Saturday, February 6, 2016

David Gandy tells Country what to Eat to be a SuperModel!

David Gandy tells the country what to eat if you want to look like a supermodel 


He says the "nutritionally inept" nation should start eating more fruits and vegetables as he reveals he is launching a line of nutritional snacks.
 British male model made a career out of his good looks, and for those wanting to emulate his model physique he has revealed his secret to keeping fit.

The 35-year-old has encouraged the nation to include fruit in their diets. “It's the same for everyone really, it's about hydration in everything you do,” he told the Daily Express. “It's very simple, just stay away from processed foods and eat as many fruit and vegetables as you can.”

Gandy once revealed to The Telegraph that he achieved his physique with “hard work”. The fact is that no magic pill, no short cuts and no clever cheats will bring you the results you want, but small changes can make a huge difference," he said. He strongly believes that the nation needs some guidance when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle. “This country is nutritionally inept and that needs to be remedied.” 
 And with a 15 year modelling career under his belt, and still going strong - it seems he's got the formula right and wants to share it with the world; he’s revealed his own line of nutritional snacks is on its way. “I'm bringing out my own line of supplements this year and wellness bars with completely natural ingredients,” he said.

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