Friday, March 25, 2016

All about Clint Mauro!

Name: Clint Mauro
Age: 30
Height: 6'2
Place of origin: Indiana, USA
Ethnic origin: Italian American
Birthsign: Aries
How discovered:
I did a model search in Los Angeles and several agencies, including David at Nous, called me back. It didn't pan out at that time but later signed with Al David as my manager and started working with Nous.
Favorite things:
I love sandwiches, watching movies, going to the grocery store and the ladies.
What you miss about home:
I miss my family and my close friends. But you can't beat the weather in sunny LA!
Some of your favorite bands:
Blink 182, Green Day, the Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Killers
Movie you want to see next:
X Men 3
What are some of your hobbies:
Writing, studying acting, snowboarding, working out, playing basketball, going to nice restaurants for dinner.
Person you'd love to meet and why?
I'd like to meet Clint Eastwood. My father actually named me after him. I admire his work and the path that he took to get there.

Get Close With Clint Mauro!

His A/X underwear posters rule NY right this second, which is why I caught up with Major’s Clint Mauro, at the A/X store poster signing in Soho. Clint then stopped by to see ME! yes, me! for this Q+A where this modest young campaign icon answered a few of  my burning questions.

Your pictures are all over town and in the magazines. How has it been being the A/X underwear model? 
CM: It’s been really amazing. I am so happy to be a part of something that’s had such an incredible response.

What was it like at the A/X event this past weekend where you met a lot of your fans?
CM: It was so much fun meeting the fans. I loved the turn out and the excitement people had when they came in was so great.

You were our model of the week a year and a half ago. What exciting things have you done since then?
CM: I’ve gotten to work in Milan, do the shows and work with Mr Armani himself. It was such an amazing experience. I’ve worked with GQ and I’ve also shot a few other campaigns with AX.

You obviously go to the gym but what’s overall most effective for you in staying lean?
CM: I finally just gave in and started eating better. I keep it simple with my workout. I do cardio, and natural workouts like push ups and sit ups.
In brief, what’s your favorite exercise to do when you work out?
CM: Yoga would have to be my favorite at this point. It’s a totally different kind of workout than I’m used to and it gives me a complete mental and physical workout.

Thanks, Clint for stopping by!
  CM: You’re welcome!

World Premiere Interview: Max Schneider

When candids emerged from the set of Madonna’s latest Dolce & Gabbana campaign, everyone wondered just who that mystery male model was and where he came from. I caught up with the young man himself, Max Schneider and found out a bit more about the exciting multi-hyphenate actor-singer-dancer-model; he’s so much more than meets the eye.

Now, you’re just 17 so are you still in school?
I’m a senior at a professional performing arts school, our school’s main purpose is for kids that work in the industry. They have an on location program so students don’t get penalized when they take the day off to do work, they really embrace it.

Do you act as well?
MAX: I do, I’m an actor, singer, dancer. I love it all, there’s nothing like it.

How long have you been doing that?
MAX: I have been acting, singing, dancing since I was four. I saw my first Broadway show when I was four and I came home and I reenacted The Lion King on my living room table for all my family and friends. From then I knew that this was what I was meant to do and I’ve done it ever since.

Now with modeling were you discovered on the street?
MAX: I go to this acting school called “Act Teens” and we do mostly film and on camera work and they had been contacted for this editorial in GQ about actors in New York so they sent me to Jamie at a Street Cat Named Desire and I went up for it. I didn’t end up getting it because I was too young but after that they gave me another chance, they saw something in me. I went up for this Dolce & Gabbana ad and I was lucky enough to book it. It was incredible.

So this is like your first big ad, what was it like doing that ad?
MAX: It was absolutely fantastic, just an incredible experience and they were all so nice to me. They really embraced the fact that I wasn’t really as used to that type of world as I was with the acting world, so it was very comfortable.
The ad features Madonna, what was it like working with her?
MAX: It was very comfortable. She walked in the room, and I’m a big Madonna fan so I was expecting it to be nervewracking but she walked in and it was totally fine. I felt like her son for the day, I was supposed to be her son in the ad campaign actually. She was just so nice to me, it wasn’t like I was some random kid, she really treated me with respect and I truly respected her for that. She’s such a superstar but she treats you as though you’re on the same level. It was really incredible and she’s just a very nice, sweet person. I was pleasantly surprised.

Do you think your training as an actor helps you model ? Modeling is a bit like playing a role.
MAX: Actually it helps so much. At the shoot that I did (for Dolce & Gabbana), there was an acting coach there that they had brought in for the models, once we started out and she started telling me what I needed to do and after a couple of minutes she said “Oh, I don’t need to tell you too much, you seem like this is really natural. Are you an actor?” and I said “Yeah, I’m an actor” and she said “It’s so much easier when you’re actors, it’s great.” It felt much more comfortable to be thrown into different roles due to my acting training.
Now, I know that you said that musical theater is your thing, is there any particular one that stands out to you? I’m sure at school you’ve done productions.
I love musical theater, I was in a show called 13 (on Broadway) last year and it was an amazing show. It was incredible, it was actually the first all teenage cast on Broadway ever so it’s a different experience. Broadway is like a family but it’s more so family when they’re all kids. They’re all working together; it was really like we were growing together in this professional world. As for other musicals, I love A Sunday in the Park with George, Spring Awakening, Hair. I love the King and I, which I did this summer at this camp I go to. I never really loved the show but once I did it (I played the King) it became one of my favorites. It’s such an incredible piece. I could go on and on.

Now, how much were you into fashion before you started modeling?
I have some friends who are very into fashion but I never followed it too intensely. I always try to be fashionable and I try to wear nice clothes but I wasn’t reading all the magazines and such, but I’ve always appreciated it. The world of fashion is incredible, it is ever-changing and spontaneous, one day something can be in and the next day it’s totally out, it is fascinating.

  You have a really unique look, what is your background?
MAX: It’s funny, I get asked if I am Hispanic all the time, I get Italian a lot too, but I’m actually Russian, Polish, Irish and English which a lot of people don’t think I really look. It’s all a very interesting mixture; I’m very Russian, 50%.
Are there any sort of goals you have as an actor or as a model? Things that you would just really love to do?
MAX: In the overall scheme of things I want to use what I do, my art to help the world, help people. For professional work wise, I’d say keep doing what I do now. I want to work on films, work on movies. Music wise, I write my own music as well and I have a demo coming out, an EP which is called “First Encounters, Max Schneider” I love John Legend, Justin Nozuca, I’d love to collaborate with those people anytime I could. Film stars wise… Tom Hanks, I’ve always loved Tom Hanks and I don’t know what kind of movie I would do with him but that’d be an incredible experience.
 Tell us a bit about your charity work.
MAX: I’m a part of this company called “Move for Autism”, speaking of the art helping people and the world. What we do is raise money through dance and acting and vocal shows and we raise money for Autism Speaks which helps autism research. The founder of the actual company, her younger brother has autism. There’s two shows this week actually; it’s always been the most rewarding thing to me. You can have fame, you can have fortune as an actor but when you know what you’ve done has helped children, helped the world and made a difference, that’s when you know that art is really doing something. I want that company to grow and expand and help the world.

World Premiere Interview: Joel West: Model Icon

With his iconic Calvin ads, editorial work with fashion’s legends and ongoing success, Joel West is among the most prolific male models of all time. His signature look and commitment to professionalism have made him a star in the world of fashion, but the enterprising Mr. West is also an accomplished actor, photographer and father of two. I sits down with the face behind all that memorable imagery, to find out more about his life, his career and his passions.
 How long have you been acting as well?
JOEL: I started acting a few years after I started modeling, so about fourteen years. I’ve been modeling about half my life.

 You’ve had some really incredible modeling moments – I remember your iconic Calvin ads. What are some of your personal favorites?
JOEL: One of my favorite moments that always comes to mind, is when I walked the Versace show in Milan and Naomi Campbell was opening the show as the big special guest. It was a mens’ show so they had her like a “ring girl” carrying a sign down the runway. We met in the middle on the runway and she said “Here, you take this, I’m sick of holding it.” I was like “I don’t think I’m supposed to have this sign” but you know, Naomi told me to, so I took the sign. I was like “Really? You have to walk down one time and you can’t hold this sign?” At least she didn’t throw it at me, right?

Since you act, and you have to throw yourself into roles – do you find that modeling gives you the same thing?

JOEL: What’s cool about modeling is that I love it now more than I ever have. I think it is because of acting and what you don’t get to do as an actor; acting is based so much in reality, whereas modeling is based in fantasy so it is really fun to take some acting exercises into modeling and create this fantasy world. As opposed to moving pictures- it’s just all the work thrown into this one frame- it’s really cool. I enjoy it and I’m a photographer as well so I appreciate it from that side.
 Oh really, what kind of pictures do you take?
I started with landscape photos but I’ve been doing a lot of portraits. I haven’t quite entered fashion; maybe someday.

With your acting career are there any particular roles that you aspire towards?
Joel: Well, I sort of see myself having a fairly diverse career. I just shot a short with my wife that we produced, it’s a comedy so that’s fun. I don’t see myself getting cast in comedic roles often, but I love it and I’ve done it in theater. I see myself taking on darker roles, possibly in science fiction. I like the interesting characters, someone with a dark history. I’m a pretty normal guy, I have two kids, a wife; it is kind of fun to live in the fantasy of the modeling world and walk a mile in other people’s shoes as an actor. That’s why I like both of these things, I think that they’re very similar.
 Have you done anything recently that you’ve just really enjoyed and had fun with?
Joel: I had a good time with the V Man shoot that we did, the clothes were fantastic. It had been a while since I’d been surrounded by clothes from every designer. I was trying all these things on, saying “Wow, this is fun”. Working with Josh Olins was great, Jay (Jay Massacret) from VMan is awesome. So that was a blast and my buddy Marcus (Marcus Schenkenberg) was at the shoot as well. It was a good time. I did a Marlboro thing recently which looked really cool. I hope to be busier in the future. I kind of take it as, I’ve been out of the business for so long it’s kind of like I need to start from square one. Start shooting, building up the book again and seeing people.
 You’ve worked with all the greats, some of whom have actually passed away. Is there one defining moment when you worked with Herb Ritts or Richard Avedon, that stands out to you?
Joel: I just remember sitting down and talking to Richard Avedon at lunch and just being impressed by what a visionary artist he was. I’ve never been in more pain when I shot with Avedon, the positions he puts you in for such a long period of time and it’s so specific. It was interesting and I’m glad that I had that experience. Herb was just a really sweet guy to me, you know we just came in and everything was set up and we shot. I don’t think it was for like any big special campaign, but working with him was wonderful.
Do you keep all of your stuff for your kids?
Joel: I try to, I try to keep everything. I have like ten portfolios and pictures. I definitely don’t have everything. I think someday they might be interested in it or they’ll probably just think it’s stupid. “Why did you keep all these pictures of yourself?”

World Premiere Interview: Sebastian Sauvé the Boy Wonder

When Sebastian Sauvé made his runway debut at Calvin Klein last summer, his bright blue eyes and blocky, angular face garnered him a lot of notice. When he was featured on the cover of the second issue of L’Officiel Hommes Germany in the fall, he quickly became a face to watch. Born in America and raised in Germany and England, Sauvé held off on modeling for several years after being scouted to focus on his studies. The wait has clearly paid off. Sauvé spoke with on the eve of his first show season in New York back in February.
 How did you get discovered?
SS: I went traveling with my girlfriend before I started university for four months. Florida, Central America, and our last stop when we were completely broke was Los Angeles, at a dirty dive of a hostel. I met a guy there named Scott, from New York, who wanted to be a radio presenter. I was hanging out with him and he asked if I was a model. He knew people at Ford in New York and then he organized a casting in Los Angeles. They said I was a bit tall but they liked my look and they asked me if I wanted a job but I was only there for a few days until I went back to England. They recommended a few places I should pursue when I had time in London. Then after a year I went into Premier in London and they picked me up
 When did you graduate from university?
SS: I actually have one year left. I did two, I took this year out, and I intend to go back in a year or two. I’m studying business management, which is such a pointless degree. You can’t learn to run a business from reading a book. I’ve learned more working in a chicken restaurant than in a university. I definitely want to go back and finish but I might change my degree to marketing.
You’ve had a lot going on in the last year or so…
SS: I’d say last half-year, about six months. It was a slow start because of my situation, living away from London, but then I pumped out a bunch of editorials. And then I did Paris and Milan in June, and those were my first-ever shows. Calvin Klein was the first show, which was really good. Originally I didn’t want to go to Paris because I didn’t think it was my scene because of my size. They’re so intensely skinny there, but then I got directly booked. Then more editorials. While I was in Paris, I was supposed to go back to England and pack up my apartment into storage in two days and start an internship in London, but then last-minute they said I had to stay in Paris one more day and buy myself a new ticket and all this. Eventually they convinced me to stay and that was the L’Officiel Hommes Germany shoot and when that came out in September I was on the cover. That cover, everyone recognized it, so I think that really made me.
Good decision on your part! So are you still doing the internship then?
SS: I did three months for the Gucci press office. It went very well. They said I was the best intern they ever had. And that was completely separate from modeling. It was business-related and I figured if I did it within fashion I would pick up a few contacts while I was there, which I did. I really enjoyed it.
 Why did you choose to pursue marketing?
SS: I’m a businessman. I like coming up with ideas and putting those ideas forward and seeing the results. 
 Are you living in London now?
SS: I guess I’m technically homeless and have been since I moved all that stuff out of my flat into storage. While I was doing the internship, I was couch-surfing. As soon as I finished that I went home where my mom lived and slept on the couch there. Then a holiday in Portugal to visit my girlfriend where she was working, then I came to New York for a month and stayed in an apartment out of the same suitcase I had been living out of for five months. And then to Spain and back to my girlfriend at her parents’ house. And then Paris and Milan, and now I’m here. So when I get back I need to try and get my stuff out of storage and have a home again. 
How much longer do you think you’ll be living out of a suitcase?
SS: I hope to get an apartment when I go back to England, an hour and a half away from London in the Midlands. At the same time, I do want to take my career to as many corners of the world as possible: Moscow, Rio, Cape Town, I want to do all those thing while I can. But I do want to have a base that I can go back to.
How are castings going so far?
SS: Good I think. It’s so hard to tell because you don’t get the feedback that you want. But I do the walk, the polaroids, try the clothes on for all of them, had some callbacks, some fittings, some confirmations already. So fingers crossed. This is my first time doing shows in New York.

Model Artist: Victor Norlander

Victor Norlander is well known for his lithe editorial and runway look but his original passion came much before modeling. A classically trained ballet dancer, Victor reveals a different side for through the lens of Dilia Oviedo. Filming Victor doing what he knows best, there is no doubt this Swede is more than just a pretty face.
When did you begin dancing
When I was four years old

How does it influence your modeling:
Dancing helps me to be aware of my body and movement in front of the camera

What type of dance do you love most:
Lyrical Jazz, second choice – street dance

What dancers do you look up to:
Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain – 1952

Favorite City to Dance:
New York City!

Model Artist: Eric Ramos

Eric Ramos, is no stranger to the streets of NY. Before he started modeling he was a break dancer earning his money by performing in places like Central Park and Times Square. Fast forward a year and Eric is walking the runway for Givenchy, demonstrating a little street cred goes a long way. 
How were you discovered?
I was approached as I was performing on 14st union sq with my crew.
If we were to find you break dancing in NY where would it be?
If you want to find me break dancing in NYC come to Central Park, Battery Park, or 42st Times Sq.
Has the world of break dancing style influenced your own?
Break dancing actually saved me from many things, it is a way of expressing myself and I found my personality as I learned new moves. It was exciting to show my friends that I was a fast learner and extremely flexible- some said I have an old soul. But it wasn’t easy- took a lot of practice, effort and dedication, as I got better I realized this is my passion.
What rules of break dancing do you apply to modeling?
When I started modeling I had the idea that this should be a piece of cake, because I already knew how to move my body, face, chin down as photographers say. But it wasn’t that easy. I noticed when I became better at dancing how much time and patience it took, I said to myself maybe it’s the same thing as dancing. I just have to be patient and not forget where I came from cause that’ll separate me from the others.