Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Krit McClean: The Naked Model fron Time Square!


Model, 21, who danced naked on a ledge in Times Square for an hour, gets his case dismissed conditionally due to psychiatric issues as he begins battle against manic episodes.

 McClean (pictured in a runway show in 2014) said he had a genetic predisposition to manic episodes and had spent seven days in a state of mania when he stood naked in Times Square

  • Krit McClean, 21, climbed naked on top of Times Square staircase in June
  • Pulled on his genitals and shouted for an hour before jumping off platform
  • Faced charges of public lewdness, disorderly conduct and exposure
  • Showed up in court Friday appearing calm as assistant DA dismissed case
  • McClean had a manic episode for the first time of his life, prosecution said
  • Must continue treatment and go to court again before charges are tossed.
  •  If McClean (pictured outside of court on Friday) continues to receive treatment and gives the court monthly updates, his charges will be dismissed
    A New York model who stood naked in Times Square while screaming nonsense for an hour has received a conditional dismissal in court.
    Krit McClean, 21, had the first manic episode of his life that day and must now receive treatment before his charges are dismissed, the prosecution said on Friday.
    McClean showed up in court and acted calm and well-mannered, according to the Daily News - a far cry from the behavior he displayed on June 30.
    The Columbia University student, who has modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, climbed on top of the Father Duffy Square staircase in Times Square without any clothes nor shoes on, prompting police to close down the area.
    Negotiators tried to soothe him for an hour as he shouted nonsensical sentences, including, 'Donald Trump where are you? Donald Trump where the f**k are you?'
    He also mentioned his love of fashion and called out famous photographers.
    McClean eventually jumped off the platform and was taken to the hospital. He was charged with public lewdness, disorderly conduct and exposure of a person.
    But Assistant District Attorney Daniel Makofsky gave him a conditional dismissal on Friday, saying that McClean had suffered from newly-found psychiatric issues.
    'It appears the incident likely took place while the defendant was experiencing a manic episode which was the first episode in his life,' Makofsky said according to the Daily News.

    McClean must now comply with treatment, give authorities monthly updates and appear for at least one more court date before his charges are completely dismissed.
    He is unlikely to suffer from a comparable manic episode again, his attorney Daniel Ollen said.
    McClean, who also studies at Columbia University, posted a photo of himself on Instagram on Friday, with the caption: 'out of court and back in the classroom'.
    He wrote in another post that he has been diagnosed with a genetic predisposition to manic episodes.
    'My behavior in Times Square on June 30 was a culmination of an unaware seven days of mania which distorted reality,' he wrote.
    'I respect the court's desire to understand what triggered my actions, and wish to thank the NYPD officers for their patience in handling the situation.
    'I will continue working with my doctor to maintain a balanced well-being: becoming self-aware has been progress in itself.' 
    McClean has a future court date on November 4 for an update on his status.

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