Saturday, February 6, 2016

What Real Men Look Like In Underwear Ads

You know how incredibly sexy David Beckham looks in those underwear ads? Well, the Sun flips those images on its head with a photo shoot of real men posing in the similar set ups. The question is, are you just as sold (or turned on) by these men as you are by the models they replaced? Check out the four shots below and let us know what you prefer: John Doe or David Gandy.
H&M, John Doe vs. David Beckham
 Dolce & Gabbana, John Doe vs. David Gandy
Calvin Klein, John Doe vs. Freddie Ljungberg
Armani, John Doe vs. Cristiano Ronaldo 
It’s not the first time the paper had fun with body image, take a look at the guys they found to pose in the buff.

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