Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Laucas Garcez: The Interview

Lucas Garcez: “I like to work with photographers that let u free to express your atitude, your feeling toward the cam”

Hello everyone, I'm Lucas Garcez, 23 years old. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, but I grew up in Vinhedo (famous for the good quality wines), a small town 1 hour away from São Paulo and I also visit my dad in Santos, the city where he lives, located in the coast of São Paulo State. 
I think u guys are familiar with this city cause that´s the place where my bud Ed (the brazilian editor of World of Models) lives too. Since I was a kid I´ve been into the fashion world. I remember my first job when I was 6 years old for Fathers Day ad in Iguatemi mall São Paulo, I still have this picture ! My dad used to be a model before, so he used to tell me to keep doing that. He helped me and taught me so much about modeling. And he always support me about my decisions.
Making good friends around the world
I´m in New York now working and the best thing about modeling is to travel around the world and have the opportunity to live in different countries, see different cultures and also meet so many people, not just meet them, but also make good friends that u can keep for the whole life. There is no better experience than this.
Working with photographers? posed naked already?
I like to work with photographers that let u free to express your atitude, your feeling toward the cam. A picture is not just the model, you have a teamwork behind working to achieve the best result.
My previous preparation is a good night sleep the day before and focus on what I have to do, a previous talking to photographer helps a lot!

A funny story? Maybe not funny but something that happens sometimes when I arrive in the studio or in a shooting location. There are lots of models and we start a conversation in english. After 30 minutes talking we realized that we were all brazilian guys! lol lol
Male models X Female models
Women still rule this business (of course, they are beautiful lol!), but a picture shows a story. Behind a beautiful woman, there comes his man, so we are the half part of their image.

The catwalks experiences
In Asia I´ve walked for Tommy Hilfiger, Y-3, Burberry, Michael Kors.

A fashionista?
Not at al, but I like to read about the fashion world and I always wear what makes me feel good and comfortable. For a dinner Im gonna wear something more formal, elegant. "
When I´m with my buddies in Brazil, probably flip-flops, shorts and maybe not even a T-shirt lol.
Lucas Garcez By Jeff Segenreich!
Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!
Well this is a funny situation, I am very friendly and I always treats well who treats me well, sometimes people ask for a picture after a show or a shooting and I always accept it, but if I were a celebrity I think that it would be hard to attend all people. But, like I said, the most important thing is to be nice to everyone, after all, the fans are the main reason for your success.

Show biz, fame, success and the most important things for his life
Show business is the toughest business in the industry. I believe that fame can be both good or bad, u have to deal with gossips but also people recognize your hard work and effort that lead to be succesful.
Most important things for me are health, family, love and good friends ! o / :)
Lucas Garcez By Jeff Segenreich!
I love to watch and play soccer.

Having fun and enjoying life
I love nature, I love go to the beach, surfing and hanging out with my buddies

The craziest thing in a summer time season
The craziest thing I`ve ever done was trying to drink a snake`s blood and snake soup when I was in Taiwan.
Lucas Garcez By Jeff Segenreich!
Favorite body part and why
Smile because it shows the truth of a person

In his Ipod
Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Pete Murray, Donavon Frankenreiter, Matisyahu, Marcelo D2, Emicida and some others.

Favorite food
Lucas Garcez By Jeff Segenreich!
If you weren´t a model, u'd be…
An actor, because I could play many different roles feel how to be someone else`s life.

Guilty pleasure

To be successful and happy in whatever I do in life.
Lucas Garcez By Jeff Segenreich!

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