Monday, January 16, 2017

Donatella: Gay Male designers "design for Women they want to be.."

When I first read these Donatella Versace headlines, I thought she was conflating homosexuality with transgenderism and I thought “oh, no, not another clueless jackass saying offensive sh-t.” But after I read her comments in context… I think I understand the point she was trying to make, and the point is somewhat valid. Donatella is promoting a new book called Versace (obviously) about her life and work, and she spoke to The Times Magazine. She believes that women make for better fashion designers, especially when compared to gay men. Because, in her mind, gay men are just imagining what they would wear as women, rather than trying to dress actual women, in clothes women want to wear.
Her comments in The Times Magazine are likely to raise a few eyebrows among her peers, but she believes female designers have an advantage because they “understand a woman’s body, a woman’s security and a woman’s attitude”. The 61-year-old added: “I love gay people. My friends are all gay. But some of the designers, when they design for a woman, they design for the woman they want to be, you know. They are thinking of themselves. But themselves and the woman are not the same… I want to design clothes that say, “This is a woman’s clothes.”
“Riccardo Tisci is amazing, so many [male] designers are amazing, too – but sometimes there is this little thing where they need to make themselves a little bit behind who they are, and to look at the real woman.”
See? In context, I understand the point she was making. I believe she’s saying that gay men have issues seeing and dressing actual women, with actual women’s bodies, in clothes that most women would truly want to wear. Gay men, in Donatella’s mind, are just designing clothes that they would wear if they were women. True or false? I don’t know. Gianni Versace was an incredible designer, but I think Donatella is a great designer too. And there are a lot of gay male designers who – I feel – don’t really give a sh-t about how a woman’s body works. They’re making clothes exclusively for women who are size zero, with no bust or thighs or butt. They’re making clothes for bodies that are all up-and-down, with narrow hips and no defined waist… like a man.
Meanwhile, in the same interview, Donatella told a Donald Trump story. She had rented out Mar-a-Lago (Trump’s Palm Beach property) for a Versace shoot with Madonna, and this is what happened:
“We rented his place, Mar-a-Lago, or whatever it is, in Palm Beach,” says Versace. “So when you’ve rented something, you don’t want the owner to come in. Well, he came in. I mean, we couldn’t get rid of him . . . .”
She reverts to the guttural, emitting a deep, primitive horny-caveman “URGGGH!” as an impression of Trump seeking entry to the set. “No, no,” she says, playing herself. “We are taking a picture inside there.”
“URGGH,” Versace trumps: “Madonna, eh!”
“And he brought us Kentucky Fried Chicken!” she reverts to narration. “I mean, excuse me. Models, you know? It’s fashion!” She laughs. “He was nice, in a way. But he was pushy . . . and Madonna, she was fasting. So, ‘Do you want Kentucky Fried Chicken?’ ‘No, thank you.’ ” She shakes her head in disbelief. Still, no p-ssy grab at least—just Bargain-Bucket breast.

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