Sunday, December 27, 2015

Teofil Brank aka Jarec Wentworth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A gay porn star is accused of trying to extort $1 million and an Audi R8 from a businessman named “D.B.” That adult star has been named as Teofil Brank, or Jarec Wentworth to his legions of fans. Brank has been arrested by FBI agents and is now languishing in jail as he waits to face charges.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Documents State That Brank Told D.B. That ‘He Was Going to Bite Hard’ If He Didn’t Get What He Wanted According to documents, Brank was arrested in March after he begun “demanding” the keys to an Audi R8 as well as $500,000. The affidavit states that beginning on February 16, Brank sent text messages to a businessman referred to only as D.B. If D.B. didn’t comply, then Brank said he was going to post photos of the pair’s romps on Twitter. One message to D.B. allegedly read “I’m just going to bite hard. I want a new car, motorcycle and both hands full of cash.” Prosecutors say that after receiving these messages, he handed over the cash and the car.

2. The Judge in the Case Is Trying to Have D.B.’s Full Name Released:
The Los Angeles Times reports that a judge has tried to force prosecutors into identifying who exactly D.B. is. While My News LA reports that lawyers for Brank told a judge that D.B.’s name had been mentioned already on one gay porn blog. Those lawyers added that they believe it’s a matter of public record because they say D.B. was paying Brank for sex.

3. Gay Porn Stars Are Coming Out in Support of Brank/ Several gay porn stars have come out in support of Brank’s situation. One star, Seth Santoro took to Twitter to write, “There’s two sides to every story. sneaky ass “johns” think they’re f*cking slick. They pull the dirtiest moves and cry when it backfires.”


4. One Gay Porn Blog Thought That Brank’s Career Was Getting Hot Again in 2015Brank is signed to, which on its homepage refers to itself as “The Most Updated Gay Site on the Net.” According to a blog posting from Str8 Up Gay Porn, Jarec Wentworth was “getting hot again” as of March 9, 2015. The piece mentions how he burst on to the scene in 2012 but his career cooled before heating up against after he signed with Men. In 2015, he also appeared in an underwear commercial.

5. Just Prior to Being Arrested, Brank Was With His Girlfriend, Who Had No Knowledge of D.B. According to an online profile for Brank, he’s a native of Carmichael, California. Brank was arrested at a Starbucks in Southern California when he met with who “D.B.” called a “trusted friend.” That friend was really an FBI agent. In an email, obtained by Str8 Up Gay Porn, Brank says he was with his girlfriend when got the call to go and meet D.B.’s friend. Brank says in the email that she had no knowledge of D.B. but that he kissed her because he thought D.B. was going to have him killed. The porn star adds that he didn’t know what the meeting was about. It was there that he was arrested, shortly after D.B.’s friend handed over the title to the Audi. According to documents, Brank and D.B. met each other when the alleged victim sought to invest in the gay porn industry.

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