Monday, January 30, 2017

Anthony Parker: Premiere Interview

                          ANTHONY PARKER
                       Hottest Male Model Today
By Christopher Uvenio
Anthony Parker, the young masculine male model who is in the Uvenio Coffeetable book since 2014 continue to work on the chapters. He completed 3 of the 20 chapters...Anthony is back for another round of interviews!
- Let's give some tips to new models, tell me What is the most important thing that a girl/boy should do to present herself/himself well in castings?
I would say just make sure your hygiene is on point and dress plainly
Do you have an interesting anecdote from a photo shoot, a casting or a show?
No, not really

Turning to some personal questions, how would you describe your way to have fun, the places you usually go, and your way to enjoy life?
I just have fun by being myself, no matter where I am.  I think thats the way everyone should have fun, just be yourself, don’t try to please others all the time.
Tell me about your professional plans: apart from modeling, what else would you like to pursue or are you already pursuing?
I really want to open my own restaurant

- What is your favorite sport and how often do you play it?
My favorite sport is baseball but I havent played it for a few years

What is your favorite kind of movies and the last film you watched?
I like comedies and the last movie I saw was a documentary called The Internet’s Own Boy

Your favorite female model?
My favorite female model has to be Danielle Knudson but I really like this girl Mirella Borghese on Instagram

-Where have you been traveling recently?

I went to LA and Utah about a month ago

Thank you for your time Anthony! I Look forward to more interview with you in the near future 


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