Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Daniel Craig is Back as Bond!!


Following constant rumors over Craig’s future in the James Bond franchise, the actor is claimed to be on board for a fifth film given wife Rachel Weisz’ permission.


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47 year old English actor Daniel Craig has portrayed the Ian Fleming created super spy James Bond on four occasions, and he is contracted for a fifth. The actor commented during the press circuit for Spectre that he would rather “slash [his] wrists” than return to Bond. The implications of this comment have blown out of proportion, and now it seems up in the air whether or not Craig will opt to play Bond for a fifth go around.
According to the Insiders  a “close friend” of Craig’s said that he is on board to return to the role, but only if his wife Rachel Weisz allows it.
This anonymous source claims that Weisz is worried about the chronic pain of injuries that Craig has sustained through filming the Bond films. The grueling nature of the shoot is likely where Craig’s wrist comment stemmed from as well. Craig does many of his own stunts in the films.
Craig apparently “wants to do another Bond,” but Weisz wants him to “turn the page” away from this phase of his career.

The biggest question from this article is obvious: Who is this close friend? Dame Judi Dench, perhaps…
All jokes aside, this development throws a wrench in news that Craig would leave the Bond franchise to pursue an acting gig on a television adaptation of the Jonathan Franzen novel Purity.
If The Sun’s source is to be believed, we finally have some solid proof of Craig’s desire to continue playing Bond. Still, we remain in the dark beyond mere speculation.
Last  Week though there’s much speculation over whether 'Spectre’ would be Craig’s last outing as the British secret agent, there’s no official word as yet.
Craig now famously said that he’s rather 'slash his wrists’ than appear in another Bond movie, though those comments were made immediately after wrapping a lenghty, arduous and very much international shoot for 'Spectre’, rather implying that if he had to do it all again at that moment, he would really rather not.
That said it’s thought that he’s contracted to make another Bond movie, but whether its producers Eon would hold him to such obligation if his heart isn’t in it is another matter.
So far neither Craig nor Eon have commented on whether he’ll appear in the next Bond movie, which will be the somewhat historic 25th in the series.

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