Sunday, March 20, 2016

World Premiere Interview: Joseph Swaggerty: Promising Actor!

0ne on 0ne Interview with
 Joseph Swaggerty!
Tell Me about yourself and where are you from. since you the upcoming actor everyone will be talking about. How did you decide you want to be an Actor? Where did you study Acting? Do you have other talents beside Acting? I am anxious to know more about you since my dear friend have told me to met with you since you're a very talented artist.
My name is Joseph Swaggerty, and I’m from Hanover, PA. I had been a painter originally, and despite having talent in fine arts, something was missing. My friends convinced me to audition for the theatre club at my college, Kutztown University, and I inevitably got “the bug” as they say. Since then I have been doing all that I can to better my skills and grow as a person as well as an actor. 
What do you consider your best feature?  My smile
What is your favorite Comfort food? Biscuits with sausage gravy
Favorite Designer:    H&M
Favorite Shoes:   Anything that is comfortable and looks good
Favorite Sneakers:   Anything that is comfortable and looks good
Favorite City:   New York City
Favorite Country:   USA
Favorite Jeans Brand:   Levi’s
Favorite Movie:   Gladiator
Favorite Female Actress:   Natalie Portman           
Favorite Male Actor:   Bryan Cranston
Favorite Hot drink:   Strong black coffee 
Favorite Cold drink:   Dark beer
Favorite Wine:   Cabernet Sauvignon       
Favorite Sports Team:   Baltimore Orioles
Favorite TV Sitcom:   The IT Crowd
Favorite TV Drama:   Breaking Bad
Favorite Smell:   My grandmother’s house
Favorite Sound:   The doorbell whilst waiting for the pizza delivery guy
Favorite Workout:   Squats
Favorite Gym:   Planet Fitness
Favorite Shampoo:   Marrakesh
Favorite Magazine:   Game Informer
Favorite Book:   Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey
Favorite Game to play:   Cards Against Humanity
Favorite Female Singer:   Ella Fitzgerald  
Favorite Male Singer:   Freddie Mercury

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