Monday, January 16, 2017

“Men that like Fashion are Gay”
Article by Intern: Robbie Fernandez 
Yes, the statement made in the title of this post is absolutely obnoxious, but it’s also a statement that some people feel is true.
Ignorance is hard to understand, which is why I’m sure it’s hard for you to relate with how someone could actually believe such a statement (I hope).
Unfortunately, it’s something I recently encountered and was a bit taken back. And mad.
Now, I don’t like labeling people and discussing sexuality, but let’s establish one thing – I’m straight. I’m a man that just so happens to like fashion. I’m also secure enough to start a fashion blog and not think twice about it.
I know people may, at times, wonder why a guy would want to start a fashion blog… but let’s dissect that for a bit. Why does it matter? Are guys not allowed to like fashion? Nobody wonders why a guy would want to start an auto body shop, attend law school, or open a pizza shop.
Some men can fix cars, some can build things, and some are gifted with an excellent sense of style. Just like an intuitive familiarity with mechanics or a secret sauce recipe, a sense of style and the ability to put it to use should not be judged.
People that make these types of statements are insecure and are displaying their own ignorance, negativity, and narrow mindset. They’re the same people who told Orville and Wilbur Wright they couldn’t build an airplane, and then told Amelia Earhart she couldn’t fly one.
There is a very large segment the male population that worries very little what they wear, and their overall appearance. I can only wonder if “fashion” as an interest has been given an unnecessary feminine overtone, and guess that this has inevitably resulted in some men feeling that fashion is “girly,” or “gay,” or any other adjective which shouldn’t be derogatory to start with.
If you’re a female reading this post, it’s highly likely that you’ve had a boyfriend or two that you wish could dress better, right? If so, why is any negative judgement placed on a man that like’s fashion?
Let’s set the record straight.
My hope is that this post gets spread far and wide so we can make it clear that it’s okay for guys to like fashion. Guys: it’s okay to want to look good. It’s okay to take care of your skin. And most of all, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Just be yourself.

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