Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sam Asghari: Britany Spear's New BF!

It’s a considerable step up from Kevin Federline. It’s also a considerable step up from any other man on the planet.
It looks as though Britney Spears is now officially dating Sam Asghari, that fitness model who’s prominently displayed in her “Slumber Party” video, as well as the video for Fifth Harmony’s work from home.
Spears and Asgari posted a joint Christmas message for fans on Snapchat that made everyone faint and cry and swoon. 
Britney has herself a guy who's not just really easy on the eyes ... he's a gentleman too.
Britney and Sam Asghari  did dinner together at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ in L.A. on Saturday, and her laugh and smile say it all -- she's having a good time with this one.
Brit's "Slumber Party" music vid co-star posted a pic of the couple doing sushi last month, but when he quickly deleted the post ... we wondered if it was anything serious. 
Our Spears sources confirm what these photos show -- it is. Serious, that is.
Not a ton of guys out there who look like Sam, and also open car doors for a lady.

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