Sunday, November 27, 2016

Are All Male Models Gay?!

Heterosexual men in many instances do not need all of these qualities to attract women (as well as many lesbians.)  Additionally, "straight" couples have social pressures to pair off with a mate earlier, progressing to getting married and having kids.  Generalizing, but once you're taken especially in a marriage people often have numerous priorities over keeping up an appearance.  Where as gay men even once in a relationship continue to have fitness and looks meshed into their social groups creating a feeling of keeping up with the Jones.
Many gay men tend to be image-conscious in a similar way that heterosexual women are because typically their objects of affection are stimulated visually.  As a gay man I see several variables that come into play.  Going to the gym, keeping up with youthful appearances and dressing for the affair is constantly discussed in our social circles.  The dating scene requires a "model" type look to attract the cream of the crop. 
Getting off topic a bit, but back to your question... The modeling world is somewhat more accepting of stereotypical gay tendencies and gay lifestyle therefore a gay individual may feel more comfortable working as a model and making that a goal.
There are plenty of straight male models, the gay ones just don't have to closet themselves (because the industry as a whole is not generally homophobic), so you notice "more" gay men than you do in the everyday world.
 The industry as a whole is more open to varying sexual orientation than many other industries.
  1. There are a number of gay males already in the industry and starting out as a model you will work with a lot of different photographers and other models and many straight males are intimidated about working with gay males especially in a situation where everyone is looking at you so natural selection keeps a number of straight males from continuing in the profession.
  2. As many have already mentioned gay men tend to care more about their appearance and don't underestimate the amount of work that goes into maintaining you body image as a male model. 


  1. Many gay men tend to have creative and dramatic flair which draws them to careers such as acting, dancing, ice skating, modeling, hair styling, interior design, fashion design, etc.

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