Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mens' Meggings are Back in Style!

‘Meggings’ company designs leggings for men

Chicago-based Meggings Man Clothing is bringing spandex pants made for males to the masses. ‘You see skinny jeans on guys everywhere, and meggings are clearly the next step in that direction.’

Men have been wearing leggings for ages, and they are known to pop up on male runway models and rock stars. But will your average Joe forgo pants and put on tights instead?
Adam Freck and Andrew Volk think so. In December, the Chicago-based duo launched Meggings Man Clothing, a company that specializes in leggings for men.
Meggings Man Clothing’s leggings come in a number of colors and patterns, including metallic gold and camouflage. Unlike traditional leggings, which are typically worn by women, "meggings" were designed with the male body in mind. They have inverted triangle panels on the hips, wide waist bands and faux flies in the front.
“These are absolutely intended to be worn in public,” the company told The News.
So, what should men wear with their leggings? Meggings Man Clothing suggests pairing them with T-shirts, tank tops, jackets and hoodies, along with heavy boots or “vintage kicks.”
“We also see a lot of our customers layering with their meggings: under shorts, or even wearing two pairs of different colors and pushing up the legs of the top layer,” the company said.
Another meggings styling tip? Men should keep in mind that meggings are made of polyester and spandex, which means boxer briefs or compression shorts are wiser choices than baggy boxers.
Talk of meggings being fashion's next big thing popped up in December 2012. They were spotted all over New York, and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Russell Brand were seen rocking some man-leggings. Back then, GQ took a stand on the meggings movement: “No.”
The meggings are available in medium, large and extra-large — based on waist measurements.
Yet stretchy pants for the male population may be making their way to the mainstream. The folks at Meggings Man Clothing said they’ve already had customers come back for more.
“These days, you see skinny jeans on guys everywhere, and meggings are clearly the next step in that direction,” they said.

“We saw a real demand for an easy, wearable spandex pant for guys to incorporate into their everyday wardrobes,” they told the Daily News in an email.

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