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Juano Diaz: World Premiere Interview

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World Premiere Interview by Christopher Uvenio
Juano Diaz was born in Glasgow in 1977. At the age of seven he was adopted by a Romany Gypsy family where he was greatly encouraged with music and the arts. Juano has been featured as actor in five Scottish films directed by Wilma Smith, among them the documentary MAGPIE and the film MY LIFE AS A BUS STOP, for which he was was nominated for best actor at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2007 .
 Juano has worked on screen for Manfred Thierry Mugler in his short film Z CHROMOSOME which opened the Cheries Cheri Film Festival in Paris 2010. Noticed for his sittings as model for the renowned Pierre et Gilles, Juano appears in three of their iconic works. He also has had exhibitions of his own psychedelic portraits in Paris, London and NYC.
Juano debud as a film director in 2015 with DEUX OMBRES, an experimental film that tells his experience with life, loss and sexuality, mixed with a love of fantasy. starring Juano, alongside Pierre Commoy (Pierre et Gilles). And music by Cocorosie. The film was screened at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay Art NYC 2014. Juano currently resides in NYC his work includes painting, film and photography.
How long have u been modeling and you did you model for?
  I have been modelng since I was 18 when a glasgow based agency signed me as an editorial model, I am not tall enough to be signed to an agency so most of my booking since then have been direct. i have modelled for Pierre Et Gilles, Thierry Mugler,  Krys Fox, Mark Beard, Jay Eff london. mostly i model for Artists.
How many tattoos do you have?I have no idea really, I never counted. I don't even see them in a mirror anymore.

What do you consider your best feature? smile

What is your favorite Comfort food?  Breakfast cereal, cocopops

Favorite Designer: Gaultier

Favorite Sneakers: Nike Air

Favorite City: Reykjavik

Favorite Country: Spain

Favorite Jeans Brand: Levi

Favorite Movie: The Little Shop of Horrors

Favorite Female Actress: Julia roberts

Favorite Male Actor:  none

Favorite Hot drink: coffee

Favorite Cold drink: Milk

Favorite Wine: I don't drink alcohol

Favorite Sports Team: Rangers football team

Favorite TV Sitcom: Absolutely Fabulous

Favorite TV Drama: none
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Favorite Smell: My Boyfriend David's body

Favorite Sound: the ocean

Favorite Workout: football.

Favorite Gym: David Barton

Favorite Shampoo: I don't use any shampoo I am allergic to so many products.

Favorite Magazine: Eyemazing magazine

Favorite Book: Gypsy Boy on the Run by Mikey Walsh

Favorite Game to play: playstation 

Favorite Female Singer: Bjork

Favorite Male Singer: Prince
Thank you Juano!
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