Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Italian Gelato sexy ads Controversial!

A controversial advertising campaign for the ice cream brand Antonio Federici Gelato Italiano brings new meaning to the dessert cliche "sinfully delicious."
The sexy ads, which depict a nun and priest on the verge of kissing (while holding a carton of ice cream), is being investigated by a UK advertising standards agency after a complaint was made on the grounds that they are demeaning to people who have chosen a religious vocation. The ads feature the taglines "submit to temptation" and "kiss temptation." The food magazine Delicious has refused to run the ads.
An ice cream company banned from using an advert displaying a pregnant nun has vowed to position similar posters in London in time for the Pope’s visit.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered it to be discontinued, saying it mocked Roman Catholic beliefs.
Antonio Federici’s advert showed a pregnant nun eating ice cream in a church, together with the strap line “immaculately conceived”.
Defending the banned nun advert, Antonio Federici said the idea of “conception” represented the development of their ice cream.
It added that the use of religious imagery represented its strong feeling towards its product.
The firm said it also wished to “comment on and question, using satire and gentle humour, the relevance and hypocrisy of religion and the attitudes of the church to social issues”.
The banned advert was featured in editions of The Lady and Grazia magazines.
The ASA said in its ruling: “We considered the use of a nun pregnant through immaculate conception was likely to be seen as a distortion and mockery of the beliefs of Roman Catholics”.

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