Monday, February 15, 2016

Nicolas Coronado Interview – Spain’s Next Top Model

Report by Mina Sutton (Uvenio's Intern)
In the midst of the Barcelona Fashion’s Backstage we spotted the figure of a young guy who had a special aura. I recognized it was Nicolas Coronado, who in an adorable manner, accepted an interview with Men Style Fashion. In a rushed environment Nicolás achieved to make Gracie and myself feel comfortable and relaxed, as if we were sitting with a coffee with our friends.

Nicolas has a clean glaze and is watchful and has a great smile. He has a majestic presence and has something different from the rest of the top models. Talking with him we discovered a cheerful guy, expressive, full of projects, active, a great lover of arts and other types creative expressions like acting, modeling and painting. ‘ I love painting, it’s vital and important for me’ says Nicolás, while we see how his face radiates with fascination.

His DNA could explains a big part of his character: the caste of Dominguin, Bosé and Coronado. A life between unique personalities, creative and free souls and brilliant artists. Nicolás Coronado is more than a promise. He has some amazing projects in cinema and TV and he would like to exhibit his paintings, for the first time. Coming back home, I cannot resist to take a look a his paintings. They are truly amazing, as he is.

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