Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Bold and The Beautiful won 10th Consecutive time in Monte Carlo!

New today out of Monte Carlo has that The Bold and the Beautiful had won the Golden Nymph for the tenth consecutive time at the 55th annual Monte Carlo Television Festival in the International TV Audience Awards in the “Telenovela/Soap Opera” category.
B&B series stars:  Karla Mosley (Maya Avant), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester) and Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) accepted the award on stage at the Closing Awards Ceremony at the Grimaldi Forum.
 The 10th Annual TV Audience Awards category rewarded the programs that gathered the highest number of viewers worldwide in 2014 across five continents. The nominees were pre-selected among the 15 best-performing foreign fiction programs in 64 countries. The win signifies that The Bold and the Beautiful delivered higher ratings worldwide in 2014 than any other telenovela or daily drama series.  
Created by Médiamétrie, Eurodata TV Worldwide distributes programming and audience information based on its partnership with the national institutes operating people meter systems throughout the world.
   Thanks to the ratings data provided by Médiamétrie that led to past wins at the Golden Nymph Awards, Guinness World Records has acknowledged that  
The Bold and the Beautiful is currently the
 world’s most popular daytime TV soap.

Krit McClean: 5 Fast Fact about the Naked Male Model of Time Square!

Krit McClean stood naked in Times Square on top of the TKTS booth for about 90 minutes Thursday!
A naked model spent 90 minutes dancing, ranting, repeatedly calling out Donald Trump and taunting police while standing on top of a building in Times Square before jumping about 15 feet to the ground.
Krit McClean, 21, survived the plunge of the TKTS booth, the New York Daily News reports.
The incident, which began about 8 a.m. during the morning rush hour was caught on video by numerous bystanders, and was streamed live on Periscope.   
McClean was hospitalized with minor injuries after his fall, the Daily News reports.
Here’s what you need to know:

1. McClean Screamed Out ‘Donald Trump Where Are You?’ & Also Proclaimed His Love for His Mom!

McClean, “neatly folded his clothes,” and then climbed up onto the TKTS booth near Broadway and West 47th Street.
During his 90 minutes of naked dancing and ranting he called out presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump multiple times, including at one point yelling, “Donald Trump, where are you?
He also talked about his love for fashion and proclaimed his love for his mom.
“He said, ‘No, no, no, no Trump’ and he kept screaming,” smoothie vendor Mohammed Adam told DNAInfo.”He kept talking about Trump and kept saying, ‘I’m jumping. I’m jumping.’ There were a lot of cops up there.”
Police stood by and at times McClean taunted them. The entire incident was streamed live on Periscope.Hundreds of people stopped to watch McClean in person in Times Square, while thousands more watched the live streams as the incident unfolded.

2. He Missed an Inflatable Bag Set Up on the Street, But Was Not Seriously Injured,

Police set up an inflatable bag underneath McClean, trying to prevent injury if he jumped. But when McClean did jump, he missed the bag, hitting the pavement.
McClean was taken to Bellevue Hospital for minor injuries suffered after jumping. He will also undergo a psychiatric evaluation, according to police.

3. He Was Born in Bangkok & Grew Up in New York City.

McClean was born in Bangkok, Thailand, but grew up in New York City.
“My style is inspired by experiences and interests including: sneakerhead culture, extensive travel through Asia, urban street-wear, art, hip-hop, and modeling,” he says on the site.

4. He Played Soccer at Amherst College & Stuyvesant High School.

McClean was a soccer player at Stuyvesant High School in Tribeca and went on to play soccer at Amherst College in Massachusetts. He was listed as 6-3 forward on the team’s 2012 roster, and appeared in some games that season. It is not clear if McClean continued to play for Amherst after that year.
He says  that he was set to graduate from Amherst this year. But on McClean says he was studying at Columbia University.

5. He Has Appeared in Several Magazines Since He Started His Modeling Career in 2014.

Krit McClean began his modeling career in 2014,  He is signed by New York-based One Management.
He has been featured in several magazines and also has been a runway model, McClean recently appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Thailand and GQ Thailand.

The Devil Wear Prada turns 10!!

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of one of the shadiest films of all time, The Devil Wears Prada.
When She Has HAD IT 
 When This Coat Is More Important
 Than Your Life
 When This Coat Is More Important Than Your Life
The grand marshal of that shade parade was none other than Miranda Priestly, the Meryl Streep of fictitious fashion editors, in one of La Streep's greatest performances. The editrix-in-chief of Runway is the be-all end-all of cinematic bitchery, so in celebration of the decade since she first threw her coat in the face of the public conscious, here's a guide to reading the couture house down.
That's all. 
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Krit McClean: International Male Model

Most models don't care about the clothes that stylists put on their backs, but Krit McClean isn't most male models. The handsome Brit, who's half Thai and boasts an Oxford University education, documents his outfits and travels on his eponymous men's blog. 
Now based in New York, Krit has been booked on runway shows for Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, and has appeared in various magazines -- including Out.
Height: 6'2"
Suit: 40
Waist: 30
Shirt: 15.5
Shoes: 11 US

Agency: One Management NYC

Krit McClean: The Nude Male SuperModel of Time Square!

Krit McClean Times Square supermodel rants about Donald Trump: How a rising supermodel lost his marbles Thursday morning and gave NYC a wonderful spectacle. 


Making their entry into tabloid fodder is the perplexing visage of international fashion model extraordinaire Krit McClean who Thursday morning gave New Yorkers more of an eyeful than what they may have bargained for as they went about their business in Times Square.

 Krit McClean
Having made a spectacle of himself before plunging 16 ft below and suffering degree of bruising (after missing the air bag that had been set up for him) questions are now being asked, who exactly Krit McClean is and what was he doing prancing about on a red stage in the buff screaming about Donald Trump?
Began screaming the disjointed model circa 8am Thursday morning while baring it all: ‘Donald Trump, where are you?’ during a very special personal runway performance that had Times Square and traffic below captive for an hour as Krit refused to heed police directives to get down.
According to the New York Post witnesses told of the giddy fun runway times square bonanza starring Krit McClean beginning his new found gig when the 6’2 30 inch new daydream edible in your life started screaming at a random woman before taking off his wristwatch and throwing it in her direction. 
From there McClean dressed in a yellow shirt and black pants proceeded to disrobe near the Disney store at West 46th street where he proceeded to take on his special one man show on the road.
Having by now totally stripped off all his clothes, our collective dream hunk then ‘dashed up the red stairs’ on top of the TKTS booth on West 47th st and 7th and started shouting obscenities .
Screamed the model who also as it turns out went to selective high school Stuyvesant High school and ivy league college, Columbia University:
‘Donald Trump where are you, Donald Trump where the f–k are you?!’
According to Kit’s personal blog  along with explaining he is a scholar of sorts, the blog reveals him being born in Bangkok and growing up in NYC before completing his bachelor’s degree at Columbia University, while making time of course to be an uber model for the like of Versace and Dolce Gabbana, including an appearance in OUT magazine, while also making note that he was still a virgin. Do you suppose?
Making the most of his very own runway stage, Kit was then observed spitting at cops, taunting them, along with pulling on his private parts while (naturally) performing some sort of work out routine while atop the 20ft ledge.
Yes Kit darling, you are the hero rebel you always knew you were.
Taunted our collective hero as cops tried to get him to come down: ‘I’m jumping, I’m jumping.’
Notes one passage from Krit McClean’s personal blog:My style is inspired by experiences and interests including: sneakerhead culture, extensive travel through Asia, urban street-wear, art, hip-hop, and modeling,’
‘The primary intention of this space is to showcase my aesthetic and lifestyle, though my larger message is to live life as your own individual. Be yourself, be open, be interested, be interesting, and dream!’
Krit may have forgotten the part about also being a tabloid hero. Never mind.
Adds the uber model in another area of his blog: ‘Fashion is personal and subjective. To me, an outfit is a way to express your aesthetic to the surrounding world, but more importantly, to yourself. Ignore the noise- enjoy wearing what makes you happy!’
Or enjoy not wearing what you like and be happy?
At one point during his rant, the photogenic pretty boy and Times Square supermodel started screaming, ‘I love fashion, it’s taught me so much! while even taking the time to drop the names of iconic fashion photographers Bruce Weber and Mario Testino that the model may or may not (yet) have worked with.
By then New Yorkers below with their cellphone video cameras working overtime were heard wondering how high Krit must have been and how much coco pops he must have overdosed on earlier that morning.
 Krit McClean
With cops trying in vain to get Krit to come off stage (sorry NYPD, Krit is not just finished yet) the Times Square supermodel refused to budge until eventually jumping off the ticket booth ledge and narrowly missing a massive airbag cops had deployed.
Taken to Bellevue Hospital with minor injuries, Krit McClean, come Thursday morning ended up adding his own vibrant unique voice to the unswerving crazy drama that is NYC on just another busy weekday morning….

Krit McClean
Krit McClean
Krit McClean
Krit McClean