Monday, December 26, 2016

Jarrod Scott Male SuperModel

 Aussie born of Italian/German decent, was scouted by a photographer whilst on holiday in the Philippines.
Jarrod launched his international modelling career walking for Givenchy AW12 in January and has since shot Vogue Hommes International with David Sims. Look out for Jarrod this year as we sense a very exciting major campaign on its way!
Age: 27 Birthplace: Australia Ethnic Origin: Italian/German Nickname: Jazz How were you scouted: In the Philippines by a photographer who then passed me into an agency Best feature: My relaxed attitude and energy I have when on set Favourite grooming product: I never use anything. No moisturizer, nothing.

Favourite food: Coconut Hobbies: Cooking, fishing and Xbox when I get the chance Fitness Regime: 30 minutes of isometric core then I run 8km Favourite Movie: Too many good ones are made to just have one favourite! What was the last track you listened to on your iPod: 30 Seconds To Mars – “Hurricane” Guilty Pleasure: Nutella Dislike: Leeches Dream country to visit: Galapagos Islands or Bora Bora If you got to relive one day in your modeling career it would be: I’d rather create a new best moment

 Who are your idols: Mohammed Ali What was the last thing to make you laugh out loud: Watching Ray William Johnson on YouTube One word to describe yourself: Ambitious
 Height: 6’1.5″ | 186cm Waist: 32″ | 81cm Collar: 15.5″ | 39cm Shoes: 10.5 UK | 45 EU Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown

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