Saturday, April 9, 2016

Eden: The Fall of Paradise

 2 Nights Ago: April 7th, the Night everyone been waiting for!!! 
It became an Historic Event and made lots of History! Live from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, The Fashion Art & Design Club present the biggest Epic show in history collections of Design students in Menswear & Womenswear. EDEN: The Fall Of Paradise, inspire by Adam & Eve....
As the Advisor, And my Club Committees are ready to make every talk down the Runway!!! LIVE STREAM to follow!!! Here is me with my very spectacular President of the Fashion Art & Design Club president, Stephanie Ali! With many fantastic committees on the club of Alana Fox, Veronica Apsan, Alysson Smith and Jennifer Lee, the amazing and flawless Fashion Institute of Technology students!!!
With the help of my 3 dearest friends: Vasilios the famous shoe designer and faculty at FIT, Sara Mullins: the Chair of the Accessories Department and international designer Lawrence Pizzi who all helped me put the final touches!

 At the Premiere Event of Eden: The Fall of Paradise, there were also Stars and Familiar faces, bloggers, Press and the Medias! 2 Former Students of my Project Runway Stars, Christopher Palu and Wesley Nault
Seven times Tony Award winning Producer/Director, Sam Viverito who was one of the original cast members of A Chorus Line! Male Actor Max Rhyser  international model, stage, television and film star! Newheart Ohanian Celebrity Stylist/Designer who work have appeared in over 50 global fashion magazines from Shanghai to Korea! Fashion designer Naama Doktofsky made headlines the dress President Obama's daughter Sasha wore to Cuba, and Jackie Lamont, millinery designer whose work have been seen all over the world including Michael Jackson!
Bob Mackie Model returned to the runway, Lora Brooks! Yes, we brought in Vanity Fair editor & the NY Times editor.  International Fashion Photographer Lynda Churilla! International Runway SuperModel Avadora Mimouni! Christopher Healey, another former student Donna Karan designer. Bridal/Sportswear designer from the 70's, and taught at FIT for over 30 years, Wallace Slove. Designers from the industry: Gregory Nato. Alexis Dratell. Meredith Zink. Kirby Budz.

Makeup and Hair by Blue Michael Cosmetics
All the Beautiful and Masculine Models on the Runway direct from the International Agencies! Among those appearances......
Avadora Mimouni, Kevin McPhee, Harridot, Brendan Amoruso, Hasaana Smith, Lena Lexy, Kirstin Pollack, Briy, Nick Lubchuk, Jessica Goehner, Joline Nunes, 
Charles Fleischer, Orenella Ress, Trich Augstin, Kevin Colby, Kianna Louis, Mark Krisztofer, Estefanie La Morena, Jino, Shannon Gallardo, Avery Willie, Claudio Vadivia, Anasstasia, etc...
Premiere FIT designers including David Augpoint Issac and  Soundarajan Vasumathi!


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