I have a great group of family and friends that support me, and the entire world to go and see. I can walk and breathe, and have the ability to learn and do anything that I want. That’s more than enough to make me happy.

 There’s nothing better than a great support system. Who inspires you?
: I don’t have anyone in particular that inspires me. It’s more the kind of person or the action that inspires me. I have so much respect for people who do things going off of gut feeling, regardless of what others think. The kind of people who put their work out for everyone to see and don’t really care what they get in return, they are just happy with what they did for themselves.

In five years Gordon Winarick…
: Is living in Los Angeles and New York. Heavily involved in the music, entertainment, and fashion industries.

Tell me something few people know about you.
: I went to Penn State for college, and decided to leave because it “just didn’t feel right” to me. I knew in my gut that there was something bigger out there waiting for me.

Here’s what I know for sure. No matter what Gordon decides to do, he will be wildly successful. The ingredients are there. He has spirit, drive and determination. Whatever he does, he will make everyone around him proud. One day I’ll say, “I know Gordon Winarick!”

Follow Gordon on Instagram (@GoGetGordon) and Twitter (@GoWin24).

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