Saturday, February 20, 2016

Anna Wintor: Advice

For 25 years, Anna Wintour has been on the helm of Vogue Magazine. As its editor-in-chief, she helped make Vogue into the fashion bible that it is today. Be schooled by this stylish icon by heeding her famous fashion advices:

Dress According to your Shape, Style and Size

This gem of an advice is one of the greatest that Anna Wintour has ever spat out. According to the British editor, the best way to look good is to find a style that works with you. That means owning a modish trend that complements your size and shape. This is not only applicable to fashion, it applies to hairstyle as well.

Less is More

For someone as high-profile as Anna Wintour, you would expect her to rally behind expensive yet simple-looking garb. But her ideology is actually the opposite. She believes in buying a few good pieces, instead of wasting your money over 100’s of just-okay clothes. True to her first fashion commandment, she is okay with only a handful of fashion items, as long as it looks good and fits her well.

Work With Your Budget

While Anna Wintour always works on expensive, haute couture things, she is for budget-friendly brands. In fact, she salutes the likes of Gap and Marc by Marc Jacobs, as they are some of the few lines that deliver good designs at affordable prices.

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