Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mind The Gap…

Hard Cider Male Model
There are times when we all want to escape, to get out of our own bubble and have a little rest and relaxation. As someone who never had a gap year or even knew what it was (I don’t think most people living below the equator do), I just find the notion of taking a break between school and university or even a year out an odd thing to do – I’m sure Karl Lagerfeld never took a gap year let alone a break in his life. But having said all that, perhaps there is a reason to escape life and take a gap year if it looks anything like the latest ‘Gimme Shelter’ shoot from cult photographer Hard Cider. 
Hard Cider Male Model
Featuring male model Kyle Lieberman in the wild exploring and contemplating life while in various states of undress just conjures up a real sense of freedom, something I totally lack when my own life is so dependent and led by technology (I can’t think of anytime I’m not without one of my phones)… Maybe there is some appeal in a gap year, even just for the mind. Hard Cider Male Model
 Hard Cider Male ModelHard Cider Male Model Hard Cider Male Model Hard Cider Male Model Hard Cider Male Model Hard Cider Male Model

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