Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Exclusive Interview: 5 Favorites With Pablo Hernandez

Since Pablo Hernandez is one of My favorite models, I took the time to get to know him by asking him some of his favorites.

Favorite City: Hard choice. Miami is always close to my heart, but honestly, I really love LA. I love San Francisco, Barcelona and New York, too, but I feel LA is where I belong. I’m in New York right now after spending 24 years of my life in Miami, which I truly love–I run that place!, but career wise and mentally, my favorite city is LA, it’s where I see myself.
Favorite Underwear Style: I would definitely say bikini briefs. And for bathing suit, Brazilian speedo. I’m not a fan of the boxer, and briefs are my tan line, too. Briefs have more mobility, they’re more airy, and they don’t constrain the thighs. Definitely bikini brief.
Favorite Movie: I’m a huge movie fan, and ever since I got into acting I see tons of movies, but for some reason, I gravitate towards The Hunger Games. Hands down, my favorite move is The Hunger Games. I’ve seen it in the movie theatre four times! It’s just, every time I start watching, I’m taken to another world, somewhere else.
Favorite Celebrity: My boy crush is Ryan Gosling. My girl crush is Emma Stone, she’s so sexy and right on point. When I grow up I wan to be Ryan Gosling. I love him. .  I wish I we could be best friends!
Favorite Food: I don’t wanna be a bad influence, but I have to say French fries. I don’t eat very many, but God, I love them. I just wish they didn’t make you fat. I’d have a French fry IV if I could.

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