Monday, February 8, 2016

Dawn Wells guest stars on B&B!

The Bold and the Beautiful will have a guest star appear on its cast in February. If you’re a fan of Gilligan’s Island, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that a familiar face will grace the screen on B&B.
Michael Fairman On-Air/On Soaps reports that Gilligan Island’s Dawn Wells will join the show next month. The actress played the beloved Mary Ann on the long-running comedy series and is slated to play Alice, a friend of the Forrester family on The Bold and the Beautiful.
 Photo published for Gilligan's Island Vet Dawn Wells Guest Stars on The Bold and the Beautiful
TV Line further reveals that a rep from B&B released this tidbit about Wells’ character on the soap. “Ridge holds a cocktail party at the house and invites Alice and the company’s other long-time vendors. But first, he takes down the portrait of Maya that’s been hanging on the wall and replaces it with the portrait of Stephanie.”
Wells will play an old friend of Eric and Stephanie’s, who is also a Forrester Creations buyer. The character of Alice is introduced when Ridge Forrester decides to reclaim his place at the Forrester mansion.
Dawn’s air date on the show is Friday, February 19. Fans of Gilligan’s Island will enjoy watching Wells on the show. It’s unclear how long her character will stick around.
 If she’s a friend of Eric and Stephanie’s, chances are she’ll be around for at least a few episodes. If she’s not on for too long, hopefully viewers can learn a bit of a back story on how she came to know the Forresters.
There’s the possibility that if Wells is on The Bold and the Beautiful for an extended length of time, she might be a new love interest for Eric. After all, he’s been without a woman for quite some time now.
B&B recently cast Alley Mills’ (who plays Pam) real-life husband, Orson Bean, on the hit CBS soap. Bean played Howard for two episodes in January and was an airplane passenger sitting next to Liam. He was forced to listen to Liam carry on about how badly he wanted to get back to Steffy after accidentally taking a plane from L.A. to Australia with Ivy. Prior to his air date, it was speculated that maybe his character would have been linked to Pam.
With the casting of classic Hollywood actors coming to the canvas on The Bold and the Beautiful, it adds more intrigue to the show. Stephanie Forrester’s mother was played by Betty White, which was a major addition to the show.
 A few spoilers were released as to what’s about to happen with Ridge’s decision to reclaim his place at the Forrester mansion. It sounds like another war is about to begin between Ridge and his former stepson, Rick. Ridge never liked the painting of Maya hanging up above the fireplace at the Forrester mansion and he’s about to do something about it. He wants to see his mother’s painting back where it belongs. Rick had it put in storage when he decided to exchange it for Maya’s portrait.
Ridge hasn’t been on the show in recent weeks, but when he comes back to get 2016 underway, he’s set on making some changes. With Caroline expecting Thomas’ baby, he’s anxious to reset a few things around him.
The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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