Monday, October 10, 2016

CBS Daytime too Hot To Handle!
CBS Daytime announced today the launch of Not Safe For Daytime.   They are promoting it as “an edgy new series of digital videos on its YouTube channel that highlights and promotes CBS Daytime’s popular programs.”
The webisodes are said to include: “inventive original skits, pop culture parodies and viral video spoofs, and feature stars from CBS Daytime’s #1 lineup.”  In the press release for the digital extras, Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, Daytime Programs and Syndicated Program Develoopment, CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution related: “CBS Daytime has one of the most passionate and loyal audiences in television, reaching 28 million viewers each week. 
We wanted to thank them by creating even more content, going behind the scenes of our series and showing a side of our talent that is, well, not safe for daytime TV! This is an irreverent, fun, ‘fresh’ way to bring CBS Daytime to our viewers everywhere at any time.”
After the jump, watch Not Safe For Daytime previews with “Bold and Delicious” featuring B&B’s Pierson Fodé (Thomas) who spoofs a sexy fast food burger commercial, and then Y&R’s Joshua Morrow and Steve Burton in the “Whisper Challenge”.  Inspired by popular video challenges featured on YouTube, The Young and the Restless actors whisper fun phrases to one another while wearing noise cancelling headphones.

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