Sunday, March 13, 2016

Interview: Marvin Garcia

Modeling was an unexpected turn of events for Marvin Garcia. During our interview with the Baskit model, he shares that he never really saw modeling as a career path. He even goes on to laugh a little, and admit that he sometimes finds it to be boring. But what’s really cool about Marvin’s modeling career is that he gets to share it with another model, Nelson Marin.

Marvin and Nelson are currently dating. They were discovered at the same time by photographer Rich Mackey, and now the two model together as well as on their own. Marvin tells us that Nelson has been in the modeling game longer than he has. But just because Marvin Garcia is a fresh face doesn’t mean he can’t work it like the other men.

During my interview with Marvin, we talk about his experiences modeling for Baskit and what it’s like to share a photo shoot with your boyfriend. We also talk about Marvin himself, from his other career paths to shameless hobbies.

DOB: Dec. 23, 1982

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Relationship Status: Taken

Height: 5′ 6”

Weight: 155

Waist Size: 29
Show Size: 9

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Ethnicity: Latino
So we know you’re a relatively fresh face. How long have you been modeling for Baskit?
I just actually started. I think it’s been a month, a month and a half.

How did you first get involved with modeling for them?
There was a charity event. Every year in San Diego for the kickoff pride party, the charity raises money and there was a fashion show. We were modeling and then Rich [Mackey], the photographer, saw both us liked, liked what he saw and picked us up.
What is it like getting to join your boyfriend in a photo shoot? 
Well since I haven’t been modeling as much, I learn a lot from him. He’s kind of almost like that mentor that I never had. Whenever I’m say doing a solo shoot or he’s right next to me, he’s always there by my side to guide me. Modeling is boring to me. It never registered in my mind that I would model.

What is the best experience you’ve had during a photo shoot, with Baskit or anyone else?
I love art, anything that has to do with art, I will definitely jump on it. Nelson got me into it, I never thought that I was actually a model. For me it’s kind of like a challenge that I would definitely take on. Because I’d always think of that stigma, like ‘oh you have to be tall and big,’ but Nelson definitely broke me out of that hole got me out of that stigma.
Are there any photographers you especially enjoy working with?
Well what triggered it is when Nelson and I first started dating. There was this guy Michael, he is a pharmacist but he does photography on the side. When Nelson and I started dating, he wanted to take both of us for our first ever couples’ photo shoot. He made me feel comfortable enough to make it natural and authentic and not so rehearsed.
What is your favorite Baskit collection or look and why?
I like the Ribbed Jock. At first I was kind of hesitant. But once I put it on I was like ‘wow, this actually fits better on my booty.’ I looked over to my side and was like, ‘wow, this actually fits.’

What do you think Nelson brings to the table that you don’t?
He gives me that motivation, and whenever I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, he give me feedback that I can do this. Confidence I guess you could say. And just being supportive.
Since you’re new to modeling, do you have any other jobs or hobbies that fill your time?
I’m a teacher. I teach second, third and fourth grade. They’re mostly paraplegic students, and I’ve been doing that for seven years now here in San Diego.

Are there any quirks to your personality that you think people would get a kick out of knowing?
I do love to dance. I’m just like that fun-loving, outgoing kind of person, or personality. Always positive, always along for the ride to do anything that is new. I’m adventurous and I like to travel a lot.
Where do you see yourself going with modeling? What comes next for you and Baskit?
If they continue to like what I do, then I will definitely stick with them because that is the heart of everything, of how I became a model. If they continue using me, then I will stick with them. And if there are any offers, I will pick those up. Whether it is commercial, or a fashion show.

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