Thursday, February 4, 2016

Versace 2016: Who is going to wear this stuff?

Who is going to wear this stuff? was the first thing that sprang to this editor’s mind once eye contact was made with Versace’s FW16 menswear collection. Donatella Versace wowed critics with her recent Spring 2016 womenswear collection, and she certainly pulled no punches when it came to her latest offering for men.
The Italian house of opulence took us on a journey to outer space, but avoided modern underpinnings of interplanetary discovery – telescopes, black holes and all that boring science stuff. 
Instead, Versace revealed silver flight jackets (probably an essential when piloting a space craft, to be fair), silver pants, cosmos-printed suits and, that most timeless of wardrobe essentials, a white denim two-piece covered in plastic toy cogs.
Cynicism aside, this was pretty much the most ridiculous, kitsch, and downright entertaining collection I’ve had the pleasure of viewing and writing about in the past year or so. Fashion isn’t meant to make sense, and it’s not hard to imagine a ton of these pieces being absolutely adored by Versace fans far and wide – ones that are presumably much braver dressers than I.

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