Thursday, February 4, 2016

Is There A Bisexual Love Triangle Brewing On B&B?!

The World's #1 television serial, The Bold and The Beautiful has spent most of its years only telling the lives and loves of straight folks, even though the show is set in the gay friendly fashion industry. But that all changed earlier this year when it was revealed that Rick Forrester’s lover Maya was transgender and used be a man named Marvin. As you would expect there was some drama about Maya’s revelation, but it led to a happy ending (for now) and Rick and Maya were married a few weeks ago. However B&B isn’t finished telling the stories of GLBT characters. 
Again, last week it was reported that The Bold and the Beautiful was in the process of casting a bisexual fashion designer named Christian. a white male in his late 20’s. The buzz is that , Christian would become involved in a romantic triangle with a male and female on the show. While there’s plenty of women for Christian to romance, B&B currently has no gay or bisexual men on the canvas. That could all be about to change.
There are rumors that Christian will play the spoiler for burgeoning couple Zende and Nicole when he gets a job at Forrester.
At first, Christian strikes up a romantic interest in Nicole, but soon finds himself drawn to Zende. However, as Christian and Zende grow closer, Zende becomes confused about his sexuality and denies he’s gay. Zende refuses to give into his feelings, however, and decides to have sex with Nicole. But when that goes bust, Zende realizes that it’s Christian he really wants.
Is this the story that B&B is going to tell with their new bisexual character? At this point, this is just rumor and who is going to play Christian hasn’t even been announced. But if it does work out this way, it’s certainly going to be new territory for daytime, much like the transgender storyline. I’ll have more updates as they come.

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