Friday, April 22, 2016

World Premiere Interview: Avery Willie

 The Young and the Masculine with 15 Tattoos and muscles, at age 24,  Avery Willie recently seen on the Runway on the Most talked about Fashion Show: EDEN: The Fall of Paradise that made History! 48 Models in 60 looks, no suprise to have Avery Willie   seen with just a green Ken Wroy briefs! A body that is flawless and tattoos that is masculine, Avery had no problem showing his Physique. Avery will also be seen in my Coffeetable book and yes, his Tattoos will be revealed too!
Avery is a model/actor hailing from rural Maryland. He was a star athlete in both high school and college, where he majored in business management. Football was his passion then, and now his focus is on performing. Riffing off of his experience modeling in college fashion shows, Avery moved to New York City where he is now honing his craft. A genuine, raw, and naturally talented guy next door, the versatile and athletic Avery Willie is ready to work.              
 -I have been modeling for a little almost a year.
- I have 15 tattoos: five on each arm, 4 on my stomach and one quote on my left side rib.
- my favorite feature about myself is my humor, everybody loves to laugh and I love to laugh so I try my best to keep the good vibes rolling.
- my comfort food has turned into salmon, I'd put pizza but that's everybodies comfort food lol!

- I'm a simple guy my favorite shoes are Air Force ones white on white. Nothing like a fresh white pair of air forces.
- I must say NYC is my favorite city so far, never a dull moment and everybody here is from around the world so I get to learn a lot about different people and cultures.
- my favorite country may have to be Europe just because I keep hearing amazing things about it and plan on traveling there soon so I'm excited. I would have put USA but I've been here a majority of my life so that would be a little bias..

- I currently don't have a favorite Jean brand I'm just happy if I can find a pair of jeans that can fit (short legs but thick thighs make that a struggle) lol!!
- I have a million favorite movies but to slim that down a bit I would have to go with Friday, next Friday, and Friday after next... Hilarious.
- favorite female actress is either Mila kunis or Zoe saladada they are both drop dead gorgeous and fierce amazing actresses
- my favorite male actor may have to be Denzel Washington, loved him in John Q but hated him in training day because he played that role perfect

- my favorite hot drink is a tie between green tea and black coffee. They're both a must in my daily life!
- I love some Merlot usually but when it's warm outside I prefer Pinot Grigio
- my favorite cold drink may have to be colt 45 malt liquor 😔 I don't drink soda or much juice and I'm pretty sure water isn't a good enough answer.

- my favorite sports team is the Washington Redskins. I'm An army brat so I've been traveling a lot but I was in northern VA for awhile and fell in love with them.
- my favorite sitcom is family guy, like I said I love to laugh.
- I really don't do drama movies or tv shows so I have none
- favorite smell is weed In The morning. Nothing like a wake and bake. And if we're keeping this 18 and under bacon smell does things to me lol!

- my favorite sound is poetry in music, music keeps me sane
- my favorite workout is squats because the leg muscles are the best
- my favorite sound is Doritos being chewed.
- my favorite shampoo is Pantene pro v because I used to have long hair and it took care of it.

- my favorite gym is planet fitness because it's only 10 dollars. I played football for ten years I don't need a trainer to help me through the weight room.
- my favorite magazine is men's fitness and men's health. There's a lot of good information in the articles and I would love to see me featured in there articles or magazine.
- my favorite workout must be any quadricep workout because it's the biggest muscles so once u work that it releases endorphins which results in a better overall muscle growth.

 THANK YOU AVERY! Will see you in my designs in few weeks! 

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