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Dynasty: Will the New Dynasty be a Hit?

After Dynasty first premiered in 1981, it stayed on the air for eight seasons. But the influence of the series—which follows the oil tycoon Blake Carrington and his spoiled, sometimes shameless brood—has lasted much longer.
Now, Dynasty is getting revived in a smart, slick reboot last October on the CW. And while the show has been carefully updated for a contemporary audience—thanks to creators Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sallie Patrick, who’ve worked on shows like Gossip Girl and Revenge—it hasn’t lost any of the charm or over-the-top glamour that made it a hit to begin with.
Elizabeth Gillies stars in the series as Fallon Carrington, a young executive at her family’s energy company, who finds herself in competition with her billionaire father’s fiancée Cristal (Nathalie Kelley), who also happens to work with her—awkward. Sure, she’s having an affair with her driver, and it wouldn’t be Dynasty if Fallon and Cristal didn’t battle it out now and again, but here Gillies explains how the series has been given a modern overhaul and why the story of the American drive for money and success never stops making for compelling drama.
This is a series some people have been waiting on for nearly 30 years. How did you get involved?
I had just gotten my appendix out—a very romantic start to the story—and I was in the hospital and I got an email that they were rebooting Dynasty and that they wanted to see me for Fallon. At first I was disappointed because I wanted to play Alexis, as we all do, but then I read the role and saw that they had revamped it, made her a lot more vicious, a lot more like a character Joan Collins would play. So, I recovered, went to the audition room, and I think they cast everyone the next day; it happened very quickly. I did my homework, I watched a bunch of Dynasty before going in.
One of the great things about the series is that it doesn’t shy away from some of the theatrics of the original Dynasty, but it’s very much a contemporary story.

If you go back and watch the original Dynasty now, like I did, you’ll be stunned by just how much the times have changed. They were able to say things on television back then that would never fly now. Today, they’ve modernized so much of Dynasty; our cast is super diverse, which is a beautiful thing. Cristal is Latina, and Steven, who was somewhat closeted and conflicted in his sexuality in the original, is now an out and proud gay man and he’s having a relationship with Sammy Joe, who we switched from Heather Locklear to a Venezuelan guy named Rafael de la Fuente. We really made a lot of changes, and I think it’s very relevant now with everything going on in our political climate—we’re talking about oil, we’re talking about energy, we’re tackling a lot of issues, and we didn’t follow the old structure as closely as some might’ve expected.
What does carry on? Why is it important that this show is Dynasty and not just a new series with new characters?
People hear the word Dynasty and they immediately think of the cat fights, they think of the shoes, the fashion, and the dysfunctional family. That’s what we can all relate to, even if we can’t relate to the excess, is a family connection. The way we modernized it, Cristal and Fallon are contemporary 2017 women, and they are not fighting just to fight, they’re fighting over companies. They’re two business women, they want to be CEOs. For that reason alone, I think it was important to bring it back today and revamp it.
The idea of excess is so different now than what it was in the 1980s.Did you have to go bigger to portray today’s concept of the ultra-rich?
We’ve had a closer look at really rich people in recent years, especially on TV. The difference with our show is it’s not reality TV, it’s done in an elegant, almost old-fashioned way. You can call it campy or slightly over the top, but it’s done in such a fashionable, aesthetically pleasing way that I think it’s a bit more fun than watching something unstructured. It’s a lot of fun to do, and I hope to watch.
On reality TV, you’re often seeing people with the best of everything at their worst moments, though. That’s not what’s happening here.
None of us are laying around in a $10-million house eating chips and watching TV. We’re always doing something a little bit over the top.
What’s been your favorite part of playing Fallon?
It’s really everything I’ve ever wanted to do. I figured I wouldn’t get a chance to break down or cry until maybe halfway through the season, and it happened in episode two. So she’s crying, she’s laughing, she’s being vulnerable, she has a wild love triangle going on—I have so much to do as an actor that I’m never bored. And I get to do it wearing designer clothes.
The costumes are one area where the opulence of the original series can be seen. This show is not afraid of going for extreme looks.
My favorite moments so far with Fallon are when the situation doesn’t call for something extreme, but because it’s Dynasty, it’s fair game. For example, I had one scene where she was just coming out to eat breakfast, and all she does in the scene is eat. I think she’s drinking coffee and she’s on her iPad. But she’s wearing a head wrap, a kimono with fur, and feather slippers—for no reason. Those are the little things that people who watched the original Dynasty will enjoy. We’re doing it with a wink and a smile, because we haven’t forgotten about, you know, all those wonderful little things that made the original Dynasty so special. We’re sneaking in shoulder pads everywhere we can.

Dynasty returns: Raunchy official trailer for Netflix reboot features X-RATED scenes

The 1980s soap opera has been given a makeover and has been brought into the modern era by the creator of The OC and Gossip Girl, Josh Schwartz.
Still boasting as much glamour and backstabbing as the iconic series, the new extended video also teased many risqué relationships and more steamy scenes.
Dynasty returns: Raunchy official trailer for Netflix reboot features X-RATED scenes
Dynasty’s central plot is still the same, as the new show follows the story of two of America’s wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys.
At the heart of the series is Fallon Carrington (played by Elizabeth Gillies), an heiress who is on track to become the CEO of her father’s global energy empire.
But things soon go downhill for her when her dad Blake Carrington (Grant Show) summons her and her brother Steve (James Mackay) to the family home in Atlanta.
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In the trailer, Fallon is horrified when she sees him romping on his desk with a woman who turns out to be her stepmother-to-be.
Shocked to learn the young woman Cristal (Nathalie Kellye) is his fiancée, Fallon becomes increasingly paranoid and sets out to prove she is certainly after more than his wealth.
Expect plenty of backstabbing, devious plots and raunchy shots in this series minus the irreplaceable Joan Collins.

Knots Landing Diva is the New Alexis!

The mother of all soaps is here.
The CW's revival of Dynasty was definitely saving the drama for the reveal of its mama, with the cast and producers teasing the possible debut of Alexis Carrington (Joan Collins' iconic character) by the end of season one.
CW’s ‘Dynasty’ Casts Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis Carrington!!
And now we have official confirmation Alexis will make her highly anticipated appearance this season...Nicollette Sheridan is set to fill Collins' infamous shoulder-pads!
 Knots Landing Star Nicollette Sheridan is joining the cast of the CW’s Dynasty reboot. Sheridan will play Alexis Carrington, the first wife of Blake Carrington and mother to Fallon and Steven, the role played by Joan Collins in the original series. She will return unexpectedly to their world, challenging Blake’s marriage to Cristal, seeking to reunite with her children, and fighting to claim what is hers.
Nicolette also known for her other acting roles and appeared on ABC's "Desperate Housewives" and "Paper Dolls".
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Hao Yun Xiang: Loyal to Learning

 Whether he’s herding sheep in rural Australia, flying a plane off the coast of New Zealand, or hiking across glaciers in Iceland, top Chinese model Hao Yun Xiang is always ready for adventure—especially when it comes to work. The Beijing-native was a professional athlete before taking on modeling and rising up its ranks. “To me, travel is an excellent chance to meet new friends and experience new things,” he says. “From immersing myself in a foreign culture to opening my mind to ideas I never thought before, I always have something to gain from exposing myself to different people and places.”

Image result for Hao Yun Xiang interview
What is your favorite method of transport?
I love to sail. To me, sailing is another way to explore the world. Since I started at the age of 17, I have been very fond of the experience of crossing and exploring the ocean. It is full of challenges, but I feel like only when I sail can I break free from the pressure of daily life and completely be myself.
Do you prefer to depart or arrive? 
Whether by sea, land or air, I love both. Arriving always gives you the feeling of excitment that an adventure is about to begin while departing gives you the satisfaction of having collected new things and experiences. Either way, you never go home the same.
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How would you describe your packing style?
My packing is very simple. I bring a backpack everywhere I go because it holds everything I need and allows me to navigate where I'm going with ease. Time is very important when you're on the go, so I always have my watch with me. Music and a good book help me relax on the plane and headphones make a great accessories along with a ring and some cool sunglasses.
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 Finally, I never forget my favorite shoes. They have traveled long distances and across many countries with me.
What is your grooming regimen like when you're abroad?
First of all, try to get some sleep after you board. Put on a hydrating facial mask and a sleep mask for your eyes to help you look your best upon arrival.
In terms of what I pack, I always carry cleanser, face cream, eye cream, hand cream and lip balm. These are the daily grooming essentials that I cannot live without.
If I forget any skincare products, I make sure to pick them up at the duty free stores before I exit the airport.
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André Ziehe:The Look of An Underwear SuoerModel

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I had the pleasure of chatting with 2(X)IST underwear model André Ziehe recently. I’ve never met a Brazlian I didn’t like, and the same holds true for André. He’s a super nice guy, totally chill, and perhaps just a little bit eccentric–it doesn’t hurt that he’s so captivating in all of 2(X)IST’s underwear campaigns either. André opens up to us about when he wears pink underwear, the craziest thing he’s ever done, and chats us up about the recent 2(X)IST Spring fashion show ...
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 First, thanks so much for taking the time to chat.
André Ziehe: Thank you too, you’re always welcome! Let’s go for it!

So let’s start with some underwear questions! What’s your favorite 2(X)IST underwear range?
André Ziehe: I like the PIMA’s a lot; they’re very comfy and have a shape that I like!
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 Is shape and support in underwear important to you?
André Ziehe: Totally! I like feeling confortable when wearing my everyday underwear and, of course, it has to look nice in case you suddenly meet a girl… haha.

So when you plan to meet a girl, do you have a special pair you put on?
André Ziehe: Not really, I like wearing plain colors, either black, dark blue or white (which are my everyday underwear too).
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Always better to show your true self! And what’s your favorite cut of underwear? Boxer brief, trunk, brief, etc. and why?
André Ziehe: Brief, for sure… I like the support that briefs give and the way they look on my body. When I was younger I used to wear boxers but I think they make my legs look shorter so I started to use briefs for castings and stuff and ended up liking them as my everyday underwear.

Speaking of castings, how did you get started modeling?
André Ziehe: I started modeling in the south of Brazil in 2003 as a source to raise money for my studies. In the end of 2003, I participated in the Elite national contest and ended up as finalist. I got the invitation to start modeling professionally in São Paulo for Elite and I decided to pause my studies and move to São Paulo for work.
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What were you studying?
André Ziehe: I was studying Product Design back then.

If you had to use your product design skills to analyze men’s underwear right now, what advice or critiques would you offer?
André Ziehe: That’s a good question! Designing is not only about doing things that you like but what the market needs. I would always go for a very manly underwear design, playing with colors maybe as a way to diversify.
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Are there any colors you absolutely won’t wear as underwear?
André Ziehe: Funny that you asked. I would never buy pink underwear, but once a girlfriend told me that I looked very sexy in it, so.. why not use it if it makes your girl happy?

 Ha! You know, Tyson Beckford told us something very similar! He told us pink Calvin’s were his hands down favorite for that very reason!
André Ziehe: Not for everyday! But to play once in a while I think it’s a good call…

 Maybe pink is a secret lady catcher.
André Ziehe: Hell yeah! I’ll start playing with that, it’s a new discovery in my life!
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 Are you single or dating at the moment, André?
André Ziehe: I’m single, but never alone…

And what does it take to charm you? What is something that drives you crazy when you’re meeting or talking to a woman?
André Ziehe: Her behavior as a woman. I like very feminine girls with a special touch. Sometimes a single gesture makes the whole difference. I like simple and easy going girls, too.

It seems there are endless attractive male models that come out of Brazil. Is there something in the water there?
André Ziehe: Ha! Endless attractive female models, too! I don’t really know, but I guess that it comes from our culture, and the good mixing that happens there.
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 From Brazil, who would you say is your stiffest “competition?”
André Ziehe: I don’t really analyze it as “competition.” There are many good guys in the business but what makes the biggest difference in my opinion is the professionalism. That’s what really counts in the long run...
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Rafael Lazzini: From the Runway to Growing A Jewelry Brand

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This month’s focus on “The Business of doing Business” in New York City, highlights the evolution of people in their careers, the real challenges that start-ups face and their victories, and the change-makers and influencers, who truly transform the zeitgeist of the city. Today, we chat with model Rafael Lazzini, whose career spans over a decade in the fashion industry and who is now evolving into an entrepreneur, with his jewelry business, Liberty Art Brothers.
 Rafael Lazzini stood in the kitchen of his Greenpoint, Brooklyn home, busily brewing coffee. “Brazilian coffee, you have to try it,” he told us. The six-foot-four model has a youthful disposition and is all smiles, while warmly engaging the team in conversation, as we prepare to photograph him for this article.
I took advantage of the time Rafael sat in a chair, as the make-up artist touched him up, to conduct this interview.
                                       Rafael Lazzini, BONNE New York, Khahlil Louisy, Male Model, Mens Fashion,

Rafael, why don’t we start with your background, for our readers who aren’t familiar with where you’re from?
Sure. I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil and lived there before moving to Milano, when I started modeling – I was about 16 years old. I also lived in Paris for about 6 months to a year, going back and forth and in Barcelona for a little bit as well. Then I had an accident where I cut my Achilles tendon while skateboarding, so I went back to Brazil for a year to relax and then moved to New York. It’s now almost 10 years living here.
So many models come out of Brazil, how did you get your start?
Yeah, there are a lot of us. I was walking in the street and there was this supermodel thing going on, like a competition and this girl said we should go to check it out. My friends and I went and I won, so I was like OK, I guess time to start to work. Before that, I was a graffiti artist, but after the competition, I started modeling and here we are.
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Do you remember your first major runway show, for a recognizable brand?
I think it was Giorgio Armani. I worked with them many times, so every time I was in Milano, I did Giorgio and Emporio Armani.
How about your first big advertising campaign?
I think it was Diesel. Back then I had very long hair. It was a good job while I was living in Italy.
Do you think much about how the industry has changed between when you started modeling and now?
Yes, things have changed very much. The way we shoot now is different from when we did back in the day. The media is totally different too. You have to take care of your image much more because you now have Instagram and Facebook.  You have to be professional at all times, because people see everything. Things also move much faster now; it’s let’s do this and that, you don’t stop anymore.
What about the type of guys who work now, because that has changed too?
Yeah, it’s different. Before, you had the fashion guys and the commercial guys, but now it’s like people are looking more for something real or I guess normal people. I don’t mind it actually, because back in the day, models were very stereotypical. Now, if a guy is cool with a good attitude, he doesn’t need to be very tall, the personality and style will get him work.
                                                     Rafael Lazzini, BONNE New York, Khahlil Louisy, Male Model, Mens Fashion,
Yeah, a good example of that are the recent Dolce & Gabbana shows, where the guys aren’t necessarily models, they’re social media stars or digital media stars on Youtube and Instagram, with a huge following.
Yeah and I think that is so cool, because it’s representative of everyone, you know. Attitude is very important. I have worked with models before who are so stiff. The newer guys maybe don’t care so much about the image of being a model, they’re being themselves, so they are a lot easier on set, not doing the template or classic poses. Clients now want a different energy than that.
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Ok, so let’s talk about your jewelry brand. When did you start?
About four years ago. My brother was living here and I really wanted a wallet chain, so I went looking for one and never found it, because they all break – the metal ones – and I didn’t want that kind of look. So, I tried making my own chain with spiritual beads and all my friends said they liked it. My brother and I were talking and said we should start a men’s brand and go into business. Now, we have our own shop, online shop, and preparing to launch the English site.
Do you think you will stay only in jewelry or will you expand into other product categories?
I’d like to do some clothing I think...
Related image
What kind of clothing?
For me, it has to be the same way I think about accessories, something to give you personality and give who you are an extra touch, like compliment you. Something basic, like denim, or like a sweater or cool jacket; things or pieces that you can have forever. I don’t want to do lines or collections, because designers need to be really good to be inspired all the time, which is hard. Man, imagine every three months you have to put out this collection and then get ripped to shreds by the critics or the fashion crowd, it’s not easy.
Even less time now, because the number of collections required from designers are increasing and they have to sell it, promote it, market the brand, do the social media… it’s never ending.
Yeah. That’s why what we do is the main collection and the campaign shoot. But throughout the year, we will release a couple of pieces, because people only want a few pieces, they don’t need an entire collection. I think we have to make what we really like and add a couple of pieces throughout the year.
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Do you star in your own campaigns?
Yeah, I do the art directing, the styling, a little bit of everything. We actually just shot yesterday. A friend and I went to Chinatown and we had a good time shooting the rings in the fish market, among the fish sitting on ice. My brother also creates pieces and we collaborate on design. He is full time in Brazil. Now we’re expanding here and have some people in Barcelona who are interested as well. We started with a really small showroom and now we have the house with a barber and a coffee place and you can get drinks too.
Nice. We should go to Brazil this Summer.
Yes, and I will tell you everything to do and where to go.
So, let’s talk about relaxing. What do you do when you’re not working?
I try to spend time with my son, at least two days a week and maybe go to the park to do some skateboarding.
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How old is your son now?
He’s four.
And when is the next one due?
Are you ready for two kids?
Yeah man! You don’t really have a choice, right?
True, you can’t exactly stamp return to sender.
Yeah, right! It wasn’t 100% planned, but we were already talking about it and then it happened, so we were very excited.
Where is she from?
From Brazil as well.
You definitely have a type, from your history…
Yeah I think so. You know, when you can speak the same language and the culture is the same, everything is easier.
True. In all your years modeling, where would you say is the coolest place that you’ve traveled to?
Patagonia was really cool. Chile was cool too and the glaciers, but because it was so windy, we were being thrown around.
What would your ideal life look like and what are you aspiring to?

I think just being able to do what I love, I’m trying to do that now. And I love my job as a model, but I think when you have a hobby on the side that’s becoming more of a main job, then that is the goal.
Would you encourage your son to become a model?
I don’t think so. I was talking about this yesterday with a friend. The agencies should maybe provide more direction, which is important. This industry is not easy to navigate on your own, you know. If you have someone advising you on the type of modeling to pursue or how to dress and construct your image, it helps a lot. I don’t see my son becoming a model full time, because I know how hard it is. I have friends who say all the time, “I want to be a model” and sometimes it works, but you should enjoy that time and think about something else for after. As a model, you can be everywhere, doing every show and in every magazine and not make any money.

 I have friends who have been working for over 8 years and they have nothing. Before, you got paid a decent amount for doing the shows and campaigns. Now, it’s very little, so you can actually end up with debt and not make any money. For my son, I don’t want him to do it, because you really have to be there and invest. I started modeling very young, so it was great for traveling, but now there are many ways to do that.
It’s also easy to get spoiled as a model. You know, you travel and stay in expensive hotels, but once the industry is done with you, if you have no skills and no money, then you are stuck. At that point, some models don’t want to give up the lifestyle, so they end up doing all kinds of things to keep living like that.
So I guess the question is, how do we in the industry, remedy that situation?
I think it’s not something that can be fixed easily. I think it maybe starts with finding the right people and managing careers better. Agencies sometimes will try to find the guy of the moment that a designer is looking for, put him on an exclusive, and once he’s done, no one else wants to work with him. The agency makes its money from the booking, but for the model, now he or she is sitting on the agency’s board forever, not booking anything. I guess integrity on everyone’s part and being more selective on who gets represented is important. You know, each agency now has so many models and that brings down the rates, because everyone is available.
                                    Rafael Lazzini, BONNE New York, Khahlil Louisy, Male Model, Mens Fashion,

Alex Raffio: International Male SuperModel in Action!

Alex Raffio: “One of the biggest designers I’ve worked for has to be Dolce and Gabbana. I recently walked in their Men’s Haute Couture show in Portofino, Italy”
It’s great to finally be a part of this family! Well, I’m a 26 year old from the suburbs of New York. I’m originally from Westchester, but went to school at Stony Brook University in Long Island where I studied engineering.

I was always a big sports guy growing up. I didn’t like watching sports (I have no idea who any player is, on any professional team), but I always played sports. 
At one point I was training to represent the U.S. in the 2012 Olympic trials, for decathlon. Unfortunately, regular injuries to my legs and back prevented me from competing.
Currently, I model full-time, get to travel the world, make great friends, and have incredible experiences with them along the way.
Modeling: how did all begin
After my track and field injury, I began body building. I ended up being found, on Facebook, by an associate of a former Americas Next Top Model judge. (The same person who discovered Sean O’pry actually.) I had a buzzcut at the time, so I had to grow out my hair, and lose a lot of the muscle I had gained. That took the better part of a year, but afterwards I began doing runway shows, and underwear campaigns.
I worked regularly for about a year, but then “retired” because modeling kept conflicting with my hectic class schedule. After I went to Grad school I started modeling full-time.
So far the best thing about modeling has been the traveling, and the awesome things I get to see and do, which I otherwise might not have the opportunity too.
Posing to photographers: having fun on set
I enjoy it when I can relate to a photographer on a personal level. I try to laugh and have some fun on set. Yes, its work, and we have a job to do. However, in this industry there’s always room for a few jokes in between shots.
I don´t have any particulary previous preparation. I always try to stay in shape, and be “photoshoot ready”. I guess if anything I’ll try and get a good night sleep before a shoot, just so I’m not yawning the entire time.

I’m very comfortable with my body. However, I try to avoid nude shoots because there are a lot of creepy photographers out there that just want to see you naked. If it’s for a big campaign or something that will significantly advance my career, I don’t mind being naked for a shoot. But, I’ve yet to find the photographer that has been able to convince me to bare it all. …Although many and more have tried.
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The runway shows and its funny backstages´ moments
I was backstage at a runway show in China. And the russian female models started competing with each other, to see who could get the most attention from me and some of the other male models. It started getting kind of stripper-esque, until this really cute blonde model, wearing an all leather outfit, scaled the scaffolding and started doing body rolls and swinging around a poll 20 feet up in the air. It’s easy to say that she won the attention competition, because the other girls gave up after that. Lol
My first ever runway show was for Michael Bastian. And I had Poison Ivy all over my stomach, and on top of that had the week earlier bruised my heel teaching a Lifeguarding course. So I was limping around backstage trying desperately not to scratch or sweat, and the thick sweater they dressed me in was not helping.
Related image
I was also really nervous and had no idea what to expect when I got out there, because it was my first show Ever! When I hit the stage I forced myself to walk normally, as painful as that was, and ended up killing it.
Michael and his assistant at the time Antonio Ciongoli, both shook my hand afterward, and my photo even ended up being the cover shot for the article on
I’ve been lucky enough to have walked in over a hundred fashion shows over the years. One of the biggest designers I’ve worked for has to be Dolce and Gabbana. I recently walked in their Men’s Haute Couture show in Portofino, Italy. The show took place at the top of a mountain in an old castle, looking over all the sail boats in the port. The view was, for lack of a better word, breathtaking.

When I´m walking down the catwalk I just think Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip. Lol. No I usually just try to remember to look straight ahead and keep my pace steady, and then it’s over in 15 seconds. There’s not much time to think about anything important.

Male models x Female models: who rule this business?
Women rule the business by far. There are significantly more job opportunities for female models, than there are for males. And the female jobs usually pay more. I know very few male models that don’t usually have some type of extra job on the side; catering, bartending, etc.
Concerning my fav models, I have a huge crush on Karlie Kloss. I think she’s absolutely stunning, and if you’re reading this Karlie give me a call. Or even better DM me on Instagram. IG: AlexRaffio
As far as male models for inspiration, I don’t really have any. This industry is more timing and luck than anything else. So there’s no one in particular I’d consider an idol. They just got luckier, or a very influential person liked them.
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On fashion market for black models in USA
I’ve always heard that the industry is very orientated towards Caucasian models. But in the States, or at least New York, my black model friends work weekly, if not daily, especially in the commercial market. In the Asian markets though I know they still favor fair skinned models.

Alex´s style: a fashionista?
I have only recently tried to amp up my wardrobe. Usually it’s very sleek American prep, if that makes sense.
My go to will always be jeans and a t-shirt. Or shorts and a tank top in the summer. It’s always what I’ve just been most comfortable in.
Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!
So pretty much pretend that I’m Lucky Blue for a day? Haha. I’d smile and shake hands and take pictures. If it got to the point where it seemed to be getting dangerous, I would back away slowly, and try to make a graceful and respectful exit, as best I could.
On show business
It’s an amazing world that can give an individual experiences and a lifestyle unlike anything else. However, if you let it, it will completely consume you, and change who you are to your core. So it’s not something I recommend for everybody. It seems glamorous, and sometimes it is, but there’s a lot of evil in the industry as well.
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Dating X Loving
Dating is tough, only because I travel quite a lot, and am never in one country, or one place, more than a few months. I fall in love way too easily. With friends, women, people in general. I always treat people like I’ve known them my entire life, even if I’ve only known them for a few hours.

I’m not as big into sports as now as when I was younger. Solely for the fact that I try to enjoy things and some people take a friendly game way too seriously, and ruin it for everybody else. Also, I now depend on my face and body for my source of income and lifestyle. So it’s not really worth taking the chance of getting injured just to play a game.

Image result for Alex Raffio
Superpowers and Superheroes
If I could have any superpower it would be to control and manipulate time. Then I could make myself and my loved ones immortal, and would be able to do whatever my mind could think of without any consequences.
I don’t have a favorite superhero per se, but I have become particularly fond of Captain America as of late. Probably because, whenever I travel, I’m usually one of the more muscular guys, and am more times than not the token American. So on one of my first trips to Asia, my friends said I looked like a brunette Captain America, and started calling me captain. Or, as my French roommate was prone to saying… Capitàn. Haha. The nickname has stuck with me ever since.

Dumbest thing you’ve ever heard a model say
There have been several dumb things I’ve heard models say over the years, but at the moment I can’t recall which was the dumbest. I try to avoid stupidity on any level, and attempt to surround myself only with intelligent and driven individuals. I’ve learned that if you want to better yourself, you should spend your time with those that want the same.

Attracting someone´s attention
It depends on whose attention I’m trying to get. If it’s a cute girl, I’ll do something different than if it’s a casting director. I usually don’t have a difficult time getting the attention of a room. I’m a big loud guy, that loves to laugh, and loves to make those around me laugh. Usually people notice me straight away.
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Having fun,enjoying life
The way I have fun varies with each city that I’m in. When I was in Milan I would go down to the water with my buddies, get a couple of bottles of wine and just go exploring. In Paris, I hit up all the touristy spots whenever I had a day off. When I’m in New York, if I’m not bar-hopping on the lower east side, at a club in the meat packing district, or at central park, you can usually find me watching Netflix and relaxing in my apartment.
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Craziest (nastiest?)
I ate scorpions and a snake in Asia. I guess some people would consider that nasty. And I also went skydiving and shark diving in the same summer as well. I actually almost lost my arm shark diving. I was in a cage surrounded by bull sharks, and they had been chumming the water to get the sharks in close. 
I had a fish tail in my hand and was waving it back and forth trying to coax the shark in front of me to come closer. My hand was sticking out of the cage, and I didn’t see a big female shark swimming underneath me. The female came at me like a bullet and I pulled my hand back in just before she slammed into the cage. One of her teeth got knocked out when she hit the bar, I grabbed it before it sank, and now wear it around my neck.
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Fav body part and and underwear for all moments:
My smile for sure. I have always been told that my smile can lighten up a room, and people feed off of my energy. If I can change the way someone is feeling with a smile, then that’s a very powerful thing.
I’ve always been a boxer-briefs guy. They’re functional, comfortable, and I’ve never gotten any complaints from those select few who’ve been lucky enough to see me in them :)

Book, Music and Food
Well currently I’m reading the Game of Thrones Series. It’s a great read, and definitely helps kill time, when I’m waiting on set or traveling via train or car to castings.
I’ve never been a big favorites guy. But I do think that Adam Lambert has an absolutely incredible voice. I have several of his songs on my IPOD. My song selections though are all over the place I have everything from death metal to Miley Cyrus. I listen to different music depending on my mood or what I’m doing. Let’s just say, that I never use the shuffle option when listening to music, because I’d never know which song is coming up next.

My fav food is the Italian one. I recently was in Italy for a couple of months shooting and walking in Milan fashion week. I fell in love with the food and culture. Italy, is probably my favorite country in the world other than the States.
Guilty pleasure
Nutella. I wish there was a Nutella Addicts Anonymous group, because I need help.

Earliest childhood memory
One of the first things I can remember was almost drowning at the age of 3. I was always the kid that could do anything and everything, even if I had never done it before. I’m still the same way; ask me to do something, and if I don’t currently have the skillset or knowledge to do it, I will in no time flat. 
Well, I went to a summer camp and the lifeguard asked me if I could swim. I couldn’t at the time, but I of course said yes, and then proceeded to jump into the deep end of the pool. This is where I immediately sank to the bottom of the pool, and had to be rescued by the lifeguard when I didn’t re-surface.
I distinctly remember sitting at the bottom of the pool and looking up at the surface where I could see the sun reflecting in the water ripples I had just created when I hit the water. Then I thought to myself, “hmm, what do I do now?” After I was saved from my potential watery grave, I was so embarrassed, that I practiced in my grandmother’s pool for a week, and taught myself how to swim by the end of it.
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Nickname in school
In college everyone called me beast when I was bodybuilding, because I was just monstrously huge for a 20 year old kid.

An unforgettable moment
I used to be an AmeriCorps member, and worked with the Adapted Aquatics program at my Alma Mater. One patient I worked with was a 12 year boy named David. He had suffered from a seizure in-utero, which resulted in brain damage. At the age when he hit puberty, he had the mental capacity of a 4 year old with severe ADHD, and various physical limitations. I worked with him every week to increase his muscle strength, dexterity, and fine motor skills. 
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We always worked in the pool to take away the stress of gravity on his joints. As a result of his condition, David was obsessed with the color red, and the letter A. And regularly he attempted to steal the red lifeguard tube that was mounted on the wall, much to his mother’s dismay.
So on the last day that we worked together; I went out and purchased him his own custom Lifeguard tube with his name on it. When I presented it to him, he was so overwhelmed he began to cry, and then so did his mother. When I hugged him goodbye it took a lot not to start shedding tears myself. That’s definitely a moment I will always carry with me.
Yourself in 10 years
In 10 years, I’d like to see myself with an adoring wife, a couple of beautiful children, and a house near the beach with a smile on my face more times than not.
Throwback to when it was nice and sunny. #tbt #bikinis #italianmodel #fourthofjuly #loser #beach ...

If you weren´t a model you´d be…
An Astronaut. But sadly they’re not sending any Americans to outer space… for now.

Next Chapters
I’m flying out to Shanghai in a couple of weeks for a 3 month contract, and will probably end up in Thailand or South Africa after that. So I’m pretty excited about what’s to come in the next several months. Also in Midtown Manhattan a store called, “The Shirt Club”, is opening next month, and supposedly there will be a floor to ceiling billboard of yours truly in the store. So I’ll have to take my selfie with that when I return from abroad. lol
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“I’m always happy to help” Anyone that has known me even for a day, has probably heard me say that. If you need something, and it’s within my power to help you with it, consider it done.
And when you´ll come to my world buddy?
The second I can get signed with a Brazilian agency, I’m there!!!! :)