Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jarec Wentworth by Rick Day

Drool-Worthy Jarek Wentworth 6
Rick Day is an excellent photographer, and although I know that plenty of guys out there will recognize that he has a simple and repetitive style to his presentations of gorgeous men, there is absolutely no denying that his images always get attention. This new shoot featuring a hot and sexy man named Jarec Wentworth is no exception.
Drool-Worthy Jarek Wentworth 1
Although he’s a little too perfectly groomed for my usual tastes, there’s no doubt about the fact that he’s a handsome guy, with a great body.
Drool-Worthy Jarek Wentworth 2
There’s a lot to appreciate about this hunk, from his handsome good looks to that stubble, the short hair on his chest to the teasing nature and attitude of the images. I do like my men to be a little more naturally hot and hunky, but I would not be kicking Jarec Wentworth out of my bed any time soon.
Drool-Worthy Jarek Wentworth 3
The only thing I would change about this guy is that stubble. It’s a little too neat, isn’t it? Maybe I’m just being extremely picky, but I like stubble to be a little more wild and less sculpted.
The thing with the internet is that one page leads to another and before you know it, you’ve wasted 2 hours surfing a man you’ve only seen thru a screen which is essentially stalking. I did exactly that with Jarec Wentworth just because he’s too hot to miss. Here is the list of things I found.
Jarec Wentworth by Rick Day
First, Jarec Wentworth ‘is da bomb’ in his photoshoot for Rick Day from highlighting his fuzzy chest on clean tattoo-free muscles which is one of gay porn’s modern-day treasures.

Drool-Worthy Jarek Wentworth 4Drool-Worthy Jarek Wentworth 5

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