Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ripped male model becomes an Instagram sensation


Ripped male model becomes an Instagram sensation thanks to his 'dirty' comfort food recipes (and, yes, he DOES eat everything he makes) 

Isaac trained alongside Angela Hartnett before he broke into modelling and now he's returning to his culinary roots by launching The Dirty Dishes

A male model is proving that he's got both beauty and brains as he launches a successful culinary career alongside his day job.
Isaac Carew has become quite the social media star thanks to both his blue steel poses and talents in the kitchen.
The male model, 29, from London, has starred in campaigns for the likes of Hermès, Moschino and Reiss - but he's happiest with a wooden spoon in his hand.
saac trained alongside esteemed chef Angela Hartnett in his early 20s and now he's returning to his culinary roots by launching The Dirty Dishes, a website and YouTube channel dedicated to easy, delicious meals.
Speaking to FEMAIL about his burgeoning brand, he said: 'I've been into food since I was a little kid. 
'Both my dad and my godfather are chefs so it was a natural road to go down growing up I also studied catering for two years I just have a pure love for food and flavours.
'The Dirty Dishes is a place to find healthy, tasty dishes that can be cooked by anyone with a little knowledge around a kitchen.'
Whilst a lot of models have a reputation for surviving off lettuce and cigarettes, Isaac's recipes prove otherwise.
His recipes include classic British grub and comfort food such as macaroni cheese, apple and rhubarb crumble and warm goat's cheese and pear salad. 
'I eat everything and anything,' he admitted. 'I generally eat pretty well while being health conscious though not restrictive. I do try to stay away from sugars unless they're natural.'
And the secret behind his honed physique and six-pack? 'I float between boxing and yoga with a bit of running here and there but I'm no gym freak. I'm generally just healthy and active I'm not one to laze about all day,' he said.
Unfortunately for his fans, Isaac isn't single. He is dating the equally good looking fledgling pop star, Dua Lipa.
Dua, who is 19 and also from London, is signed by Lana Del Ray's management and her recently released song, Be The One, won her plaudits in the industry.
So does Isaac count himself as the next - and better looking - Jamie Oliver?
'Jamie's not a bad looking guy so I'll let others be the judge on that one! But I would love to have that kind of foodie empire,' he said.
'I see my career going onwards and upwards. You name it: TV, book deal, restaurant. 
'I'm full of ideas so only time will tell.'

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